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# Adviser Adviser reviews For Against Statistic
EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

Last Comments:

Author of  Megadroid  review : KeshiDate 2017-08-17

Megadroid as an advisor has nothing good to offer, I have tried it on my tradings and it has never worked effectively, always bringing wrong signals which have brought loss of $250 to me. I will never recommend this EA!

Author of  Scalper Day  review : SheranDate 2017-08-16

A really good advisor for daily trading. It generated me good earnings since the first day of usage. It's excellent with EURUSD and USDCAD, especially in the day because at night you need to check it from time to time as it used to close if there is too much volatility in the market and this happened me to especially at night. It opens 3-4 orders following patterns and graphics, so it's very accurate. I really recommend it.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : PojuDate 2017-08-15

The difference is clear, since 2 months of using Wall street Forex robot, I have been making profits, almost all my trades were profitable, it does not crash and always bring effective signals.

Author of  EA Gold Shark ver. 5  review : SheaDate 2017-08-14

Working with this robot is very profitable, at least for me. I am using it since last year and I've accumulated good earnings so far. My initial deposit was of $50 and in just 6 months, I won $800. The EA works well, it analyzes well the market and although it opens just 2-3 positions per day, all are very profitable. That's why I recommend for daily trading.

Author of  Euro Smarter  review : SodiqDate 2017-08-11

Ever since, I bought this EA, Euro smarter has never been helpful in my daily trading, rather it has worsened my trading results. It does not provide strong signals on calm and volatility times. I lost around $350 using it.

Author of  FapTurbo  review : geofxers Date 2017-08-11

In my opinion this is the best EA for night scalping traders. I use it on all the currency pairs which the bot is designed to trade: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURCHF, USDCAD, USDCHF and GBPCHF with a time frame of M15. The signals are strong and accurate, the platform works fast in execution, not like others EA which makes the platform to have delays and my over all profit is increased with 400$. Is user friendly and easy to use, also it cuts the time in half on the night trading sessions.

Author of  Megadroid  review : ReggieDate 2017-08-10

This advisor has been very fruitful for my daily trading. I don't need to supervise it as it work well alone. It opens the right positions and got earnings for every position. My losses have been minimum, around 3% of my initial deposit and my earnings have exceeded all my expectations. That's why I don't have complaints about it.

Author of  Forex Growth Bot  review : summervipipDate 2017-08-10

In my case using this EA actually helped my with time and profitable trades. The signals offered are strong and the platform MT4 never crashed while using it, nor had delays. From 20 trades the percentage of winning is 80%. I make easy profitable trading with it, almost 400$ a months adding to my normal profit. I recommend Forex Growth bot, but it needs to be used as recommended on EUR/USD, with a time frame of M15, I had the advanced options version I don't know if that helps but I recommend it.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : GloriaDate 2017-08-10

Although this EA was recommended by a friend, it didn't work as I expected. The first week I used it gave me good earnings, around $200 trading with EURUSD, but then it started to work bad, I mean, it closed alone without any reason, it started to open several positions with zero earnings and several losses. I lost around $600 in just 2 weeks. I tried it for 1 month more but the result was the same, so I decided to leave it and trade manually.

Author of  Pardus  review : SparrowpipDate 2017-08-07

I used Pardus for a couple of months, I bought it with 130$. For me it works fine and it gives me more time to rest. IT gives strong and accurate prices. My profit increased constantly since I use it. The first month my profit increased with 15%, and now after 4 months my profit is higher with 30% then in normal trading without EA. I recommend it, is user-friendly and there aren't delays in execution.

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