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EA Gold Shark ver. 5
Wall Street Forex Robot
Million Dollar Pips
Forex Growth Bot
Scalper Day
Euro Smarter

Last Comments:

Author of  EA Gold Shark ver. 5  review : BoncosDate 2019-12-06

EA Gold Shark is a real scalper! If what you're looking for is a trading EA that would take advantage of every price movement, then I would highly recommend this EA. I have been using this since the start of the year and I am still in awe with its results until now. I still can't believe that it is possible to earn as much as this EA does because I honestly don't think I would be able to earn this much if I am only trading on my own. Currently, my profit rate is at 14%.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : HancogDate 2019-12-06

I have been using Wall Street Forex Robot for three months already. So far, I can say that it does an amazing job in boosting my account. It has already covered the cost I paid for it on the first few weeks, and now profits just keep on coming in my trading account. However there is one problem that I don't know how to resolve. Upon purchasing the bot, emails on promotion of other brokers and bots kept coming to my mail. I am a little worried that some of the spam mails could be a phishing email.

Author of  FapTurbo  review : MarzaDate 2019-12-05

I don't want to be harsh but I got to be honest. FapTurbo is a useless bot. The $150 I paid for it was all for naught because I wasn't able to use it with good results. On the first week, I've noticed that it only made one trade. I gave it another week to see if it will change somehow, but to my dismay, it still did not do anything. I modified the settings hoping that it would do something but it remained the same. For a month, it was like I didn't buy an EA at all. I reported it to the company but they ignored me. Now I just disabled the EA.

Author of  Pardus  review : HickkDate 2019-12-05

When I first used Pardus expert advisor, I only used it on the EUR/USD pair. It brought a positive result for a month and so I decided to use it on other pairs as well. Now, I am very happy to share that this EA has been doing wonders in my trading account. It made better trading results than I did. I am now sure that I made the right decision in buying this EA.

Author of  Megadroid  review : MaevaDate 2019-12-04

I bought Megadroid adviser in the middle of this year because I have been seeing their advertisements everywhere and their claims seemed to be really interesting. I paid $120 and I used it right after receiving it. For three weeks, it wasn't doing anything. I already modified it a number of times but it still did not make a single trading activity. Then one afternoon, when I checked my trading account, I was surprised to see that it has opened a trade and closed it on huge loss. It lost 49 pips. I disabled it right away and tried to report it to the company but they only ignored me.

Author of  Euro Smarter  review : GoldaDate 2019-12-04

I thought I already had to leave Forex trading and just give up because I was losing continuously and already lost more than half of my capital. But then, I decided to give trading assistants a try before I totally give up. And so, I got Euro Smarter and it changed my trading path amazingly. After two weeks of using it, I have seen that it has already been recovering my losses. It has been giving great results since I started using it and I am just so happy about it.

Author of  Forex Growth Bot  review : ZanderDate 2019-12-03

Right from the first week, Forex Growth Bot already made an impact. It was able to show off its trading capabilities and earned a good amount of profit. I am thankful for that and I am content with its trading results. However, this must never be used on a high volatile market because it won't be able to give decent results. It would only end up losing a huge amount and all its profits would be for naught.

Author of  Scalper Day  review : FerbsDate 2019-12-03

I will be more than happy to recommend Expert adviser Scalper Day to my fellow traders because I know that his EA really works well. I have used this in my demo account at first then used it as well when I switched to a live account. It brings in positive results all the time and my account has grown so much from the time I started using this EA. I already suggested this EA to a friend and so far, she's been giving a positive feedback about it as well.

Author of  Wall Street Forex Robot  review : EfrenDate 2019-12-02

Wall Street Forex Robot is a reliable trading bot. On the first half of this year, my account has suffered a huge amount of losses. I almost gave up because I didn't think there would be a bright future for me in the Forex market. However, before giving up, I decided to try an trading bot first. I got this bot and it totally changed the flow of my trading activities. The results was not grand at first. It started with little profits but as months went by, I saw that its profit rate increased as well.

Author of  Million Dollar Pips  review : VattaDate 2019-12-02

Million Dollar Pips minimized my losses. For me, this is definitely a smart trader as it does not aggressively open trades. It is very strategic in its trading activities and I can see it on my portfolio. I am so happy that my friend recommended this EA to me even when I wasn't struggling too much. Now I have better trading results.

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