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Royal Forex Trading

Trực tuyến từ: 2008
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: Lebanon
Quản chế: ASIC, CMA
Quyền chọn thanh toán: Skrill, thẻ thanh toán...
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $500
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0.01 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: 1:400
Chênh lệch: từ 1 pip

Giới thiệu về công ty:

Công ty môi giới Royal Forex Trading bắt đầu hoạt động vào năm 2008 tại Lebanon.

RFXT cung cấp cho khách hàng phần mềm giao dịch của nó trên các sàn giao dịch khác nhau. Ví dụ, Mubasher Trade Pro được sử dụng cho giao dịch cổ phiếu tại thị trường chứng khoán toàn cầu, đặc biệt là trên thị trường chứng khoán New York. Bên cạnh đó, phần mềm này cho phép các thương nhân tham gia vào 11 sàn khác trên toàn thế giới. Nó có thể được cài đặt vào một chiếc điện thoại thông minh hoặc máy tính bảng. Phần mềm RJO Vantage là dành cho hợp đồng kỳ hạn trên 12 sàn tầng toàn cầu, bao gồm cả CME và GLOBEX. Nó có thể được cài đặt vào một thiết bị di động. Phần mềm phổ biến nhất MetaTrader 4 cung cấp cho người dùng quyền truy cập vào thị trường ngoại hối cũng như kinh doanh kim loại và CFDs. Nó có tới 30 công cụ và có thể được sử dụng thông qua điện thoại di động.

Các lợi thế chính của việc làm việc với nhà môi giới này bao gồm việc thực hiện lệnh ngay lập tức, cơ hội để tự bảo hiểm các vị trí mở, giao dịch tự động, tài khoản Hồi giáo... Bên cạnh đó, quỹ tiền của khách hàng và của công ty được lưu giữ riêng biệt.

Royal Forex Trading 5/10 (votes 1759)
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Joesmy | Ngày of  2022-09-29
In my experience with Royal Forex Trading, I have been subject to price manipulation both on stops and targets - as it suits them to line their pockets! Lastly, I tried to withdraw my all funds and I have not got answers anymore at least two months I´m trying and nothing until now.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Anna | Ngày of  2021-11-26
I’ve been trading with them almost 3 years trading condition that they provide to me is the best. Good broker with wide range of trading instruments. Spread that give me really thin that starting 1 pip. Trading quality is also very good and they use MT4 and MT5. This broker is one of the best broker. I scalped much and made some money and get some money from my referrals with the referral program. Hoping to enjoy more on their platform. Quotes showed are on real time and any price is altered. By wire transfer, I make my deposits and withdrawals directly to my personal bank account and it only takes 5-7 hours.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: SheronGary | Ngày of  2021-08-24
I say that Trading is a trap with the Royal Forex trading platform. I had too many bad experiences on the MT4 platform, As trade execution are painful and my order didn't execute on time, always orders gone 5 to 20 pips slippage. Also, their floating spreads could be higher at news times and I didn't feel comfortable with their payment service, Actually, they are regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC), but I am suffering a lot so far.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Junaid | Ngày of  2021-06-14
What I love the most about my trading experience at Royal Forex Trading is the availability of a mobile platform. It is very convenient especially for someone like me who is always on the go. I can easily access my trading account whenever and wherever I am.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Wilseon | Ngày of  2020-11-06
Their trading conditions are pretty favorable and offer a leverage of 1400 that allows you to take on significant positions with low slippage. First deposit was $1000 and I have had some unpredict profit with this broker. Their platform is smooth, no connectivity issues. Supports are helpful. Overall royal forex performance of mine goes now better. i will stick with this broker.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Wolfie | Ngày of  2020-07-14
I recommend Royal Forex Trading because it's honest. I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with them. The trading platform works so wll, it may respects the orders you set and altered. I was also attracted to their $550 bonus that I have been trying. The provided service they give is well so far.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Rbona | Ngày of  2020-05-12
Royal Forex is a very excellent broker with many superior conditions for traders. So far, during last 4 months I see good platform, not many requotes, friendly for hedging and scalping. Their live support always supportive, very fast and prepared all the times. On last Monday I was unable to login my platform I was concern because I have some running trade, instantly I chat with their live support, they suggest me to update my platform. I followed their instruction and solved my login problem with in 4 mins. They have nothing regrettable.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Rey | Ngày of  2020-01-06
trading with this broker is very convenient and safe. I have done it myself. Of course the broker has given me advice before I trade.I started trading with Royal Forex Trading 7 months ago. So far, everything with this broker is going great. I made a deposit via Skrill and their system picked it up immediately in MetaTrader 4. I trade majors only, mostly EUR/USD - short term swing trades. My orders get filled immediately, spread is about 1.5 pip. I made a small withdrawal of $200 to see if they would pay to Skrill, and they actually managed to do it. I believe Royal FOrex Trading is an honest broker.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: Lutfianha | Ngày of  2019-10-01
Royal Forex Trading is a very interesting broker, everything had been working pretty fine since the very beginning. I trade with only $650 and received almost 60% profit and varied bonuses. They also have a very high security measures, my funds are protected from the online frauds. Now I already made more then double deposit and the profit I get every month more than $900. I recommend Royal Forex Trading broker to anyone who is looking for an honest reliable broker.
Tác giả of Royal Forex Trading: NomanFx | Ngày of  2019-08-26
I say that Royal Forex has a stable forex platform with STP execution and EA trading facility. Which is needed for a trader in the market. Besides they are regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC), so I think they are secured. I have been traded in a standard account last eight months, where I had deposited $200. I have always followed their solid signals and big news notifications on the platform, which helps me to make a solid decision. So I can earn profit a little bit with them. Also, I have withdrawal $50 via credit cards. really, Royal Forex is a reliable and professional broker.
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