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Gerchik & Co

上线年份: 2015
原始所在国: 伯利兹
监管: IFSC
支付选项: VISA卡, 万事达卡, 电汇, OKPay, QIWI, LavaPay, Wallet One, 比特币
最小账户规模: 1000美元
最小手数: 0.1手
杠杆: 1:200
点差: 从0点起


Gerchik & Co是俄罗斯著名的交易者Alexander Gerchik建立的经纪公司。Alexander在2000年开始举办积极交易课程研讨会的职业生涯。

Gerchik & Co创立于2015年,独联体市场是其目标。公司提供货币和其他金融工具的在线交易接入。此外,这家经纪商其客户提供能取得被动收入的TIMA账户投资服务。TIMA账户是一种基于PAMM投资原则的信托投资账户。另外,交易者可以选择58种货币对和14种CFD。交易通过MetaTrader4交易平台展开。

Gerchik & Co提供下列交易条件:最低存款从1000美元起,最小手为0.1,杠杆1:200。另外交易者开设账户后可以得到公司的免费服务,包括交易者的数据日志,LevelForecast指标,和为了保护交易者资金设计的风险管理计划。

此外,这家经纪商的客户可以从Alexander Gerchik制作的分析评论、市场新闻和市场分析视频中受益。另外,交易者们也可以使用Alexander Gerchik博客上的视频课程和其他外汇交易培训资料。

Gerchik & Co 5/10 (votes 1714)
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Loisian | 日期 of  2020-07-16
I should have listened to the advice of my brother. But I have already experienced a huge loss. They are very cunning in playing my trading. Their support doesn’t give me with clearly explanations. In addition, Gerchik Co offered high spreads, slow executions, unstable trading platform, and delayed withdrawal system. And in the end I lost $ 2450.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Dosma | 日期 of  2020-06-18
I have just received my withdrawal request of $1500 which I just started using to trade, I am planning to fund my account by next week. I recommend this broker. I was surprised that they quickly check documents for verification, withdraw funds quickly, the profit is also output without problems, I like their client service, because it is convenient and understandable. Now I'm trading for 1 year and very happy that I joined Gerchik co.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: DieFeile | 日期 of  2020-05-14
I can't be dealing with Gerchik & Co platform due to the server error or freeze. So I have trade by the MT4 Mobile (XOGEE) platform in a Platinum account. While it is simple and funny too. I had made a withdrawal request of $4K via wire transfer, but that withdrawal request has been canceled. So I am worried about $10k investment with Gerchik & Co broker.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Matthew | 日期 of  2020-04-13
Gerchik Co has high spreads, slow executions, unstable trading platform, and delayed withdrawal system.They really need a long time to process my withdrawal request. I wonder what made the process that long. In addition, they also have other commission that is not fair. they do not paid me my affiliate commission over $870. In addition, I got requotes in more than 50% of my trades.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Willson | 日期 of  2020-03-13
They really help me in all my trading, they are very nice and professional. All the payment options of this broker are reliable and pretty affordable. They never failed to provide innovative trading services to clients. I can make my daily trading without facing any problem, spreads are really tight and I can withdraw my earnings by several payment methods, all of them very efficient. I start trading there using their bonus, and make profit around $550 just in 25 days.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Binewaz | 日期 of  2020-01-23
Gerchik & Co is an honest company. So far, this is the best Forex broker that I have tried. Other brokers have problematic trading platforms or high trading cost. But with this broker, their platform can handle high volatility and also has reasonable trading cost. They also have a very attractive website design which for me is important as it serves as the face of the company.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Ruri | 日期 of  2020-01-08
The first trading results are very good. but after the second time, I experienced a slight loss. I lost $ 200 on my second trade. However, I still try to trade a third time. And I incur a greater loss than before, which is $ 600. They blame me for this incident. They even gave suggestions to increase my investment. but, I have decided to look for another broker. Money withdraw also big problem, they charged $25 wire transfer fee for $200 in last withdraw. So I am planning to switch from this broker.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Terry | 日期 of  2019-12-10
As a newbie in the Forex market, Gerchik support really helped me figure out some things like charts, platform, deposit and withdraw process. I opened an account with this broker 6 months ago and I enjoy the low spreads specially on the pairs I trade on a daily basis EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD. My first deposit was made with Wire Transfer amount $760, which I lost almost every thing, and then deposited another $745. Since then I have only profit to withdraw no losses. My week profit is around $900. The platform works with fast execution, I don't have complains so I will recommend this broker.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: Homer | 日期 of  2019-11-11
Gerchik & Co is really one of the most reputable Forex brokers in our country. They have already established their image and they live up to the expectations of their clients. However, I can't open an account with them because they have high required initial deposit. An average-earning person like me wouldn't be able to afford trading with them. I just hope they can also cater to smaller traders.
作者 of Gerchik & Co: OgriJiran | 日期 of  2019-10-03
I am disappointed with Gerchik&Co;, where I had Invest $500 and traded last three months. But I have only experienced trouble in MT4 platform and slippage. Always my order executed within 5 minutes and I can't close a position without any delay. So I had almost 30 trades and I had lost $150. Besides I wasn't able to automated trading and unable to use in a mobile application. That's why I am unhappy with Gerchik&Co; and want to withdrawal all of my investment. But they rejected it and tried to convince me to stay with them.
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