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EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

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Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : AmorDate 2019-02-22

Million Dollar Pips worked for me but not for my friend. In my experience, I saw good results after two months. My profit rate has gone up by 7% and I think that's good development. I also observed that the bot rarely loses its deals. Because of that, I recommended it to my friend. She bought it and set the same parameters as mine. However, it didn't perform as good as it did for me. We don't understand why and we are still currently waiting for the company to get back to us.

Author of  Forex Growth Bot  review : SegontDate 2019-02-22

Forex Growth Bot is no doubt one of the best trading bots that ever existed. This bot doesn't tire and just grabs the most profitable opportunities to open deals. Out of 7 trades, this bot guarantees me 5 wins. That is a high winning rate. I only barely profit before I started to use this bot because I also barely trade as I try to avoid making mistakes and losing everything. But because I found this bot, I am more confident now.

Author of  EA Gold Shark ver. 5  review : SlavykDate 2019-02-21

EA Gold Shark will be on my top recommendation of forex EAs. If we talk about accuracy, this EA is definitely strong on that point. I always follow its signals and I win the trades most of the time. As for its own trading actions, I am impressed that it wins 8 out of 10 trades. So far, it has already increased my profit rate by 11% and I am very pleased with the results. No wonder I read a lot of recommendations about this EA on forums.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : KarlosfxDate 2019-02-21

Purchasing Wall Street Forex Robot is like getting myself a destructive bot. I fell in to their amazing claims and thought that this bot will really work wonders. All I received was disappointment and stress. It ignored all the parameters I set and opened positions with big sizing. But in the end, its trading actions always failed. If I am to sum all the losses after only almost a month of using it, it has already gone up to around $200. So fellow traders, please be careful on your purchase.

Author of  FapTurbo  review : KarlieDate 2019-02-20

I started using FapTurbo about a month ago and I'm using it only on a demo account. I have virtual capital of $5000 and so far, the bot is not really that impressive. As of now, Its total earning is $15.91. It still profited despite how little it is but the main problem I had after using this bot is the pile of spam emails I received every day. I find it alarming because there could be some malicious emails. I asked the company how it would be stopped but I still haven't heard from them yet. Just be careful with choosing your bots.

Author of  Pardus  review : MonverDate 2019-02-20

I am already profiting well with my trades but I am still hoping to boost it a little more so I bought Pardus EA. I tried it first on a demo account because I don't want to risk my hard-earned money right before really testing it out. Surprisingly, it performed really well. I just can't help but think that I should have used it on my real account right away. Because after a week of using it, the bot earned $58.12. That is really impressive.

Author of  Megadroid  review : RexDate 2019-02-19

I tried Megadroid Adviser a few months back through a recommendation of a fellow trader. He got my hopes up too much that I was extremely disappointed with the EA. It hardly even trades and it won't move if I don't go online. Although I must still say that the signals it provides are helpful. But if we talk about concrete results, it only earns about 8 dollars for a whole month. For me, this is not worth to buy.

Author of  Euro Smarter  review : ThobelaDate 2019-02-19

For beginners out there who are still familiarizing themselves with the complexity of forex trading, I recommend Euro Smarter to you. I used it more than two years ago when I was also just a novice. I followed its signals which were correct most of the times. Then when I go offline, it still continues to trade. I just set the right parameters. While using the bot, I also practiced trading on my own. I acquired some losses but that's fine because the bot earned it back. Now, I can say that I'm already an experienced trader and I'm still using the bot for additional earnings.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : IvantraderDate 2019-02-15

Wall Street Forex Robot is a great help to me. I was on the verge of losing all of my capital. As a beginner, I had a lot of trial and errors. I would profit by chance then later on will lose again. It was fine when the losses and profits were balanced but now that I've lost half of my capital, it's worrisome. So I decided to get a bot because it might just work. And it actually did, Thanks to this bot, I got back on my feet and I've recovered my capital. Right now, I am on the process of acquiring more profit. This bot's signals are definitely reliable.

Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : KazumiDate 2019-02-15

I am looking forward to the coming years that I will be with Million Dollar Pips. I bought it two months ago and I am surprisingly seeing some significant results now. Their claims are extreme so I still had doubts and expected the bot to show concrete results after at least half a year. But in the span of two months, it already earned $194.21. There is no way I could earn that much if I traded alone. So I'm really excited for more positive results.


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