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EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

Last Comments:

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : Fx6BMWDate 2017-04-20

I don't know how it works for the rest as good as it sounds but in my case the platform crashes. I tried to use Wall Street bot for the past 2 months, and I have minimal numbers of trades when I actually made profit. The problem is that when you open the platform it has delays 2-3 seconds, when the EA openes a trade the platform crash and you lose. I tried for all the currencyEURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD with time frame 15 minute as it's mentioned nothing works. I lost over 300$ and time.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : HelenDate 2017-04-18

This advisor – Wall Street Forex Robot is so bad, so please stay away them. In last year, I bought it with 110$, when I was introduced by my friend. However, I have just gotten loss since I used this EA. Last month, I lost money 800$ when I traded in real account with pair USD/CHF. This advisor makes me hard in withdrawing money, and I can get profit in trading demo account. I have contacted their support when I have error in withdrawing. Unfortunately, I got no response from them, and I was really angry. Since then, I moved to another advisor. All in all, I have to say that I regret buying this advisor, and I don’t recommend Wall Street Forex Robot to anyone!!

Author of  EA Gold Shark ver. 5  review : CollinsDate 2017-04-18

I can say that I have been enjoying a very strong trading signals provided by this EA, I have been using EA Gold Shark ver5 for 4 months now bought it for $120, and I have never experienced any serious issue, I use the time Frame M30. So far I have no regret of using this EA.

Author of  FapTurbo  review : PateDate 2017-04-17

FapTurbo is the worst advisor I have ever used, so please stay away them. I bought this advisor in 6 months ago with 110$, but it is not helpful for me. This advisor just makes me waste money and time when I used them. Thus, I just lost money with 350$ on long positions on 3 days ago, because this EA didn’t give me the accurate trend when I traded in pair EUR/USD. In addition, this EA has slow execution, so I couldn’t place buy or sell order at right time. I think it’s enough for me to use them, because FapTurbo makes me disappointed in many times. There have other good advisors to use in trading, but it’s not FapTurbo. Overall, I don’t recommend this advisor – FapTurbo to anyone!!!

Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : ToluDate 2017-04-13

Best EA ever, although I just started using Million dollar pips not quiet long, and I have been able to see its effectiveness in my trading most especially on major currencies. It is always stable and provides good buy and sell entries. I have made $500 during the short time of using this EA.

Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : RogelioDate 2017-04-13

If you are looking for an advisor for using in forex, I advise you should try with Million Dollar Pips. Thus, Million Dollar Pips is a good advisor, because I always get profit from them. Last year, I bought this advisor with 130$, and I think it’s a reasonable price. In addition, this robot makes my profits consistently, and I use the system of indicators and technical analysis tools, which makes my benefits less risk. In fact, my capital has grown up so much – 1000$ since I used this advisor. Moreover, this advisor works as they advertised on their site and they have excellent customer service. In conclusion, Million Dollar Pips is a good advisor, and I advise traders should try to use this advisor.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : geonyfxDate 2017-04-13

This is the best bot I have used, because it works on timeframe of 15 minutes and it trades more then one currency pairs. I am using it for 4 months and I have experienced a growth of 25% in my profit. From 1800$ a month, at 2300$ now. The pairs on which I use the bot are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and USDCHF. The platform works with fast execution of trades and real time quotes, I didn't experienced any delays since I use it. I recommend the bot, it has 80% winning rate.

Author of  Megadroid  review : IulixfxDate 2017-04-10

I use this Ea for the last couple of months and it brought a profit of 600$. If you make the proper adjustments and use it only on EUR/USD is impossible to lose. The bot is not opening trades every night but only when there is a calm market. I like that is very stable and the platform MT4 works fine with Megadroid, no delas and real prices.

Author of  Forex Growth Bot  review : MichelleDate 2017-04-10

I purchased this EA 6 months ago and up to now, I think that was the best investment that I have ever done. In just 2 months, I made excellent earnings, around $1,000, just trading with EURUSD. It provides good entry signals and works perfectly in MT4, even in the release of economic news. I recommend you to purchase, you won't regret it.

Author of  Euro Smarter  review : KayodeDate 2017-04-10

Please Euro smarter need to refund my money, after wasting my money in buying this EA for $200, I have not been able to install it on the platform, always telling me to contact the support department, but the support department have refused to respond to me they kept on being silent on all the mails I send to them. This EA is not to be trusted!

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