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Trực tuyến từ: 2009
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: New Zealand
Quản chế: Cơ quan Dịch vụ Tài chính Quốc tế (IFSA)
Quyền chọn thanh toán: thẻ thanh toán, điện chuyển khoản, Skrill, Webmoney, c-gold, EuroGoldCash, Perfect Money, FasaPay
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $10
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0,01 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: 1:1000
Chênh lệch: cố định từ 1,8 pip

Giới thiệu về công ty:

FXOptimax là một công ty môi giới quốc tế đã được thành lập ở New Zealand vào năm 2009.

Các khách hàng của nhà môi giới này được cung cấp phần mềm giao dịch MetaTrader 4 và có 25 cặp tiền tệ để lựa chọn. Với FXOptimax, bạn có thể giao dịch bằng cách sử dụng các robot tự động và các cố vấn chuyên gia hoặc phát triển các chiến lược giao dịch của riêng bạn. Bên cạnh đó, bạn có thể có tài khoản của bạn được quản lý bởi các nhà giao dịch giàu kinh nghiệm hơn bằng cách đầu tư vào các dự án PAMM thông qua một trong hai phần mềm giao dịch, Myfxbook AutoTrade hoặc SignalTrader AutoTrade. Nhà môi giới cho phép việc sử dụng các chiến lược scalping và bảo hiểm rủi ro.

Xem trang web của công ty để có được một tiền thưởng ky quỹ và tham gia vào các chiến dịch khuyến mại khác nhau.

FXOptimax 6/10 (votes 2934)
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Nohan | Ngày of  2022-09-20
FXOptimax is one of the best brokers. Their leverage is superior and all their deposit and withdrawal are all convenient for everyone. This broker gives almost no slippage when trading with MT4 Platform , I am very pleased that I have choose to go with FXOptimax!
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Koe | Ngày of  2021-12-07
The amount in question is $500 of my deposit money plus $100 in profits. I have submitted complaints with the regulators and awaiting to hear back. I have also opened a complaint case here on the website. I traded on demo and won 85% of trades. When I go live with them, I saw they use their under- ground programmer and reverse all my wining trades to loose making me loose all my money invested. I loose $500 plus with this thief called them self's fx broker. In addition, they have a lot of requote. I just wanna say this broker is broker fraudsters.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Tim_anderson | Ngày of  2021-08-16
I have satisfied with the FXOptimax broker's professional service. As I've found a super-fast order execution on the MT4 platform, their spread is fixed and I didn't get any slippage yet, which is the most essential for a scalper. So I can open or close in the actual positions and it brings profit for me $1.5K in a Pro account so far. Also, I have found many useful trading analyses and signal on their platform. I haven't had any issues, so I think FXOptimax is safe for me.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Stefan | Ngày of  2021-06-03
FX Optimax is a decent Forex broker. They have a stable platform although it still gets issues sometimes. But overall, I still have a pleasant experience. Though, I must say, it would be better if they would offer a wider array of trading instruments.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Hezekiel | Ngày of  2020-11-17
Fx optimax is a cheat broker, do not believe all the good reviews you read about this broker. Poor execution of trades, frequent re-quotes and large spreads. These are the reasons why I wanted to close my account today. Think again if you want to join this Broker, because they are brokers who will not return all that you've given to them. These was what happened to me before they took my money over $1870 in the account.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Biwa | Ngày of  2020-07-08
Very friend service, good low spreads and easy to deal with I recommend to friends and traders.funds are secure here and the trading platform is excellent. I have to say that I am very satisfied trading with this broker for over 8 months. Awesome staff, no problems with opening or closing, no requotes, and no slippage.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: MikeFx | Ngày of  2020-05-06
I have enjoyed the dealing with FXOptimax broker. As they have professional service and solid MT4 platform with super-fast order execution, fixed spread. which need a day trader in the risky market. I can open or close in the actual positions and it brings profit for me $300 in a Pro account so far. Also, I have found many useful trading analysis and signal on their platform. I haven't any issues, so I think FXOptimax is safe for me.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Kamil | Ngày of  2020-04-03
I really trust in their system and technical services. Fx Optimax gives very good job. ere I can see an easy graphical chart and quotes view on the MT4 platform, where trade execution is perfect. Beside it is organized with analytical tools, indicators and many features. Also, I can do binary options trading after seting call or put on the platform. So I do everything in one place.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Flexi | Ngày of  2019-12-30
I started to trade with Fx Optimax the last year with a first deposit of $1250. The transfer was made with ePayments and credited instantly to my account. I like that the broker has all the fees and commissions available and they don't use hidden fees. I use medium term and scalping strategies, with currency pairs EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY . I have now a profit on average $700 a month. The broker is reliable and honest.
Tác giả of FXOptimax: Giselia | Ngày of  2019-09-25
FX Optimax is one of the best brokers in the market. I opened 6 months ago a Micro Account in USD currency with the broker and applied also for 30% Welcome Bonus. My first deposit was $300 so I received another $100. The platform is stable during volatility times, and has instant execution. I trade using two currency pairs EUR/JPY and EUR/GBP On average I have a $400 profit a month. Their support team is friendly and quick to answer to my questions. I recommend the broker because is reliable and honest without commissions.
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