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On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: -
Regulation: -
Payment options: wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard cards, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller
Minimum account size: $300
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lots
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: fixed, from 1 pip

About the company:

StoxMarket has been present on the market since 2009. It has a large assortment of trading assets, including 47 currency pairs.

The broker uses MetaTrader 4 and StoxMarket Webtrader platforms. The company guarantees the safety and confidentiality of its clients’ funds and is ready to provide a personal financial consultant. It allows hedging and scalping and offers mobile trading and PAMM accounts.

If you are in search of a well-reputed broker, pay attention to Stoxmarket. It is important that the broker keeps track of current market trends and responds to them. If you have cooperated with Stoxmarket, share your opinion. It can be helpful for other traders seeking the right broker.

StoxMarket 4/10 (votes 1849)
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Michael Ron | Ngày of  2021-09-16
StoxMarket's platform execution is the worst ever I have seen, As always my order execution delay or slippage positioin and my pending order didn't open or close too. I have failed to work with the StoxMarket broker and withdrawn the rest profit of $543. I say StoxMarket has no guarantee to deal in the risky market.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Habibi | Ngày of  2021-07-07
StoxMarket has been my broker for more than a year now. I already made two withdrawals and they were both processed within two days. Their platform is also great as it already has tools and indicators that are highly helpful in making trades.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Darwin | Ngày of  2020-10-09
I have tested their MT4 platform in a Standard account with fixed spreads. Actually the platform given me a stable service, my deals opened and closed in my desired position and the execution is so fast. I have been trading with them for years. I have been trading with them for years. With my first deposit of $500, and then my first profit after 1 month was $290. I currently have $7285 in my account as a result of my trades.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Berthomeus | Ngày of  2020-07-30
Their slow systems make me not believe in them anymore. Stox Market cancelled all my profitable transactions and left the ones where I lost money. Why this broker is so strict? I am trading with other brokers but they are allowing me to withdraw any amount I want. I am only about to withdraw $500 in Stox Market, but they are not allowing me.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: YAHYA | Ngày of  2020-05-27
I can't deal with the StoxMarket's platform, As I get always delay order execution and the position slippage from my desire position. I am also very convinced to become my payment, As my withdrawal request of $543 canceled stockmarket broker. Then I call their support but their support refuses it. So I am afraid, as this broker has no guarantee to get my money back!
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Peter | Ngày of  2020-04-24
This company is not a good broker, and I was scammed by them. I simply don't trust the non-regulated ones, as this one, and my experience with this broker proves me right. They cancelled my profits without any explanation and they also delayed some of my deposits, causing me to lose money on potential successful trades. My case happened with them in next year when I put a large of amount for trading. At that time, I deposited $1300, and I got huge profit with $850. I’m pleased with this trade, so I withdrew $800. I waited over 3 weeks, but the money didn’t come to my account. Therefore, I sent email to their support, but I got no response from them. Thus, they ignored my emails, and I loss all money – over $1000.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Carren | Ngày of  2020-01-20
I am not satisfied with the services and trading conditions of Stoxmarket. I used it for 7 months and I lost around $700 because the trading platform is not stable, but managers don't care about that, they only care that you make monthly deposits and generate as much profits as possible and after that, they give you all type of excuses in order not to process your withdrawal requests. Stay away of Stoxmarket.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Dizen | Ngày of  2019-11-22
StoxMarket has good trading services. They are honest and reliable. However, I never really liked their website. It is poorly designed and it is difficult to navigate. It is going to be hard to find what you are looking for because their website is a bit confusing. But putting that aside, the trading experience itself is undeniably amazing. They have a dependable team of customer support and an efficient payment system.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: Dava | Ngày of  2019-10-16
I already lost access to my account at Stox Market since the start of this year and until now I still can't get a hold of it. I still have around $1500 in my account and since I can't log in to my account, there is also no way to withdraw my funds. I have been asking the company what the problem is but no one answers. I am also aware that I am not the only client experience it so I am pretty sure that there is something wrong going on with the broker. I will stop my trading here.
Tác giả of StoxMarket: davisJoy315 | Ngày of  2019-08-01
I lost everything, with my life in shambles dealing with this binary option companies. My frustration came to an end, when I came across an agent who was able to have all my money recovered from the binary option trading companies. I am so grateful, you can reach me to share my recovery experience above.
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