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IfamDirect exits market embezzling clients funds


Trực tuyến từ: 2006
Quốc gia khởi nguồn: Vương quốc Anh
Quản chế: -
Quyền chọn thanh toán: điện chuyển khoản, tiền mặt
Kích thước tài khoản tối thiểu: $100
Kích thước lot tối thiểu: 0,1 lot
Tỉ lệ đòn bẩy: 1:500
Chênh lệch: từ 0,2 pip

Giới thiệu về công ty:

IfamDirect là một công ty môi giới đã hoạt động trong thị trường ngoại hối kể từ năm 2006.

Nhà môi giới cung cấp một loạt các công cụ giao dịch, năm loại tài khoản, chênh lệch thấp cố định và thị trường cũng như phí hoa hồng tối thiểu trên ECN và các công cụ thị trường chứng khoán. Khách hàng của IfamDirect hưởng lợi từ sự cộng dồn lãi đối với các quỹ ký quỹ không liên quan trong hoạt động giao dịch và đầu tư.

Ifam Direct cung cấp một phần mềm giao dịch lai, IfamTrader 4, kết hợp các tính năng cơ bản của MetaTrader 4 và các phát triển độc đáo riêng của công ty.

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Tác giả of IfamDirect: Jose Esteban | Ngày of  2022-09-21
IfamDirect has a poor server, As my position always delays 10 to 20-sec, which effect is 5 to 30 pips slippage from my desired position. IfamDirect freeze my withdrawal. When I complained to their support but didn't get any solutions. Overall IfamDirect broker is disgusting for business.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Nizar | Ngày of  2021-12-07
I still had more than a thousand dollars in my account when the broker suddenly disappeared. Without even saying anything, the company just left us with nothing. We did not have any idea about what will happen next. Eventually, we just accepted that we wouldn't be getting back anything anymore.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Jadd | Ngày of  2021-12-06
So far, I'm enjoying my trading with IfamDirect. I have nothing to complaint them because my trading always going smoothly. I have a good trading experience with them, I'm using their mt4 platformwhere my trading is profitable and it's easy to withdraw. I still trading with famDirect and I will recommend IfamDirext to all my colleagues.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Sarena | Ngày of  2021-11-24
My account manager promised me that he will help me boost my account at IfamDirect. On the first five months, he stayed true to the promise. I had a very high profit rate and it is what made me add more funds. The same thing happened on the next few months but when I said that I won't be adding funds again yet, suddenly, all the following trades lost and only $50 was left on my account. Later on, my account was shut down.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Sheera | Ngày of  2021-10-26
I invested $1000 to my account at IfamDirect. This money came from my savings that is why it really hurt when I realized that the company was a fraud and that I can never get my money back anymore.I should have just let it stay on my savings.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Raiden | Ngày of  2021-10-22
For more than a year, I traded with IfamDirect and I did not even notice anything wrong. I was comfortably trading with the broker, casually replenishing my account every now and then without knowing that the broker has been happily receiving my funds which they never intended to give back.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Cecil | Ngày of  2021-10-14
When I opened an account at IfamDirect, I used my bank card to fund it. I never thought that the broker would be able to take my money from my bank without my permission. This fraud company is beyond understanding.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Banele | Ngày of  2021-12-03
I also did not expect this. I guess the gravest mistake I did was linking my bank card to this broker. I now appreciate e-wallets because it prevents schemes like this. IfamDirect charged my credit card with ridiculous amount which I had no choice but to pay to my bank.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Nery | Ngày of  2021-10-06
It would have been better if I lost all my money because of my lack of experience and wrong trading decisions. But losing all my money to a fraud is just unacceptable. I did not even have a good fight. It was unfair right from the beginning.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Jaroslav | Ngày of  2021-09-27
IfamDirect was a broker that had a lot of potentials. Their trading conditions are favorable and their platform was remarkably excellent. I don't understand why they chose to deceive their clients instead of providing honest services when they could have been an amazing broker.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Walexa | Ngày of  2021-11-18
Right? The broker was already providing great trading services. It is so weird that they still chose to deceive their clients that just to continue providing services. If they are able to develop decent platforms and tools, they should have just focused on it.
Tác giả of IfamDirect: Sharief | Ngày of  2021-09-21
I was wrong to think that since the broker was asking for a high deposit, then the quality of their services would be paramount. It did not occur to me that I will only be defrauded by this company. I guess this shall serve as a lesson for me to think carefully of my decisions.
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