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NAS Broker holed up but may resurface

When it’s raining, it’s buckets, not bucks. Money doesn’t grow on trees, either. It is to be earned, and Forex is no exception. A six-digit income without higher risks can indeed be had, but we are talking professionals who went a long way through learning, evolvement, and experience. These people apply their knowledge, improve continuously, and upgrade their strategies. At the same time, they continue following the trends in financing and, trite as it sounds, they continue learning. The process of obtaining knowledge is never-ending, and it accompanies a trader, investor or a professional employed otherwise throughout his or her career. There is no other way to do it, at least if you really want to achieve more.

Being the largest financial market for money turnover, Forex provides ideal opportunities to make huge profits, but, as is already said above, this requires hard work. The choice of a broker is important for a trader. If you fall into fraudulent hands, no knowledge or hard work would save you. A lot of dealing services care only about their personal profit gained from trusting and novice traders.

Among such services is NAS Broker. Being of unsavory reputation, it was more than once involved in scandals involving fraud. Traders complain that the company does not allow withdrawing money, and its managers interfere with trading. Let’s try and examine what this company is, how it positions itself in the market, where it all started and how it ended.

!Caution! Black list

There are a lot of various ratings of brokers on the Internet, including black lists. When choosing a broker, take the trouble to look into those – it may so happen that the company you chose is in reality a scam, and you may become another victim of a fraud. The NAS Broker at hand is in the black list, so the warning is well fitting.

It is all too easy to lose your bearings when looking at descriptions of the brokers, since they all, without exception, praise themselves to high heavens and promise mountains and marvels. Naturally, NAS Broker does the same. Everybody claims an extensive client base of traders from all corners of the earth, reliable services, a wide choice of trading instruments, and so forth. They all proclaim a mission that is impossible to complete for such bucket shops, and epithets like ‘reliable’ have nothing to do with them. And yet, their nets of lies do trap a sizeable number of users. Flashy words and allegedly advantageous offers do obscure common sense.

NAS Broker is reported to be positioning itself as a dealer like no other in the world. The company targets primarily professional traders but is also delighted to work with novice traders. The brand’s specialty is innovative trading services. Their objective is to bring the Forex trading in Russia and neighboring countries to the level and standards of the West. Liquidity comes from some 20 large banks of international renown. Traders are offered МТ4, analytics, PAMM accounts and bonuses. As well as special conditions for VIP clients.

Truth be told, there is nothing supernatural or unique here, but a more inspective look may reveal, who and what lurks behind the screen of NAS Broker.


Their true face is revealed on the Internet through the schemes and testimonies of cheated users that not only leave detailed descriptions of their unfortunate experience in the feedback section but go as far as recording video appeals. Traders complain about inability to withdraw funds from accounts, outright siphoning off of deposits and trades cancelled by NAS Broker.

“Don’t you ever get involved with them. It’s all good in the beginning while you are losing, then the miraculous price manipulations begin. Problems with cashing in. Freezups, etc, anything not to let you earn – I made photos and videos of this scam.”

“Swindlers. They suggest you put 1,000 on the account. Then block it. And Igor *** offers to cash in the money with a commission. No way to reach them, either. A scam, pure and cynical.”

“The company does not allow withdrawing funds, simply siphons the money off when you request a withdrawal. For explanations, they say it’s a spike and money disappears from the account, there is no specific contract, there’s one on the Internet and very shady, the disputes to be settled through a foreign company as they are just an intermediary, in other words it’s a scam.”

“It’s been a while since I saw such a bucket shop online, had a hard time withdrawing even my own money, had to threaten them with different things. Even then it took me a while to withdraw my money, and not all of it, at that. By the way, they have another company, a sketchy one that peddles its own ideas of how they will control your money and some-such, but in the end they’d just drain you. In short, almost a top-notch bucket shop, cannot recommend to anyone. Advantages, NONE! Disadvantages, ALL OF THEM!”

“It is not known if the broker is still operating, but putting them in the black list is definitely the right decision. That is where it belongs. All managers of this broker ran away to other brokers, but what a surprise – those others are similarly fraudulent brokers. I could have specified, but the new ‘Forex brokers’ are not listed here. In 2016, NAS broker didn’t let me withdraw USD 1,100 and deleted my account. Even though the managers crooned serenades of ‘wonders and abundance’. The reality, however, was the reverse. I do not recommend these scammers to anybody, pass them by.”

“Worked with NAS-BROKER when the company gave all new clients no-deposit bonuses. I have received the bonus, completed the required lots, but the broker refused withdrawal of the profit. The reason cited was allegedly high speed of opening and closing trades, allegedly this is forbidden by the company’s rules. In reality, when I have researched the situation and read feedback by other traders that worked with NAS-BROKER, in almost 99% of cases everybody had problems with withdrawal of profit.”

The NAS Broker was launched in 2012. The company vigorously conquered the markets of Asia and Latin America and spread beyond. Their official website declared that the company operates under IFSA jurisdiction. There is information that the broker is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, but nothing about the regulation. The broker does not have a certificate to conduct the business.

