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On-line since: 2006
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: FMRRC, FCA
Payment options: wire transfer, Visa, MasterCard
Minimum account size: $250
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: up to 1:100
Spreads: from 1 pip

About the company:

AB Forex Company was established in 2006 as a branch of a Russian company. In 2008, it became an introducing broker of GFT Global Markets UK, which is a subsidiary of one of the largest global brokers, Global Futures & Forex. The company is licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of theNational Futures Association (NFA). AB Forex Company is registered in Russia and has representative offices in the United Kingdom.

The broker offers energy, agricultural, metal, and currency futures as well as CFDs. AB Forex Company designed the DealBook 360 trading platform for its clients.

You can contact the AB Forex Company team 24 hours a day 5 days a week via telephone, chat, and e-mail. In addition, you can ask an online consultant any question. The broker’s website offers educational content for beginners, including financial definitions, articles and books on Forex, and any other information that can be useful to novice traders.

ABForex 4/10 (votes 1756)
Author of ABForex: pippuna | Date 2019-01-10
AB Forex is a broker that very late. For me issue a deposit of light but gain high profit is very profitable when trading. However smoothness when making the trading process is also important. Although I only need to trading in 1 pip spreads, but the process is very difficult, a lot of spam and frequent system errors. Withdrawal profit equally slow, I had to wait 5-10 days to obtain profit in my account. Very disappointing, I recommend traders to choose another broker.
Author of ABForex: Elias Ghanem | Date 2018-02-26
I am satisfied to trade with TenkoFX broker in a STP (MT4) account. while I was deposited only $10 to test them. But I have earned $50 within a month. It is possible for the appropriate execution on the platform and the price are accurate with the real market quote. So I am able to do the best performance by the scalping strategy. Besides I have followed their expert's trader analysis too. Also I have set a scalping EA in the MetaTrader4 platform. It brings profit gradually in my tradings. Till now I am very happy that I will continue trade with them forever.
Author of ABForex: AndrewWozniak ‏ | Date 2018-02-26
I am disappointed with ABForex , where I had Invest $100 and traded last three months. But I have only experienced trouble in MT4 platform and slippage. Always my order executed within 2 minutes and I can't close a position without any delay. So I had almost 30 trades and I had lost $45. Besides I wasn't able to automated trading and unable to use in a mobile application. That's why I am unhappy with ABForex and want to withdrawal all of my investment. but they rejected it and tried to convince me to stay with them. But I say good bey ABForex.
Author of ABForex: FxMurawski | Date 2018-01-09
ABForex is a dishonest broker where I have traded three months. But at the beginning, I thought they are a stable broker. Always I had got trouble with their MT4 platform. Because my order executed within 2 minutes and I can't close positions when I want. So till now, almost 30 trades get trouble with them by getting $230 lost. Also, I wasn't able to automated trading. Even I have used their mobile application, but it didn't work in time. In my trading, I found so many negative slippages on too. Really I am hopeless with ABForex Broker. On 8th January 2018, I was made a withdrawal to my Skrill account with ABForex broker. but they canceled it and call me to convince stay with them. Hence, I made another withdrawal and it didn't process till now. So I afraid with ABForex broker.
Author of ABForex: Brett | Date 2017-10-31
ABF broker are totally no reliable broker because demo account and real account is not same at all. What I want to say is when I trade at demo account, every entry that I have made always win but when I change into real account all I got is loss. I have been trading with demo account for 3 month to gain the confident in trading but then after I join with real account everything going vice versa. It is always hit stop loss first then it will go the take profit. I have try to demo account but the account hit take profit. I made a report showing with evidence but they never reply. My capital 250 USD just burn like that because of their system that manipulated the platform. Currency that I trade is EUR/USD only and it is really unacceptable when I always loss on real account but not in demo account. ABF broker is totally scam broker.
Author of ABForex: Dariusfx | Date 2017-09-13
I opened an account with ABForex after I saw an advertising. I deposited 300$ with my Visa credit card, the funds were credited the next working day to my account. I trade with this broker currency pairs, Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. The platform DealBook 360 worked fine till the last couple of months when the broker started to manipulate the prices, and the spread was changing during news feed a lot. For EUR/USD in normal market trading conditions was 1 pip, during each morning at news release the spread is going up to 1.8 pips ( almost double). I called their support team and they don't answer to my questions, the answer is that they will work on the issue, but never do something about it. I lost all my funds, and profit during this 2 months, in amount of 1400$ and I will close my account, the broker is not honest.
Author of ABForex: Campelli | Date 2017-08-11
I have been using abforex almost 8 months and I think no more to stay and I should left it soon. I have mini account with AB with initial deposit $250 but only generating loss since the moment I am using it. As such, last week I also have losses almost $100 in EUR/USD pair and GBP/USD. I was so surprised why they closed and blocked the system. Not only that, abforex simply canceled 3 out 5 profitable trades with no reason. I noticed they purposely practiced this nonsenses thing. Moreover, live chat is not functional when the moment I called them it was also very hard to reach. That’s why you have to stay away, it is harmful and disaster.
Author of ABForex: Maroona | Date 2017-07-21
I have a good opinion of this broker. It helped me a lot to increase my initial invesments. I had several debts and trading with this broker allowed me to pay off most of them. I started as a newbie because I didn't know too much about Forex, but it was easy to learn with this broker. Its managers helped me a lot to understand every term and even they used to send me links with educational videos to learn. I received a call every week. I am client since 2014 and I will continue working with them because I find here all what I want.
Author of ABForex: aree_chun ‏ | Date 2017-07-03
ABForex is fraud broker. I am trading with an EA that trades new releases and my account growing very well but I have been facing server disconnection problem since last months. They said fixed server problem, but I am still getting requotes, need at least 30 second for execution. Is that joke? Due to manuplication at their end I have decided to close my account. I have made withdrawal request of $300 on 12 June 2017 to my card account. But till today I have not received my money. I repent why I joined ABForex. Such a bad broker.
Author of ABForex: vladimir | Date 2017-06-13
Finally, I received my withdrawal request amounting to $31 today. I thought that I would never get my money today because their response to my follow-up was vague and I requested the money two weeks ago. Nevertheless, I am still happy that this company allowed me to get my profits, though the delay pisses me off. Moving forward, I am planning to fund my trading account again worth 300 next week because I want to try the spread betting.
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