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Vertical Markets

On-line since: 2015
Country of origin: -
Regulation: KROUFR
Payment options: wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, NETELLER
Minimum account size: $30
Minimum lot size: 0.1
Leverage: to 1:200
Spreads: from 0.7 pips

About company:

The company's activity started nine years ago in the European territory. VerticalMarkets proved itself as a well-established and trustworthy broker. Two years ago, the company began operating online. In its arsenal there is an impressive range of trading instruments, including 49 currency pairs, shares, commodity contracts and others.

The company is ready to consult everyone about investing with the purpose of profit maximization. VerticalMarkets gives its clients access to financial markets. The broker's advantages include the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform, almost instant order execution, effective affiliate programs, optimal payment methods, and no slippages. VerticalMarkets is a broker of the European level proving that comfortable and profitable trading is real.

When looking for a proper broker specializing in secure trading in real-time mode, pay attention to VerticalMarkets. If you have cooperated with the company, please leave your feedback. Your comments will be useful for others.

Vertical Markets 3/10 (votes 1934)
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Kaitlyn | Ngày of  2021-07-21
For now, I think I would take a break from trading first. My experience at Vertical Markets was too terrible that I still haven't recovered from it. They have a poor quality trading platform that crashed all the time and closed trades automatically even without setting SL or TP. It just closed all trades at losing positions. And naturally, I lost my money because of that.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Malkist | Ngày of  2020-09-25
To deposit I used the system Skrill. I trade on the MetaTrader 4 platform, and it has delays in execution during news release. I had some closed positions during the night on EUR/USD with a loss of $545, which I never got back because the support team is not available. I did not have any clear explanation form the support, I decided to stop trading and give another broker a try.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Morlan | Ngày of  2020-08-11
No reliable video tutorials for newbies. I could not recieve my money after many days making of request. Their deposit and withdrawal systems are not easy and fast as they said. Impolite customer supports that knows nothing but to irritate clients.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Hendexi | Ngày of  2020-06-07
I am using Vertical Markets Standard account for one and half months with $630 deposit. Now my account balance is $941. 10 days ago for the fast I apply for withdraw my profit of $200 through Skrill because of money need but still they did not process it. I have talked with their live support almost every day and every time they give excuse that they have some technical problem with their system. Actually I am little bit anxious about it so I want to know is there someone who facing same trouble with Vertical Markets?
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Sharma | Ngày of  2020-05-05
I’ve a bad trading experience with them because I can’t withdraw my profit from the bonus no deposit they give to me. profit that I’ve got almost 40% from $700 they give and they ignore my request until now I got no payment from them. I don't understand why they didn't give a clear reason to me. Little frustrated with their services that ignore my withdrawal just because the profit is from their bonus. After this I couldn't even think to trade with Vertical Markets anymore.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Firlo | Ngày of  2020-01-29
I think Vertical Markets is no more reliable as they unable to maintain their good platform. Along my journey with them, I experienced few times crashed on platform and realized it always happened during major news release. Vertical Markets hooked me by offering a $100 bonus for opening an account. At first look, their terms and conditions doesn't seem to have anything wrong in it but if you read it over and over again, you'll realize that you're agreeing to be scammed by this broker. They made it using the bonus. I contact to finance division and they should responsible to the loss but they denied the fact that the mistake was by them. They stole my money I won’t believe this broker again.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: Vitrah | Ngày of  2019-10-25
I was used Vertical Markets for option trading and I had terrible experience with them for 4 month. Once I make a put order on EUR/USD pair for 1 min. My order was not execute on my set time. For this reason I lost $150. When I contact their support, they said the problem was my end, that was not their problem. So were not making any correction. I heard that they apply same technique with others trader. So do not trade with them. Your money is not safe with them.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: BonganiPana | Ngày of  2019-09-19
I can't run my EA with VerticalMarkets in a micro account, As their price chart is fake on the MT4 platform. So my EA most of the time hung due to the fake candle. In manual trading my position always slippage 10 to 20 pips too. So it is extra panic for me into scalping trade with them. So I've withdrawal $140 from my account and till now tried to close the VerticalMarkets account.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: GavinFx | Ngày of  2019-04-23
I've found that VerticalMarkets price chart always different and make fake candle on the MT4 platform. So my position slippage 10 to 20 pips and I EA failed to work. Really it is panic to scalping trade with them. I've $50 invest in a micro account and till now I've lost $42. So I think they are market maker broker. Who want to lose my investment so far.
Tác giả of Vertical Markets: SedahNick ‏ | Ngày of  2018-04-24
VerticalMarkets price always different from others and they didn't execute my orders on my desire positions on MT4 and it could be frozen for 2 to 5 min. So it is panic to trade with them. Besides, I had customized some technical indicators and Expert Advisors but it was failed to works properly. while I had deposited $30 in a Standard account and till now I had earned $68. Recently I was tried to withdrawal my profit via Qiwi, but they canceled my withdrawal. So I think VerticalMarkets broker isn't suitable for me.
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