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CFXpoint: Mission Impossible

If you want to generate profit quickly and easily, you need CFX Point. That is how the broker positions itself. According to CFX Point’s website, the company offers its clients an abundance of trading opportunities and promises to make their trading efficient and, most importantly, profitable. The broker's mission is to make the client happy. Is it possible?

In fact, the company works on the scheme of Sergey Mavrodi, a Russian financial fraudster, and is engaged in scam activity. This is not even a broker, but an ordinary telephone swindler. This is how the company can be characterized after studying the history of traders who made a big mistake by choosing CFXpoint as their guide to the financial market. CFXpoint betrays inexperienced and gullible people for money. Therefore, it is completely impossible to get your funds back.

My situation is the same as many others. I deposited $200, finished the phone call, and started searching for reviews about the company on the Internet… I quickly realized that I had been hoodwinked… I found a website where I was able to leave my comment about scammers like that. When they called again, I said that I didn’t want to have any business with them. They had been calling me for a year trying to persuade me that I could trust them. I simply blocked their phone numbers. Currently, they call me as ICF offering help with my withdrawals. For that, I should open an account in a European bank and deposit 100 USD for at least three days. This sum is required to open an account. Moreover, I should do it myself but under their guidance. Interestingly, when they give me my $200 back, I have to pay them $20.. What impresses me is their impudence!!!

It seems like they have been calling me for two weeks now. They say they are calling from an international analytical center in London asking me to again raise my deposit by 1,000 USD to recover my account. They say I will be able to win the money back and receive some 1,000 USD extra. It seems like they are begging me to deposit. Is that actually possible that deposits from the scammers undergo recovery or is it another scam.

A scam broker!

Their scheme looks the following way: they buy up cold user bases and start calling. Interestingly, the majority of people they phone do not have the slightest idea about trading. The persistent and trained staff keeps calling until a person agrees to make a deposit. Usually, they try to persuade people to get a loan promising that everything will pay back in a relatively short time and users will generate extra profit.

At the beginning of the summer, I received a phone call. I do not exactly recall what exchange it is. They called offering to return the money I lost. For that, I needed to deposit 300,000 USD. Also, they urged me to take a loan secured by my apartment. A couple of days ago, CFX Point called again and offered cooperation. I said they were scammers and hung up the phone.

Indeed, the trading process goes under the strict guidance of the company’s best analysts. Experienced employees are supposed to help open only profitable trades. In reality, everything looks a little different. You can bid farewell to the money deposited into your trading account.

As soon as the account is replenished, it turns out that this amount is not enough to conduct serious trading and additional funds are needed. In other words, they simply start siphoning off money. Further, analysts will be deliberately advising that users open unprofitable trades. As a result, traders will watch their trading accounts dwindling.

Hello! I deposited 200 USD. Now, they demand 1,000 USD more. I am unable to return the funds I’ve already deposited. And I don’t have access to my trading account.

CFD Point is a scam broker. They didn’t return my $200 deposit even after verification and stopped answering my phone calls. In my trading account, my withdrawal inquiry had been processing for a long time. After that, I lost access to my account.

They drained my $6,000 deposit!

Risk is a noble business. However, this does not apply to fraudulent services such as CFX Point. It is impossible to quickly gain capital on trading. If you think otherwise, remember that this is fiction that has nothing to do with reality. You can quickly become rich in the market only at the expense of someone else's losses. This person can be anyone who believes in the words of a scammer.

In trading, people are able to generate profit only after they gain experience. Successful investors have considerable knowledge, a cool attitude, and endurance. As you see, choosing the right broker is key. Therefore, carefully study the information about the company you are going to cooperate with.

At first glance, a scammer may look like a totally successful broker. However, after careful study, everything will fall into place.

Notably, if not going into details, CFX Point seems to be quite a respectable broker. The company’s website contains a lot of relevant information. At first glance, there is nothing that can spook a user, especially if it is a novice trader. Only concise explanations, lack of guarantees, and the fact that the company disclaims responsibility can draw users’ attention. At the same time, if you dig deeper, you will be able to find even more pitfalls. Moreover, when you study the reviews, the desire to work with the broker disappears completely.

