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Trực tuyến từ: 2010
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: New Zealand
Quản chế: FMRRC và FDRS
Quyền chọn thanh toán: Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, NETELLER, WebMoney, điện chuyển khoản ngân hàng
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $250
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0.01 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: lên đến 1:500
Chênh lệch: từ 0 pip

Giới thiệu về công ty:

TurboForex là một thương hiệu của Turbo, cung cấp dịch vụ môi giới trực tuyến về ngoại hối. Công ty đảm bảo kinh doanh tiền tệ và cung cấp các công cụ phái sinh trên hàng hóa, cổ phiếu, và chỉ số toàn cầu. Nó có giấy chứng nhận tuân thủ từ Trung tâm quy chế quan hệ thị trường tài chính.

Một trong những ưu điểm chính của nhà môi giới là mức chênh lệch rất hẹp. Đáng chú ý là, công ty bảo đảm hoàn tiền chênh lệch nếu bạn có thể tìm thấy một nhà môi giới khác với mức chênh lệch thấp hơn. Bên cạnh đó, nhà môi giới trả đầy đủ các khoản hoa hồng cho các khoản tiền gửi và rút tiền và cung cấp lên đến 100% tiền thưởng tiền gửi với khả năng rút được tiền thưởng.

Các khách hàng của TurboForex cũng có thể sử dụng hệ thống tự động để sao chép các giao dịch gọi TurboForexSocial, giúp có lãi mà không cần tham gia giao dịch.

Nhà môi giới cung cấp MetaTrader 4, sàn giao dịch phổ biến nhất với các thương nhân, để giao dịch trên ngoại hối.

Bạn có thể tìm hiểu thêm về nhà môi giới bằng cách đọc ý kiến về TurboForex từ các thương nhân có thực. Theo dõi các hoạt động của nhà môi giới trên trang web của chúng tôi và đừng quên để lại ý kiến của riêng bạn.

TurboForex 7/10 (votes 3087)
Tác giả of TurboForex: Andreas | Ngày of  2022-09-07
I have invested $ 200 on the TurboForex platform. till now I've experienced better execution and I am able to manage $430 in my account. It is possible for their professional service. Their payment service is good enough in a short time via Skrill, I had withdrawn $250 in profits so far. Really TurboForex is a profitable broker for me and also safe for dealing in the forex market.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Manny | Ngày of  2021-12-20
TurboForex isn't satisfying at all. I don't like their trading conditions, also the services they provide. they don't have up-to-date and good quality services. The platform has high spreads and I couldn't handle it. Their order execution is also delayed. it's a disaster to trade with TurboForex, I keep getting lose my deposit money because of them. Until I decided to close my account at this broker. I don't want to continue my trading with TurboForex.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Ramon | Ngày of  2021-05-21
TurboForex is quite popular in our country but I was disappointed when I opened an account with them. As it turned out, their platform is not of great quality. I often get interrupted while making my trades as the platform would either freeze or crash.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Bailando | Ngày of  2020-11-30
Let me share my trading experience with Turbo Forex. I have been trading with them for four months, and I can say that they are not a reliable broker. They are also not professional. Their platform is unstable, especially during times of volatility. Spreads could get higher and hard to customize. And what's worse is that this broker does not process withdrawals quickly. They used to give delays. I requested a withdrawal two weeks ago and until now, it is still on pending status. If they still like that, for sure I will stop trading with them.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Yella | Ngày of  2020-06-30
Their execution on high volatility instruments is excellent. On 15 June 2020 I put a withdraw request of $800 from my profit they send it my Wire Transfer account after one day. I really enjoyed to trade with their 100% hot bonus. good quality service with fast operations and transfers.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Florentina | Ngày of  2020-03-26
Yesterday, I traded with this broker, and I earned profit $2000. And I earned $200 profit. Feel so grateful with Turbo Forex. Their customer service is awesome, because they answered all questions within reasonable time. Order execution is also fast and trading platform is easy for me to trade. The most things that I like at this broker is fast withdrawal, I always receive money whenever I need.Recommendation broker to trading,
Tác giả of TurboForex: Perez | Ngày of  2019-12-20
Having a trading experience with over a 4 brokers I find Turbo Forex the No. 1 in all of them. I have open my account with $800 and I trade with my own EA for one months and gained around 60% profit. But with my previous broker I always face problem with this EA. However last month I withdraw $400 through Web money I have to wait only 5 hours to get my money. I hope and I wish they will remain as they are now such a long time.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Masnij | Ngày of  2019-10-23
TurboForex offers a favorable trading condition. They have different types of platforms to choose from and they have a wide range of trading instruments. The leverage is reasonable enough limiting great risk. The customer support is dependable and can be reached through various channels. They are also available any time of the day. Another thing I liked about this broker is their educational section which contains helpful materials about the Forex market.
Tác giả of TurboForex: Kristiani Komang | Ngày of  2019-09-17
I have traded in a micro account with TurboForex since last year and I recommend that they provided the best platform for trading in the market. I prefer their trading condition too, which is the way to earn of money. Especially the 3 pips fixed spread on all pairs. Their MT4 platform service is too good due to instant execution, some great tools and analytical indicators. I must say about Turbo Forex fair transparent payment system to me. Always I get my payment via Skrill within 8 hours. Really I am pleased with Turbo Forex broker and recommendable to others
Tác giả of TurboForex: Vannypip | Ngày of  2019-03-12
I think TurboForex is an honest broker. When I first contacted them to know more about Forex trading and their company, they did not promise me any returns. As a matter of fact they openly told me that trading is really risky and that I shouldn't invest more than what I can afford to lose. But what they assured me of is that they will provide the best trading tools and environment to make my experience as smooth as possible. Which they really did. The spread is tight, the platform is stable, and the order execution is fast. So far, I am earning small profits and my losses are limited.
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