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Trực tuyến từ: 2015
Quốc gia khởi nguồn:

Gerchik & Co 5/10 (votes 1719)
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Pokrita | Ngày of  2022-08-21
Gerchik & Co is more trustworthy than other brokers I have traded forex with. Their spreads are perfect, never requote, quick execution and fast deposit but withdrawal has not been tried, the live chat very friendly and so many bonuses and excellent service,. I highly recommend this broker to all.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Marthin | Ngày of  2022-01-06
My trading experience with them is their service is so bad starting with register the account which is slow in verifying my account, deposit transaction took 3 days to be credited into my trading account and the most important thing their platform is not good in making profit. I began with a deposit of $1200, I claimed bonus for my first deposit and it was deposited in a few hours, but then, it was cancelled without any reason. When I asked about it, managers told me that I did some suspicious trades but, I had not even started to trade.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Thami | Ngày of  2021-07-11
Really I've enjoyed dealing with Gerchik & Co on the XOGEE platform. Which make my trading life easy and profitable. I have invested $500 in a Mini account and my deals are perfect position with their fixed spread. Also In the platform has many analytical tools, indicators and auto-trading system such as (Risk-manager, TIMA-account), while all are guided to me many profitable deals. . Now my account has $4k and trading well, So I am pleased with Gerchik & Co.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Loisian | Ngày of  2020-07-16
I should have listened to the advice of my brother. But I have already experienced a huge loss. They are very cunning in playing my trading. Their support doesn’t give me with clearly explanations. In addition, Gerchik Co offered high spreads, slow executions, unstable trading platform, and delayed withdrawal system. And in the end I lost $ 2450.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Dosma | Ngày of  2020-06-18
I have just received my withdrawal request of $1500 which I just started using to trade, I am planning to fund my account by next week. I recommend this broker. I was surprised that they quickly check documents for verification, withdraw funds quickly, the profit is also output without problems, I like their client service, because it is convenient and understandable. Now I'm trading for 1 year and very happy that I joined Gerchik co.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: DieFeile | Ngày of  2020-05-14
I can't be dealing with Gerchik & Co platform due to the server error or freeze. So I have trade by the MT4 Mobile (XOGEE) platform in a Platinum account. While it is simple and funny too. I had made a withdrawal request of $4K via wire transfer, but that withdrawal request has been canceled. So I am worried about $10k investment with Gerchik & Co broker.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Matthew | Ngày of  2020-04-13
Gerchik Co has high spreads, slow executions, unstable trading platform, and delayed withdrawal system.They really need a long time to process my withdrawal request. I wonder what made the process that long. In addition, they also have other commission that is not fair. they do not paid me my affiliate commission over $870. In addition, I got requotes in more than 50% of my trades.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Willson | Ngày of  2020-03-13
They really help me in all my trading, they are very nice and professional. All the payment options of this broker are reliable and pretty affordable. They never failed to provide innovative trading services to clients. I can make my daily trading without facing any problem, spreads are really tight and I can withdraw my earnings by several payment methods, all of them very efficient. I start trading there using their bonus, and make profit around $550 just in 25 days.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Binewaz | Ngày of  2020-01-23
Gerchik & Co is an honest company. So far, this is the best Forex broker that I have tried. Other brokers have problematic trading platforms or high trading cost. But with this broker, their platform can handle high volatility and also has reasonable trading cost. They also have a very attractive website design which for me is important as it serves as the face of the company.
Tác giả of Gerchik & Co: Ruri | Ngày of  2020-01-08
The first trading results are very good. but after the second time, I experienced a slight loss. I lost $ 200 on my second trade. However, I still try to trade a third time. And I incur a greater loss than before, which is $ 600. They blame me for this incident. They even gave suggestions to increase my investment. but, I have decided to look for another broker. Money withdraw also big problem, they charged $25 wire transfer fee for $200 in last withdraw. So I am planning to switch from this broker.
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