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Think Markets

Trực tuyến từ: 2010
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: -
Quản chế: ASIC, FCA
Quyền chọn thanh toán: BPAY, điện chuyển khoản ngân hàng, thẻ thanh toán
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $250
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0.01 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: 1:500
Chênh lệch: từ 0.1 điểm đối với EUR/USD

Giới thiệu về công ty:

ThinkForex cung cấp cho khách hàng cơ hội để giao dịch trên thị trường OTC. ThinkForex được phát triển như là một công ty dựa trên việc sử dụng các hệ thống giao dịch tự động. Nó tuân thủ theo quy định của Ủy ban đầu tư và chứng khoán Úc (ASIC).

Nhà môi giới đặc biệt quan tâm đến cập nhật cơ sở hạ tầng công nghệ và hỗ trợ chất lượng cao cho khách hàng của mình. Bên cạnh đó, ưu tiên chính của công ty là thực hiện lệnh nhanh và mức chênh lệch nhỏ. Một tài khoản với ThinkForex cho phép bạn giao dịch với số lot cực nhỏ, điều mà đặc biệt hữu ích cho các thương nhân mới bắt đầu.

ThinkForex cung cấp cho các thương nhân năm loại tài khoản và hơn 35 công cụ giao dịch. Giao dịch được thực hiện thông qua phần mềm MT4 và cTrader. Nhờ các tín hiệu ngoại hối ZuluTrade và MirrorTrader, giao dịch tự động hoàn toàn có thể thực hiện. Khách hàng cũng có thể nhận được lưu trữ VPS miễn phí nếu số tiền nạp của họ vượt quá $2,500.

Cũng giống như bất kỳ công ty môi giới khác, ThinkForex cung cấp đa dạng các tài liệu đào tạo cho các thương nhân.

Để lại phản hồi của bạn về ThinkForex. Đánh giá khách quan về nhà môi giới sẽ giúp các thương nhân khác tránh được sai lầm trong việc lựa chọn một công ty phù hợp.

Think Markets 7/10 (votes 3197)
Tác giả of Think Markets: Marcos | Ngày of  2022-08-24
My trading experience and business aren’t good with Think Markets. As their platform is unreliable and its execution is slow. So As a scalper, I fail to deal with the right position, As it was always slippage. Even I found their price quote isn’t much with the live market. Therefore I think investing is risky with Think Markets broker, although I had $100 investment with them. Now I have decided to withdraw my money.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Ruddy | Ngày of  2022-01-03
I like to do trading with Think Markets broker, As the MT4 platform is organized with a lot of analytical tools, indicators, and features. So I can find everything in one place and make a decision easily. Also, I can call or put instantly by choosing time and amount on the platform. I like their signals and big news notifications. I can cash out 80% of my profit and Withdrawals are fast and you don't have to ask their staff to check on the status of your withdrawals. Actually, I have no issues with them so far, Think Markets is an outstanding broker.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Chanika | Ngày of  2021-07-13
My experience with Think Markets was poor. They offer various bonus campaigns. However, when I use bonus and make large profit, they l said that I broke the agreement. Even my don’t allow to withdrawals my original deposit. Their customer support is incompetent.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Kurt | Ngày of  2021-05-07
I registered at Think Markets just a few weeks ago. So far, I am having a very pleasant experience. The platform works perfectly and I haven't had any problem yet while using it. The fees are also reasonable and the leverage is incredibly high.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Reine | Ngày of  2020-12-14
Think Markets is a recommended broker. I always feel satisfied trading with them. They provide a good trading platform quality, with fast order execution and fixed spreads, real pricing with the market and no slippage during my trades so I can place an order easily. Customer support also responsive. They provide all the information needed from deposit till withdrawal, and they always fix trouble directly. I have nothing to complain Think Markets.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Fimus | Ngày of  2020-06-22
It's very difficult to trade with this broker as their services are not easy to use and they don't provide useful information. Their customer support is terrible. They don’t even have good charts. Because of the bad things they have, I lost a $ 1,000 deposit. Really not recomended broker.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Raonol | Ngày of  2020-04-19
I have a live account with Think Markets and been trading for moths, they cannot be trusted. They are a market maker broker, my trades are not executed in the real market, but observe that if my lot size is large enough they will hedge my orders, which causes re-quotes and delays. I have seen problem in the data feeds and long wicked candles that don't seen in other data source. Be aware and be careful.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Gwenn | Ngày of  2019-12-12
After trading with Think Markets broker in a standard account I have experienced only worst service. As their prices and execution are delays from the real market and I can't apply scalping strategies due to slippage. Till now I have tried hard but I had lost $420 in the different pairs. Also, I have customized the MT4 platform by setting FX asset manager, it also failed to work. The worst things are Think Markets canceled my withdrawal of investing $300. So traders are aware from Think Markets.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Omenio | Ngày of  2019-10-16
Among all the companies that I've made business with, not just on Forex trading, Think Markets has the poorest customer service. I don't know how they hire their representatives but I've encountered a lot of rude and impatient reps. I am asking them my questions because I don't understand the matter. Why do they have to make me feel stupid for not understanding it right away? When I try to clarify the information, they would sound irritated as they would repeat what they told me. Also, even when the trading platform is quite decent, the spreads are wide and fees are high.
Tác giả of Think Markets: Zahra Ryani | Ngày of  2019-09-09
In last year, I joined to trade with Think Markets because I was impressed by their promo about bonus. Therefore, I opened account at Think Markets, and I deposited $100. Of course, I received bonus after I put $100. Hence, I put more money with $500, but I got nothing. Then, I sent them many emails to ask about this issue, and their support always gave me same reply that I wait in some days. Until now, I still got no bonus, and this broker blocked my account. I don’t know what happen in my account. I called them again, but there had no response. Their customer support is terrible. Finally, I loss over $500 at this broker, it’s so bad.
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