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Noverk — a swindler cheating easy-money seekers

If you want to get back money from Noverk, you are unlikely to succeed. The convenient and most importantly fast withdrawal procedure promised by the broker turns out to be a lie. There is much more misleading information on the broker’s website that is far from the truth. Noverk is a typical scam broker who does not care much about its reputation. Savvy traders can easily discern the real nature of this enterprise, while newbies are highly likely to fall into the broker`s trap. For what it is worth, the so-called broker created its website with an aim to lure inexperienced traders looking for easy money.

Let’s find out more facts about this broker and its activity.

As seen, the broker’s website is rather typical for such bogus firms. Besides, it is poorly developed. At least, it does not look like the website of a reputable company with rich experience. It lacks any useful information – only luring offers and minimum details. The website contains only a few sections and gives a brief description of the platform, trading accounts types, and portfolio investment. The website includes the contact section where traders can find the phone number, email, and feedback section but no affiliate programs are presented. Nevertheless, the website seems unfinished, too plain, and looks more like a template.

On the front page of its website, the broker places the license given by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. This is a well-thought step as a client visiting the website will immediately see the license and thus consider this broker trustworthy. Additionally, Noverk offers quite beneficial trading conditions. The broker also claims it has clients all over the world or to be precise it works with traders from more than 30 countries. Narrow spreads (from 0 pips), maximum leverage (1:1000), 75 financial instruments… Isn’t it ideal trading conditions or better to say hard-to-believe trading conditions? Why are there so many negative reviews on the broker taking into account all the things mentioned above?

Noverk – fraudulent broker 09.05.2019
To start with, Noverk is not a broker, it is a scammer. They attract inexperienced traders with their services of robo-advisors, transactions copying system (Bibsystem, Proficent API Services, Elbydigital) and etc. Noverk promises big profit, security of funds and other things that a newbie can only dream of. At the beginning, you really make good money. However, when you try to deposit at least half of your funds, the broker just drains your deposit. Quite rarely you can get back a small part of your deposit if the broker sees you as a potentially profitable client. Besides, under the contract, Noverk does not take responsibility for your losses, it is your trading risks. So, when the broker drains the deposit, you cannot prove that it is not your doing. Thus, you end up in front of a broken-down trough. The broker has a bad reputation thanks to negative feedback on the Internet. Curiously enough, this swindler has several websites (goldbinary.ru, binarnieaferistu.ru, and otzivirf.ru) where you can find a lot of positive reviews about its work. I bet they are left by bots and this is just another trick to lure gullible traders. I just want to add that this rascal works together with another cheater Amotrader (former ForumOption).

Do not even think about cooperation with these cheaters! They almost cheated my mother, a retired person, asking her to deposit $300. Luckily, I interfered. What a phony enterprise! What if someone did the same to their relatives?

Don`t get fooled by its license — it is fake
Ynandy, 13.01.2019
Hi everyone! I am writing this review with an aim to inform other traders that the presence of the license given by the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center does not make a broker credible. This regulator gives license only for a year and it costs almost nothing. The IFMMRC does not pay any compensation to the deceived traders and its license is more like a formality. Think twice before depositing a big amount of money. I have heard about many brokers licensed by this organization. Maybe their malicious schemes are not so evident but their main aim is the same: not allowing you to earn money but instead earning money on you. They do everything possible that the client who is succeeding for some reason just loses his/her funds. Therefore, if you see this license, do not hurry to start trading with a broker as it does not prove its credibility.

Broker with negative reputation
Frit, 28.01.2019
You achieve nothing good with Noverk as it is a company with a bad reputation. Additionally, it is blacklisted by many European regulators. A lot of traders have discovered the true color of this broker. So, they try to inform others about its crooked schemes.

