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Arma Investing as trap for those who want to make quick buck

Binary options are one of the most popular types of earnings. The keen interest can be explained by the possibility of making a quick buck. You just need to guess the right direction of the price movement. However, it is important to understand that it is impossible to magically make a profit without the risk of suffering losses. You need to learn how to predict market movements and figure out the possible trajectory of the selected asset. It may follow the trend quite predictably or change it drastically. It is not as easy as it seems. When trading binary options, choosing a reliable broker is no less important. You should cooperate with the broker that does not manipulate the quotes and will definitely pay your earned profit. Arma Investing is quite the opposite.

Arma Investing offers binary options trading and, of course, promises high income. The company highlights its exceptional reliability and qualified support. In addition, the broker reminds that money has the "ability to multiply". The Arma Investing team is ready to assist in this. Or rather, they are ready to help you spend your money.

In fact, all this is far from the truth. You will figure it out after you examine its website carefully and read the information about the company on its website. An experienced trader is unlikely to get hooked, while a beginner may well make such a mistake. This is what scammers are counting on.

The alluring prospects the broker offers have no evidence base. The website is uninformative and contains only basic information. All the information consists of general phrases. The aim of the project is just to get money out of traders.

The company`s website includes the "Documentation" section. However, the Agreement does not play an important role. The words it contains can be changed by the broker at any time on a unilateral basis.

Traders can trade independently or use trust management services. In other words, an experienced trader is expected to multiply your money. However, the company provides no guarantee that he/she will not make off with the client`s money. Thus, it can be concluded that the broker bears no responsibility for its services.

Besides, the company warns that traders themselves are responsible for all their losses. According to the "Risk Warnings" section, Arma Investing states that investors should understand and accept the risks associated with trading. There is nothing that can convince market participants that the company is reliable and they are able to benefit from cooperating with it.

The broker has neither a license nor certificates. No agency regulates its activities. Moreover, the "Our Contacts" section features no addresses or emails. There are only two phone numbers of the offices in Moscow and London. Both of them are fake.

If you check the Moscow phone number on the network, it becomes clear that they have previously introduced themselves as Sberbank security officers and collected bank card details stating that scammers tried to withdraw clients` money.
- the company warns that traders can lose their money
- the company`s fraudulent scheme is aimed at beginners who are ready to invest a large amount of cash

The minimum deposit amount is large and amounts to $5,000. Either the company overestimates its services, or it wants to steal your money at an early stage, which makes more sense.

In fact, an advanced trader will hardly invest even one cent. However, there are those who can fall for this scammer`s ploy.

I have nothing good to say about Arma Investing. I cannot withdraw my money for almost a month

My friend lost his money trading with Arma Investing. When he said he could no longer invest, they disappeared. Then they called from temporary phone numbers, like all scammers.

It seems that I have also fallen for a scam. I cannot contact them and withdraw my money

After depositing funds, it is impossible to contact any company`s specialists

The company calls only when it demands to pay a commission. Managers change to offer the company`s services again or to demand payment for another fee.

Trading with Arma Investing is a direct path to losing money. Those who got tricked into the broker`s fraudulent scheme have experienced a full range of negative emotions. Now they try to warn others. Therefore, think twice before cooperating with a broker like Arma Investing.

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Author: Vipul | วันที่  2021-02-09
There were members in one forum who all said that they had a great experience at Arma Investing. They were even showing some snippet of their portfolio and proof of payment. This made me want to trade with this broker as well and I invested $500. I was able to trade for a few months but right after showing my intent to withdraw, they suspended my account, and I never got it back again.
Author: Firman | วันที่  2021-02-02
My cousin was caught up in the mess of Arma Investing. With his desire to earn, he got trapped in the lucrative offers that this broker provided. He even tried to convince me to start my own account as well. But since I still had no money to invest at the time, I refused. I feel sorry for him, but I am also thankful that I did not get myself involved with this broker.
Author: Kenneth | วันที่  2021-01-28
Definitely, what Arma Investing offered and promised us was only a trap. Like the other victims, I am a beginner and I have little knowledge on the industry. This fraud company took advantage of it and made us believe that we can earn despite not being competent enough. I just wish I refused their offer. But I already did and I lost $300.
ผู้แต่งของ arma_investing_as_trap_for_those_who_want: Divenzo | วันที่  2021-02-16
We only learn our lesson when it is too late already. In my case, I lost $500 and my account manager even tried to convince me to deposit more. Thankfully, I did not get swayed anymore. I was able to trade with them for a few months only. When I said that my decision regarding more deposits is final, they closed my account.
Author: Orlando | วันที่  2021-01-22
I know that I made a rash decision when I opened an account at Arma Investing. I was too blinded by the promise that I will be earning back desirable results through their platform. It sounded true because they seemed to really know what they are doing. They appeared to be experts who can really help me. Sadly, it was all lie and I only lost my money.
Author: Cloe | วันที่  2021-01-12
I invested in Arma Investing in the hopes of being able to buy some cryptocurrencies and trade. I deposited a total of $700 and the experience was good at first. But after some time, the platform started to have various issues until I lost most of my capital already. When I complained, my account was suspended. I never got to open it again since then.
Author: Pancho | วันที่  2021-01-05
Arma Investing offered profitable trading conditions so it is not surprising that they were able to attract many clients. However, this kind of broker is the kind that we should all be wary of because it is too good to be true. When a broker guarantees profits, you should stay away from it immediately.
Author: Soham | วันที่  2020-12-29
I took the risk and invested a huge amount on Arma Investing. I thought that the company could be trusted. It was very foolish of me but I have read some good feedback and their representatives are persuasive. They were able to make their company look trustworthy and reputable. It was a mistake that I did not make a more thorough research about the company. After depositing the money, I could no longer reach any representative.
Author: Estefani | วันที่  2020-12-21
Because of my desire to earn well the easy way, I ended up losing all of the money I deposited. I was lured in by the claims of the broker that they will give us a profitable trading experience. The representative told me that their tools are very well developed that I did not need to worry at all even when I have little experience. But as it turned out, it was only a way to lure in investors.
Author: Joscaf | วันที่  2020-12-15
Maybe I also became greedy somehow. Because of my desire to earn in a seemingly easy way, I trusted Arma Investing and believed all their promises. I thought for a while that I was doing so great in my trading activities but as it turned out, everything was manipulated by the company. I lost a total of $250 and it's very devastating.
Author: Cyrus | วันที่  2020-12-07
I invested $100 on my trading account at Arma Investing. I was assisted by an account manager who would be receiving commissions as well. For me, that was no issue. At first my account manager was doing really well until after a while, I started to incur so much losses. It even came to a point wherein I lost all of the capital and even had a debt to pay my account manager. I found it very unfair so I refused to pay it. But they threatened me which got me scared. As a result, I deposited another $100 and after that, they terminated my account.
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