NAS Broker has worked in Russia and CIS countries, it had offices in Moscow and Ukraine, but no licenses were obtained from local auditors. The company cooperated with such unscrupulous organizations as OOO Abk Finance and Nuity Consulting. These took trust management of the clients’ money, and then disappeared, with the management denying involvement in fraud or scheming in every way.

NAS Broker almost never took part in international shows and has no awards. The brand was promoted through marketing campaigns and partners. Even this small piece of information should at least arouse suspicion in a trader and prompt to abandon a cooperation that may involve losses.

“Every time I come across the name, it is surrounded by scandal. Everybody reports problems with withdrawals. I don’t understand how one can operate this way: a lot of money has been invested in the website, its content, the terminal. A modest estimate puts it near 100 thousand dollars plus as much in promotion. This totals to at least 200K of money invested. And all this to penny-pinch 200-300 dollars from the deposit? Not the kind of ‘biznis’ I can understand.”

“NAS Broker handed out no-deposit bonuses, and this is how the introduction went. I got the profit from it withdrawn but it was very slow, it took them more than a week. Then the cocky managers started calling. Order execution should not even be mentioned since it could hardly be called execution at all. This dealing service didn’t last long, either. The company’s website has been down for a long while, they can be put on the black list.”

Indeed, the company’s website is down at the moment, and it conducts no business. However, brokers like NAS Broker should be used as an example. Do not cooperate with such dealing services. As they say, nature abhors a vacuum. When a swindler is down and out, one or several others pop up to take its place.

There is information that NAS Broker resurfaces from time to time, cheats and disappears again. Be careful! Choose to cooperate with proven reputable companies.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Nardo | Ngày of  2021-10-21
One of the marketing campaigns of NAS Broker reached me and it was the reason I opened an account with them. I regret this decision because I only ended up losing a solid $500. This amount of money is something that I have to work hard for just to earn. I can't believe I let a fraud take it too easily from me.
Author: Dolly | Ngày of  2021-09-28
Let us not cooperate with brokers that are not regulated by reputable regulating agencies. It is better to avoid this kind of brokers to lessen the risks in our investment. Regardless of how attractive their services and trading conditions are, let us always be careful in whom to trust to avoid losing all the money we have.
Author: Lanea | Ngày of  2021-09-24
I learned about NAS broker through a forum site. It was repeatedly advertised by another member and they had promotional campaigns which were really interesting. I got myself involved with the broker because of that and it was the biggest mistake that I made.
Author: Andres | Ngày of  2021-09-07
NAS Broker never allowed me to withdraw my funds. At first, they were politely convincing me to delay the withdrawal but as I request multiple times, they started getting mad and even suspended my account. Since then, I never accessed the account again.
Author: Keith | Ngày of  2021-09-03
How I wish I saw the warnings about NAS Broker before I opened an account with them. I guess the company cleaned their online reputation to hide all the negative feedback that were already said about them. I only started seeing complaints against the broker when I was already trading with them for five months. And as expected, when I tried withdrawing my money, the broker terminated my account.
Tác giả of nas_broker_holed_up_but_may_resurface: Calagu | Ngày of  2021-10-15
It is because of companies like NAS Broker that it becomes too hard to identify the real brokers from the fraud. The only way to avoid them is to engage only with brokers that are regulated by top regulating authorities. Because other agencies are also offshore.
Author: Khim | Ngày of  2021-08-23
A month after opening an account at NAS Broker, their website suddenly went down. None of us could access it and we also can't reach them through other communication means. In the end, the broker was just gone together with our money.
Author: Brendan | Ngày of  2021-08-17
After a month of trading activities at NAS, I tried withdrawing a small amount just to see how efficient they process payments. However, I found out something else. After sending a request, the broker immediately terminated my account and never contacted me again.
Tác giả of nas_broker_holed_up_but_may_resurface: Adriana | Ngày of  2021-10-07
I was very devastated when the broker refused to release my funds as well. I traded with them for a year without taking anything from my account and I only wanted to withdraw $50. It was so odd that they did not want to release a small amount of money. Until I found out that the broker was only a fraud.
Author: Vilnis | Ngày of  2021-08-13
After a week of trading with NAS Broker, they started trying to convince me to add more funds. I did not want to invest again so early because I wanted to see how I would be performing first. But they were quite persistent until they ended up closing my account without releasing my money.
Author: Alaina | Ngày of  2021-08-02
For several months, I was blindly trading at NAS Broker. I thought that I was earning well and that I am growing my investment. But then when I tried withdrawing my funds, they did not process it and since then, all my funds started to vanish. My platform never worked properly again since then.
Tác giả of nas_broker_holed_up_but_may_resurface: Kritsana | Ngày of  2021-09-14
Everything that was on our portfolios were fabricated. They made it look like everything was going well so we will be motivated to invest more. Although I hate to admit it, I got fooled by this trick. In total, I deposited $3000 to this broker.
Author: Eran | Ngày of  2021-07-28
I was encouraged to open an account at NAS Broker by an acquaintance. He was an affiliate and he seemed really confident about the broker. I believed him and registered an account. At first, things seemed normal until they started to convince me to deposit more money. I haven't even made a withdrawal for the profits yet they already want me to add more funds. When I refused, they closed my account.
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