Judging by the reviews, a lot of people have been conned by this scam broker. This is why they are desperately trying to find a way to get back their lost money and warn other gullible traders to stay away from this fraudster. As for the license, it belongs to scammers who are responsible for creating more than a dozen of similar one-day con enterprises. Noverk is just one of many others. As soon as the number of negative reviews on the Internet reaches the peak and the company stops being profitable, it ceases to exist. A bit later, it is reopened under a different name and naive traders again fall into the trap of the same scammers. This fraudulent scheme has proved to be rather effective and it is no surprise that a lot of people are involved in sustaining its longevity.

How Noverk fools its clients

Noverk uses a well-known and very popular scheme. First of all, the broker asks its clients to open an account and verify it (it is mandatory). Then, clients make a minimum deposit and start trading. Everything goes smoothly at first. The broker’s trading platform does not work properly, it artificially makes the profit bigger. Naturally, traders want to withdraw some money and the problems start here. As it turns out, traders cannot withdraw their money as they have to repay loans that were supposed to be bonuses, dubious taxes, commissions, and so on. While puzzled traders are trying to sort out all the unexpected obstacles, the balance on their account is reset due to losing deals which are usually opened by the broker. Notably, Noverk works closely with Elby. The latter often recommends traders Noverk as an excellent broker.

Albert, 22.10.2019
I left a request on elbydigital.com. They called me back and asked to open an account with its affiliate brokerage firm Noverk. Then, I needed to connect ebly robo adviser to my account. I found Noverk and studied its trading conditions. The minimum deposit was $300. Following the advice of Boris Osipov, I made a deposit of $200 to my account to test the robo advisor. During the first two days, elby robo-advisor made two deals with a profit of $2.90 and $2.10. Comparing the charts of transactions from Norverk with the charts of other brokers for the same period, I found a discrepancy in the charts (see the photos). On the third day, there were no deals for a long time. So, I scrutinized the charts and found a discrepancy. This is why I decided to withdraw funds from my account. If only did I know what followed! My deposit was just drained. The deal on AUD/CAD was closed at 2.9 and then at 0.5. As a result, my deposit was $6.17. I attached all the necessary files. Be aware! Noverk and Elby are scammers that help each other to cheat traders.
There is another interesting detail about this broker. Pay special attention to the "About us" section. There you can find names and photos of the company`s management team. However, all the photos are taken from the Internet. Any reputable company that has nothing to hide would never deceive its clients with such a low trick. Obviously, the broker does not have any management team, fundamental analysts, and personnel. If you decide to dig deeper, you will certainly find many other peculiar details.

Ssyaako, 22.05.2019
I decided to look through Noverk’s website. Then, the "About us" section came to my attention. In this section, there were photos and short descriptions of its employees. The more I saw the less I believed my eyes. For instance, in the photo, Yuri Gromov, an employee with a typical Russian name, looks exactly the same as a famous Hollywood actor! The photo of Stanislav Vlasov was taken from the blog about success. Photos of many other staff members were taken from the online recourse that sell different photos for magazine covers. I doubt that someone would trust a company that steals pictures from the Internet and presents them as the photos of its employees.


