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Author of  xTrade  review : Pedro BorgesDate 2023-06-27

Few people know but this broker, in addition to the standard set of tools and services, has auxiliary tools. So, if you are interested in this company, pay attention to what the broker provides besides.

Author of  IFC  review : KobenDate 2023-06-26

In my opinion, IFC Markets is one of the most stable brokers in the market.

Author of  Uniglobe Markets  review : AhmedDate 2023-05-25

going worst every day. Service level is down as well as prediction are not matching which causes loss almost every day. No response from customer service and the contact no change every month.

Author of  IFC  review : TomDate 2023-01-12

Good Broker - fast withdrawals, regular technical analysis, customer focus, low spreads

Author of  InstaForex  review : RohanDate 2023-01-05

I am preferred to trade on the InstaTrader platform with the InstaForex broker, I got a fixed spread, So I can be applied a scalping strategy and I am benefited from an EA so far. I can trade automatically on the platforms with advanced tools and analysis too. gradually I earned $280 and withdrew this profit, which give me comfortable trading satisfaction. I say, InstaForex is the perfect broker for me.

Author of  IC Markets  review : CJ ReddDate 2023-01-03

I have failed to trade with IC Markets by an EA on their MT4 platform due to the fake price quote. I have seen the live price but the order execution goes slippage positions. Which is humper my scalping strategy. I have $450 and most of this money is going loses. So I don't want to trade or invest with IC Markets.

Author of  Oanda  review : FokkusuDate 2023-01-02

I've tried Oanda's broker and always found poor execution on their fxTrade platform. So my orders go 10-30 slippage positions. Special it happens in a big news event. So I can’t deal well with my Investment from Oanda broker.

Author of  MRTMarkets  review : Fx BarnettDate 2022-12-29

MRTMarkets has given me a weird experience in the market so far, as I get delayed executions on the MT4 platform, so my position always slippage 10 to 20 pips. Also, their price charts are not the same on the real-time market, and my scalping EA is unable to run too. I am not comfortable with MRTMarkets

Author of  Bulltraders  review : SamuelDate 2022-12-28

Bulltraders is the worst trading platform Scalper. As no one trader can’t deal with the right position all time they got a huge slippage. I have tried them but I can't trade them, As their price chart is fake and always exertion is delayed. Also, my money transaction processing is painful through the bank transfer. So I say, Bulltraders broker has the worst service in the market.

Author of  xTrade  review : Gustave BrunetDate 2022-12-28

I bet everyone knows about Xtrade. I find it a nice broker to work with. Company has many advantages that you can use to improve your perfomance. But one thing I would change is the official website design. It has the confused navigation imho. However that is only my subjective opinion. At the end of the day it is a reliable broker and it is the most important thing for traders.

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