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EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

Last Comments:

Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : AngelpipDate 2017-06-16

This bot is disappointing, because it promises a lot, and doesn't do much. The signals aren't strong and sometimes the platform is having crazy spreads while using it. Is not that user friendly and I find it difficult to make the settings so that it doesn't make the platform to crash. I lost during the last month while using Million dollar bot, almost 500$. It has a low percentage of winning trades around 10-15%.

Author of  EA Gold Shark ver. 5  review : AbdullahiDate 2017-06-15

EA gold shark is an awesome robot, I have tested it for 2 weeks now on my trading, and so far I have had majorly positive results, out of 14 trades, I have had 12 winning trades and lost only 2 trades.

Author of  Forex Growth Bot  review : PlutopipDate 2017-06-14

I bought the version with advanced options of Forex Growth bot and I payed for it 200$. I lost my first month of using it another 250$, and another month after that 150$. I deleted it because it gives false signals and the platform it has delays from the bot. I mention that I used it as recommended it only for EUR.USD with a time frame M15. It opens few trades but it was better for me, because if there were more trade opened I had a bigger loss.

Author of  Forex Growth Bot  review : BunchDate 2017-06-14

I have used this EA – Forex Growth Bot since last year, and it is the best investment I have ever used. In last year, I was introduced to this advisor by my friend when I looked for a good EA to use. At that time, I knew nothing about technical, and then I bought this EA with 115$. To be honest, I think this price is reasonable, and I don’t regret buying it. Since I used this advisor, I have never failed in trading. Thus, this advisor opens my position at the lowest spread and at the highest market liquidity, so I earn lots of money. For example: I just got profit 500$ in 3 days ago when I traded in EUR/USD pair. In fact, this advisor has really brought me some huge gains, and it has classical solution for scalpers. In conclusion, I think Forex Growth Bot is one of the best EA, and I will keep up to use this advisor!!!!

Author of  FapTurbo  review : OrchidefxDate 2017-06-13

I trade for some time and my profit was 800-900$, after starting to use this EA my profit is 1200$. I like that I can trade with it many currency pairs not only one. I used it for :EURGPB, EURCHF, and USDCAD currency pairs on the М15 time frame. The platform MetaTrader 4 works with fast execution of trades, and no crashing or delays. I think it needs good internet connection and there will not be the problems other users said they encountered.

Author of  FapTurbo  review : CrampeDate 2017-06-12

During trading in forex 6 years, FapTurbo is the worst advisor I have ever used, so please don’t buy this advisor for using. 6 months ago, I bought this advisor with 130$, but I realize that this advisor is not helpful for me. In fact, I wasted my money and my time when I used them. Thus, I lost money with 500$ on long positions in last week, because they are not accurate. In addition, this advisor is pretty slow in execution when I opened 4 trades. Therefore, I couldn’t place buy or sell order at right time. I think it’s enough for me to use them, because FapTurbo makes me disappointed in many times. There have other good advisors to use in trading, but it’s not FapTurbo.

Author of  Euro Smarter  review : RoseDate 2017-06-12

Been using Euro smarter for 5 months now, without no serious issues, although I had challenges in installing it on my platform, but with the help of the support department I was able to do so. Making profit consistently with the help of euro smarter. I recommend this EA.

Author of  Pardus  review : PhilDate 2017-06-12

It was a good invesment to buy this EA to work in forex market. I used to trade manually but I wanted to take some rest, so I decided to get it and for me, it wasn't a waste of money or time. I leave it overnight with EURUSD and it opens several positions which end with nice earnings. As it analyzes graphics and even graphics, candlesticks and so on, positions opened are right and in just 2 months, I doubled my initial invesment ($200). I totally recommend it.

Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : mamutfxDate 2017-06-10

I lost 300$ trying to make this bot to work. It crashed my laptop and the trading platform has delays, very huge delays and the prices aren't real at the closing point. For the past weeks I tried different platforms and settings but is no use for me. I deleted.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : JonnyDate 2017-06-09

I started using this EA two weeks ago, and I have really experienced a great success trading with Wall street Forex robot, out of 15 trades, I have won 13 trades which is a great success. I recommend this EA.

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