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Author: Eyarun | วันที่  2021-02-09
I started an account at CFXpoint believing that this will be a great investment opportunity. I deposited $100 at first but things went downhill and I ended up losing the capital. The broker then told me to deposit more and they will help me get back the losses. I was tricked again and I followed their advice. But then, they never gave me any assistance and I just ended up losing my money again.
Author: Caitlin | วันที่  2021-01-28
CFXpoint contacted me and convinced me to open an account with them. I deposited $500 believing that I will be able to magnify it after some time. But then the next day, I opened my account and so that I have a negative balance. I asked the broker about it but they did not tell me the reason. Instead, they threatened to file a case against me if I don't deposit money to pay the negative balance. I knew that what they did was wrong and that they could not file a case against me so I did not deposit more. But, I also was not able to take my money back anymore.
Author: Arcee | วันที่  2021-01-22
I opened an account at CFX Point because they seemed very promising. They have multiple trading platforms that are compatible to different devices and this makes trading with them convenient. But in the end, this broker still turned out to be a fraud and it took all the money I invested. I was not able to get back any amount from my trading account.
Author: Helissa | วันที่  2021-01-12
CFXpoint had a promising impression. Their website was appealing and they offered mobile platforms which is very convenient. On top of that, they had lucrative offers which became believable through their well-designed tools and services. Unfortunately, it was simple a facade to attract clients and this company's main intention was to get investors and take their money.
ผู้แต่งของ cfxpoint_mission_impossible: Edcel | วันที่  2021-02-18
I really thought that I finally landed on a reliable and amazing Forex broker when I started an account at CFXpoint. Like what you said, they had very promising offers. Sadly, it did not take long and the broker terminated my account already, taking all the money that I invested.
Author: Fajar | วันที่  2021-01-07
When I opened an account at CFXpoint, I was promised that a professional trader will be guiding me throughout my trading activities. At first, it was true. My account manager actively assisted me but after a while, he became unresponsive. I tried to trade on my own but the platform would always lag or crash so in the end, I just lost everything.
Author: Abdo | วันที่  2020-12-28
I thought that CFXpoint was a reliable broker so I opened an account with them. However, after a few weeks of trading, I noticed the inconsistencies in my trading history. My trades were always closed at a losing position but when I look at the charts, the prices don't match. This happened for a few more weeks and when I asked the company about it, they just closed my account.
ผู้แต่งของ cfxpoint_mission_impossible: Catherine | วันที่  2021-02-02
They manipulated our accounts. They made it appear that I was earning as well. Then they used it to convince me to deposit more and more funds. When I stopped depositing, that is when I started losing the trades until all of my capital was gone.
Author: Ngaran | วันที่  2020-12-21
When I opened an account at CFXpoint, my experience did not even last for more than a month. After depositing the money, the representatives stopped being responsive. They would only contact me to encourage me to deposit more but when I refused, they never answered again. Then a few days later, they terminated my account.
Author: Donika | วันที่  2020-12-15
I started trading with CFX Point in 2018 and I had an account manager. At the beginning, everything went well. My manager was assisting me always and really giving me a few tips to trade better. I deposited thrice which summed up to $800. In late 2019, things started to get rough and my manager was no longer reachable. I tried to withdraw my funds as well but they kept disapproving it. Until in the end, they just completely closed my account.
Author: Junaed | วันที่  2020-12-07
I have been trading with CFXpoint and this is the worst trading experience I had. They only seemed reliable from their website but their trading platform is terrible. It would really be impossible to profit at all with their services. Even without deliberately taking my money, they are already doing it by giving such terrible platform; to which, they do not want to take responsibility of. They kept denying that there is a problem in their platform.
Author: Candra | วันที่  2020-12-01
I do not know anything about trading so I was so surprised when CFXpoint called me. They got my interest right away and it really seemed like a great profit opportunity. I also happen to have some excess money so I decided to try it out. I waited for my account details but they never arrived. Which means that I invested money but had no access to my supposed account. I never heard from them again since then.
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