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Renesource Capital

Trực tuyến từ: 2009
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: Latvia
Quản chế: Ủy ban thị trường vốn và tài chính Latvia (FCMC), Cơ quan quản lý thị trường và chứng khoán Châu Âu (ESMA)
Quyền chọn thanh toán: điện chuyển khoản ngân hàng
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $10
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0.01 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: 1:100
Chênh lệch: thả nổi

Giới thiệu về công ty:

Renesource Capital là một công ty môi giới Latvia thành lập vào năm 1998 tại thủ đô của Latvia, Riga.

Renesource Capital cung cấp cho khách hàng sự truy cập vào một loạt các công cụ kinh doanh ấn tượng, bao gồm các cặp tiền tệ, hàng hóa, hợp đồng chênh lệch, trái phiếu, hợp đồng kỳ hạn, quyền chọn, và cổ phiếu.

Nhà môi giới cung cấp nhiều sự lựa chọn về phần mềm và dịch vụ giao dịch như MT4, Integral, Quik, CQG, Currenex, J-Trader cũng như Equities DMA (Tiếp cận thị trường trực tiếp) và giao dịch bằng giọng nói.

Các điều kiện giao dịch được cung cấp bởi công ty có thể thay đổi đáng kể tùy thuộc vào các công cụ, phần mềm và loại tài khoản mà bạn sử dụng. Ví dụ, tài khoản FX Micro trên MT4, cái mà là sự lựa chọn tốt nhất cho người mới bắt đầu, yêu cầu $10 như là khoản tiền gửi tối thiểu và mức chênh lệch thả nổi bắt đầu từ 0.3 pip.

Renesource Capital 6/10 (votes 2602)
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Gaospel | Ngày of  2022-09-27
Resource Capital is an ordinary broker. The spread is huge. They increase spreads by more than 15 pips during the market news time. Besides this their server down before the news events, and do not allow EA during this time. Money withdrawal is also, Though I tried trading with them, it only lasted for three months then switched to another one.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Vedrick | Ngày of  2021-11-30
I have a live trading account, transfer was made with PayPal and credited instantly to my account. I started to trade on the MetaTrader 4 platform with $250. My profit is not very big, but is stable $350-450. I was able to withdraw till now $850 in almost 3 months. I trade with the following instruments: EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, and USD/JPY. Last week I was made my first withdrawal of $400 using wire transfers and their system send in my trading account within 8 hours. Hopefully they will continue this ways.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Tibsi | Ngày of  2021-08-22
My forex trading experience is full of harassment and pain on the MT4 platform at Renesource Capital broker in an FX Classic account. As I have seen their server system, execution and service are bogus in the market. Also, their price quote is totally fake. So I think dealing is awful at Renesource Capital broker.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Laarnie | Ngày of  2021-06-10
What I love the most about Renesource Capital is that despite the floating spread, it still remains in the lower value. Also, their platform is very stable and trading during high volatility is not a problem.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Jacque | Ngày of  2020-11-10
This broker has a consist policy. I only invest $100 through Wire Tranfer and after 2 weeks I get profit from my trades and decided to cash-out, I get my money back just 2 to 3 days I can see money credited into account. I got profit 3% from my capital, I think it's because I'm beginner, but weeks after I noticed that their spreads are really high it floating and can reach up to 5 pips. I read the profile say that their features floating spreads starting from 0.3 pips. Thus far I have only positive words for Renesource.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Rudhi | Ngày of  2020-07-10
I decided to stop trading with this broker. what they conveyed to me was very different from what was in reality. They often don't answer my calls, when I experience lost, they don't analyze well. i still got my money back and will never again open an account with them, Not recommend.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Simon | Ngày of  2020-05-10
I am dealing with Renesource Capital broker in an FX Classic account, but my trading experience is awful on their MT4 platform. Because it was hung suddenly and I can't open or close any orders. So slippage is a common issue and EA trade is impossible. Also, their payment service is full of harassment. I can't withdraw my rest investment $46 via Skrill and their support convince to me, stay with them. I say no more trading with Renesource Capital broker.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Darius | Ngày of  2020-04-07
I joined Renesource since 8 months ago. And already 1 month I have always suffered losses. They did not care about my trading situation. During the past 7 months my trading has remained stable, nothing serious.Finally, when I wanted to withdraw my earnings, they blocked my account and up to now, I keep on waiting for a reply from them
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Florencia | Ngày of  2020-01-03
An unreliable broker, had a bad experience on their platform. When you trade on the demo account,you gain on demo, but when you trade on the live account, you lose on live. They close the trade even when you have not asked them to. They also Freeze the trade when they discover that you are making gains, I have lost all the $2000 I invested on Rene Source platform. They are a big cheat .Recently they also come up with it again in a new face in the new country. So please aware of them.
Tác giả of Renesource Capital: Yalabah | Ngày of  2019-11-05
Renesource Capital is a legitimate broker, I am certain about that. They process withdrawals well and your money will definitely reach you. However, they are too slow in doing this. I think if there is one disadvantage trading at this broker, it would be the slow processing of almost everything. From opening an account to withdrawal, the process takes a long time. Also, it must be noted that transferring funds is only possible through wire. This could be a little inconvenient for others.
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