No more comments are needed. Noverk is a scam broker that uses a typical fraudulent scheme to trick traders out of their money. The broker promises its clients big gains in a short period of time. Traders who have just started to trade take the bait. The charts on broker’s trading platform show them how successful they are and they deposit more and more. When they deposit the necessary amount of money to their accounts, their deposits vanish and the trading accounts are blocked. The deceived traders cannot contact the broker and they can only pour their resentment online trying to warn other traders about cooperation with the fraudulent broker.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Ashen | วันที่  2021-01-27
Noverk is nothing but a deceptive, manipulative fraud broker. Their representative contacted me and briefed me with the benefits of trading with them. It was very convincing and I ended up opening an account with them. But after a few weeks, my account manager started to force me to deposit more fund. He even tried to scare me that I will have debt from the broker if I don't replenish my account.
Author: Kaung | วันที่  2021-01-20
Opening an account at Noverk was not in my plans. I was simply looking for a prospect to which I would invest to one day. But when I inquired to Noverk, they never stopped contacting me again. They were persistent and almost forced me to invest with them. Sadly, I ended up investing $100 and that money is gone.
Author: Cyrille | วันที่  2021-01-13
At first, my trading experience at Noverk was great. I was trading smoothly and the profits were coming in consistently. With this, I was easily encouraged to deposit more funds. In total, I put in $1500. The trades still went smoothly and when I reached a hundred dollar profit, I decided to withdraw it. That is when the problem started. The broker did not allow the withdrawal request and since then, I no longer made a decent trade. Before I know it, my account was wiped clean and had nothing to withdraw anymore.
ผู้แต่งของ noverk_a_swindler_cheating_easy_money_seekers: Rachaya | วันที่  2021-02-05
They make their clients believe that they are doing well when in fact, everything that we see on our portfolio is fabricated. They did this to encourage more deposits and I hate myself for falling into their trap. In total, I lost more than $2000 and this is a huge money for me.
Author: Pahuoa | วันที่  2021-01-05
All I got was losses when I decided to invest in Noverk. I wish I was more careful in choosing my broker. The customer support of Noverk was so convincing that I did not think about my decision thoroughly anymore. I was too convinced that I immediately invested on this fraud broker. To new traders out there, my advice is to be extra cautious when choosing your broker. It will be better if you go for the more established companies.
Author: Diamse | วันที่  2020-12-30
Noverk is a complete liar and fraud. All of their promises are empty. They are not licensed, they do not have a functional trading platform and tight spreads. Everything is really just to attract clients but once you deposit money, the only fate you have is to lose everything that you invested.
Author: Elizalde | วันที่  2020-12-22
All hopes lost. I will never be able to get my money back from Noverk anymore. This broker has intended to rob their clients from the start so no matter how much we complain, they will never release our money. I just really hope that the people behind this fraudster would be caught and punished accordingly.
Author: Mzukisi | วันที่  2020-12-16
Noverk managed to convince my cousin to open an account with them and since my cousin was interested in Forex trading, she was excited when Noverk contacted her. She easily trusted the broker and deposited money in no time. At first, she said, everything was great. She was trading normally and she was gaining profits. But then the broker started to become persistent in encouraging her to deposit more. The broker even advised her to get a loan just to deposit money. Thankfully, my cousin firmly refused but the broker closed her account after that and she never got back her remaining balance.
Author: Johnuel | วันที่  2020-12-11
I feel sorry for those who have been deceived by Noverk. Some people want easy money and fraudsters take advantage of it. They target people who wants to earn without having to do too much work. What they don't know is that they rather lose when they get involved with companies like Noverk because it will only take their clients' deposits and get rid of them.
ผู้แต่งของ noverk_a_swindler_cheating_easy_money_seekers: Joseph | วันที่  2021-02-16
You are right. I made this mistake and believed everything that Noverk said. I know that it is also partly my fault and I have learned a lot from this. Thankfully, I am now with a great broker and to be honest, it was very difficult for me to get back to trading. I was so afraid that I will only end up with another fraudster.
Author: Mauro | วันที่  2020-11-25
I feel so ashamed that I ever opened an account at Noverk, I was too careless and impulsive. I should have looked into the details of the broker first before I trusted them. Now I lost the only money I have allotted for investment. I just don't understand why there are people who think that defrauding other people is a great idea. This is a crime and they should be punished for it.
ผู้แต่งของ noverk_a_swindler_cheating_easy_money_seekers: Romera | วันที่  2020-12-01
Don't be too hard on yourself, dear. All traders have gone through a phase of failure. I know that this experience is very discouraging but I hope you realize that there are many broker out there who provide honest and great services. You are right, the people behind Noverk must be punished. That is what I hope too but please don't dwell too much on this experience. It might only drain out your energy.
Author: Zorana | วันที่  2020-11-18
Noverk attract clients through lucrative offers. They target novices like me and since I don't know enough about the market, I would easily believe them. I entrusted them with my money and I had high hopes that I will have good fortune here. But then right after depositing my money, the company stopped communicating with me already. I tried to ask for assistance but nobody attended to me. Until the company just shut down because they were exposed.
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