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Alpha Forex

Atas talian sejak: -
Negara asal: Russia
Peraturan: -
Pilihan pembayaran: Alfa-Click, plastic cards, Alfa Bank branches, Bank transfer, WebMoney
Saiz akaun minimum: -
Saiz lot minimum: -
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: 2.2 pips pada pasanganmata wang utama

Mengenai syarikat:

Broker Alfa-Forex adalah sebahagian daripada kumpulan pelaburan swasta yang terbesar di Rusia Alfa Group Consortium. Syarikat tersebut telah menyediakan perkhidmatan perbankan Forex dalam negara-negara CIS selama 10 tahun lalu.

Alfa-Forex bermaksud pelaksanaan perintah yang paling sesuai, terma-terma dagangan terbaik dan pendekatan interbanking untuk tawaran semua pelanggan. Penjagaan reputasi perniagaan, jumlah dagangan yang besar, dan integrasi dengan produk Alfa Kumpulan lain menjamin kualiti dan kerjasama yang berkesan dengan syarikat.

Lebih daripada 20,000 pelanggan dengan perolehan bulanan jumlah sekitar $ 50 bilion telah pun dicapai dengan Alfa-Forex. The Best Forex Bank Eropah Timur 2013 anugerah mengesahkan pencapaian tertinggi syarikat yang kini terkenal di kedua-dua negara-negara CIS dan Eropah.

Alpha Forex 8/10 (votes 4262)
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Chokir | Tarikh 2022-07-25
I have a very good experience with Alpha Forex. Their MT4 trading platform is advanced and easy to use, it helps me to come up with my own trading strategies. The support has been great and answered all the questions I had. You can even use expert advisors.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Nuica | Tarikh 2022-01-28
I join their real trading account for a week and every trading the platform got frozen, especially when I was about to close my profitable trades. I call the technical support and they couldn't help me at all with a problem. Then they transfer me to every department because they can’t solve the issues. It's not my first time to encounter such issue. They are unable to tell me the reason. I thought was a joke when many people has a bad statement, now I am experience it own. pending order move 100 pips away from previous or original level or point. I lost during 3 months of trading $855. I leave them and about to find another reliable broker.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: LeninAvila | Tarikh 2021-11-02
I am satisfied with trading with Alfa-Forex. As I can trade smoothly on the MT4 trading terminal and this is built-in with many necessary trading tools. So I can trade my expected position and be able to analyse the right trend of the market. I've earned $1.5K so far. I've made much withdrawal of my profit through Skrill. So I am pleased and planning to invest more with Alfa-Forex.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Dayang | Tarikh 2021-09-17
They froze my account for no apparent reason. Then I keep emailing many times in a few days. But unfortunately yesterday I found my account has been frozen without notification emails and without any reply to email my previous email. Very nasty, I lost my money nearly $700. I am waiting so long for answers and I never had answers for my complaints about why they cancel orders, why stop losses were not executed why platform is so unstable and why the platform freezes often. It is a mess.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Tamra | Tarikh 2021-08-23
I wanted to open an account at Alfa-Forex but their customer support was unresponsive. I tried waiting for their response but they really did not get back to me. With that, I decided not to deal with this broker anymore because they have poor communication system.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Cristian | Tarikh 2021-06-20
I’m grateful to trade on the Alpha Forex platform. As I can open or close a position instantly, also I've found a low spread and a stable platform so far. I am tension free after seen their payment service. As I can withdraw money within an hour from Alfa Bank via Alfa-Click. So I am able to do my business profitably with Alpha Forex.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Hiruky | Tarikh 2021-04-09
My main issue with Alpha Forex is that they are not regulated. The broker contacted me and tried to convince me to open an account with them but because they lack regulation, it is too risky for me to trust them. Besides, it seems that the minimum initial deposit is too high.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Dassy | Tarikh 2020-08-26
Overall I’m not recommend this broker to any trader that want to join them. I trade with CAD/USD and at the beginning I got $350 in my first weeks of trading but the problem arises when I wanted to withdraw it. They froze all my mone,explain to me that I was breaking the contract.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Goddard | Tarikh 2020-06-04
I've never found such a kind and professional support team. They offer smart services and the customer support seems to be doing their job quite well, because answers come very fast. There is no restriction to scalp, that is why my trading is very profitable. They have good services and introduce accurate analysis and forecasts.
Pengarang of Alpha Forex: Lova | Tarikh 2020-05-27
Unfortunately, they give nothing for me, and i just lost $670. I really lost my money by this thief. Indeed, this is the worst case in my trading career at Alpha Forex among other brokers. Their support seems like don’t have trading experience because they don’t know how to solve this problem because they just said that uninstall and install again the platform. I did what they said, but the results remained the same, nothing changed.
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