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Atas talian sejak: 2011
Negara asal: Cyprus
Peraturan: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
Pilihan pembayaran: Kad kredit, Skrill, Paypal, WebMoney, wire transfer, QIWI, Fast Wire Transfer
Saiz akaun minimum: $100
Saiz lot minimum: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: tetap

Mengenai syarikat:

ForexYard adalah sebuah syarikat broker antarabangsa yang terletak di Cyprus.

Broker ini menawarkan peluang kepada para pelangganya untuk berdagang dengan pelbagai instrumen kewangan termasuk pasangan mata wang, logam spot, dan CFD untuk indeks saham.

ForexYard memberikan jaminan dalam pelaksanaan pesanan segera tanpa slip. Jika tahap margin akaun dagangan jatuh ke tahap minimum, sistem stop loss aktif secara automatik bagi membolehkan perlindungan baki negatif. Oleh itu, anda tidak akan mengalami kerugian melebihi simpanan anda.

Di laman web syarikat itu, anda boleh mencari pelbagai bahan pendidikan dan kursus latihan dalam perdagangan forex.

ForexYard 5/10 (votes 3808)
Pengarang of ForexYard: Balukabela | Tarikh 2022-09-19
I have been trading with ForexYard for four months, they are excellent brokers. Perfect executions and no slippage. I never had problems with deposits its almost instant and withdrawals takes 3 hours to be processed. I like them, because of their professional attitude for clients and reliability. Very pleased with their work.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Billar | Tarikh 2021-12-08
All my strategies didn't work since I opened an account with them. Trading platform was not good and unstable. Sometimes, it was crashed and freeze. So I left them and look for another better. They offered such bad system which was delayed all the trading time and made my trades lost. Moreover, their Customer Support was rude to reply my request and they ignored sometimes. So let think clearly before choose them to invest. I want to warn other to be aware with this people and don't feel confident when you withdraw the first time because you don't know the second time.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Ravind | Tarikh 2021-06-02
ForexYard is regulated which is why I chose them. However, their services are still not perfect. The platform still lags frequently and it has a lot of bugs. I have reported the issue to the company multiple times already but they still haven't done anything about it.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Naquan | Tarikh 2020-11-18
Almost everyone doesn't like this broker. Because they do not work well, and very messy. I just felt the oddity with this broker when they began to rarely respond to emails and calls from me. I feel my time and money that I have spend to join with them is all vain and useless. And now I'm just waiting for my request to withdraw and close my account but still not being met by this broker. There was no significant profit that I can get from using their analytical and trading platforms.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Albian | Tarikh 2020-07-07
Until now I am a problem I have not gotten a solution from them. Don't know where the fault is, but I've lost $700. Every time I wanted to place an order if it was to my advantage it would freeze up or give me the trade when it was too late. Overall Forex Yard is not reliable broker and I’m not recommend this broker to others.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Parker | Tarikh 2020-05-05
FOREXYARD has a bogus platform, As I have experienced so much re-quotes or slippage on their MT4 platform and their price quotes are different from the Tradingview website. Their fake candle destroyed my trading life. Till now I have lost almost $250, while their payment while FOREXYARD broker hasn't any regulation, so I am awful to trade with my investment at FOREXYARD broker. So I tried to leave them immediately.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Rocky | Tarikh 2019-12-27
I trade 4 months with Forex Yard and I have to say they are not right broker for me. On the 6th August 2016 after the US election news I started to trade USD/JPY manually, using scalping strategy on volatile market. Based on this news I have I have made more than 50 transactions, with total profit close to $950. That is insignificant, as next morning, I have found unknown record correction and all my profit has gone to -$850 After numerous emails and queries submitted online directly to them I have had no response.
Pengarang of ForexYard: Klara | Tarikh 2019-09-24
My standard account was banned without I was about to withdraw my earnings from the Monthly challenge contest organized by Forex Yard. I have $100 left in my account and this broker told me that the money was already lost due to my aggressive withdrawals. The total amount that I requested to take out was only $50 and I split the said amount into 3 requests. My first request went successful. They processed my $30 right away and the remaining withdrawal request caused me troubles. Now, I couldn't log in. My access has been denied. Already sent an email and I hope they would reply me and lift the banned.
Pengarang of ForexYard: JamalZainurin | Tarikh 2019-08-19
I have experienced too much re-quotes on FOREXYARD's platform, so I called them a bogus broker. Always their price quotes are different from others and charts isn't clear too. The huge re-quotes destroy my investment of $250, also my payment request $50 profit delay one week with them. Which the FOREXYARD broker is not regulated in the Market Maker. So I think they are dangerous for traders, now I tried to leave them.
Pengarang of ForexYard: EddieHowell | Tarikh 2019-03-20
FOREXYARD's platform has a lot of mistakes, so I called them bogus broker. their price quotes are different from others and charts isn't clear. The huge re-quotes destroy my investment of $200. while My payment always delays and I was unable to withdrawal $50 profit. I know that FOREXYARD broker is not regulated broker in the Market Maker. So I have tried to leave them.
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