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# Asesor Reseñas del asesor Para Hacia
EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

Últimos comentarios:

Autor de EA Gold Shark ver. 5  NarrenFecha de  2019-03-19

I was able to buy EA Gold Shark a month ago at $120. The amount is the same as my trading capital but many said that this EA is really good. So far, I can say that it is performing really well. It works as expected, earning me at least $20 a week. So in just a few more weeks, I will already recover the amount I bought it for. It is sensitive with price movements and it wins more than half its trades which is an indicator that it really is profitable.

Autor de FapTurbo  BushraFecha de  2019-03-18

Used FapTurbo on a demo account and it was terrible. To think that it was an account with a virtual capital of $5000, this bot lost almost half of it in just 2 weeks. That is insanely disappointing. So I was wondering, what if I used it on a live account with real money at stake? I probably would have lost everything I worked for. Don't consider buying this bot anymore because this is just a total waste. It heightens the risk instead of lowering it.

Autor de Pardus  IreninaFecha de  2019-03-18

It has been around 4 months since I started using Pardus EA. I got it for $200 and I was guaranteed with a 60-day trial period wherein if I didn't like the performance, I could return it and take a refund. But that was not necessary as this EA is superb. It trades wisely, keeping its losses to a limit and being grand with the profits. So far, it has already earned me more than $600. Even on my busy days, I can still expect profit because of this.

Autor de Megadroid  PontaiFecha de  2019-03-15

I should have just listened to what other users have said about Megadroid Adviser. I already read that it is not the same as how they claim it to be. But I am the type of person who would want to try something out first before deciding whether it is worth it or not. And so I still bought this EA which was a total waste of money. It rarely trades even when I already changed its settings and it doesn't really earn anything. Worse, I thought I could get a refund if I didn't like its performance but the company didn't answer anymore.

Autor de Euro Smarter  GerardFecha de  2019-03-15

Euro Smarter doesn't deserve the hate from the other users. I don't know why it didn't work for them but in my experience, this bot is truly amazing. It does both short-term and long-term trading. With short-term, it earns little profit per trade but it makes multiple winning trades on a daily basis. While with the long-term, it surely will bring me at least $200 after closing a trade. So for me, this bot is fantastic.

Autor de Forex Growth Bot  CarolFecha de  2019-03-14

Forex Growth bot is a terrible trading bot. I'm not sure if I just received a defected one (though they only use the same program so I doubt it) but the bot is way too far from what they claim it to be. This bot is not profitable. What happened to me is that I let it trade on its own using the default setting. It performed poorly on the first week but I still gave it a chance. I got busy at work and wasn't able to check on it for almost a month and I was so surprised when I got back that it lost almost a third of my account in that span of time. I immediately disabled it and I won't ever use it again.

Autor de Scalper Day  NaiduFecha de  2019-03-14

Scalper Day EA works best with an MT4 platform. It runs smoothly and effectively. It really is a scalper as it trades multiple times in a day and in return earns a good amount. I also like how it works perfectly across all trading pairs. I've tried an EA before that is only profitable when trading major pairs but with this one, you can choose any pair and still profit. If it keeps up like this, the growth of my investment would be assured.

Autor de Wall Street Forex Robot  HeneryFecha de  2019-03-13

What I've observed with Wall Street Forex Robot is that it lowers the risk of trading. Before using this trading bot, I would always lose at least 20 dollars for every week. I am aware that it is due to my lack of experience. That's actually the main reason I bought this. To help me recover my losses and earn. And just as expected, this bot did its job right. It lowered my weekly losses to just 5-8 dollars and really raised my profit rate by 20%.

Autor de Million Dollar Pips  GiovinFecha de  2019-03-13

Million Dollar Pips worked perfectly with my broker's platform and trading conditions.I have heard that this bot can still profit even when a broker has a high spread. But since my broker's spread averages to 0.8 pip, I think the profit rate is a lot higher. I am using the default setting of the bot and everything goes on smoothly. There are some instances when it earns a ridiculous amount in just one trade ($169 during one time). I don't think I'll ever earn that much in one trade on my own.

Autor de Pardus  MargiFecha de  2019-03-12

Pardus EA is a typical Forex adviser that both earns and loses. Although I must recognize that the earnings are still higher than the losses so it can still be considered profitable. I'm not really sure about their claim on the high profitability on long-term trades because it really isn't that impressive. Also, this EA is only profitable when trading major pairs like EUR/USD and USD/JPY but mostly fails when trading minor pairs like USD/CAD. It would be better if it works well on all pairs.

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