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AprioriFX review

On-line since: 2011
Country of origin: UK
Regulation: FSA
Payment options: payment cards, wire transfer
Minimum account size: -
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lots
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: from 0 pips

About the company:

Apriori-FX established in 2011 renders services to individual and institutional investors. It positions itself as one of the largest companies in the forex industry. The monthly trading volume of the broker makes up over $110 billion.

One of the company’s key advantages is customized approach. Every Apriori-FX client has their own manager ready to assist and answer any questions about trading, money depositing and withdrawal anytime.

Customer funds are kept in trustworthy financial institutions such as Barclays, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley.

The broker’s payment options include payment cards and wire transfer.

AprioriFX 4/10 (votes 1767)
Author of AprioriFX: pipbrokakay | Date 2018-08-21
Apriori-FX is highly recommended broker that has very good trading conditions, low lot and minimum account size, and spread start from 0 pips but it's lower than with other brokers. I have been using this broker the past 2 years and for me this broker is one of the best broker with high quality platform with the trading rules are clear, fast withdrawals process and the technical service is pretty good. MT4 as the platform is awesome and I could accumulate a good amount of money. If I make deposit almost $200 I'll get profit about $100 until $150. Its so big profit, I am pleased and satisfied with this broker. I tell to all of my family that utill now, I haven’t faced any problems as they work well, and many of them try to trade at this broker and face the success like me right now.
Author of AprioriFX: pipariiibye | Date 2018-04-16
I have been using Apriori-FX for more then a year, I have a good opinion of trading in this broker. I can say that they are really a professional broker in the market. Apriori-FX trading platform is so fast and a lot of features, tools or indicators on this platform makes me never experienced any delay. I have a live account with a first deposit of $100 because they do not set the minimum account size, in trading process I didn't had problems, its works and execution is rapid and no re-quotes. I choose payment method via wire transfer because it took less than 8 office hours to approve the payment. Although I made a deposit even as low as $100, the have credited about 20% to 30% to my trading account. So I made a huge profit the first 6 months of trading and I withdraw almost $2000 during that time. I think its a good idea to continue working with them because I find here all what I want.
Author of AprioriFX: Norielpip | Date 2018-02-22
I joined Apriori because one of my friends recommend them to me. They have a platform MT4 with noac requotes, and no scalping restrictions. The spread is starting from 0.3 pips on average per EUR/USD and USD/CAD. My first deposit was 200$, and I made a profit of 150$ the first month. Now my average profit is 600$, but I added also metals to me trading session. Their support team I nice and helpful, with good skills to resolve problems of the clients.
Author of AprioriFX: Iulianfx | Date 2018-01-11
I trade with Apriori for 5 months and till now I am pleased with their services. The platform MetaTrader 4 is stable during volatility times and has real time quotes. I have a standard account with a first deposit of 150$. I trade major currency pairs :EUR/USD; USD/EUR; AUD/CAD ; CHF/USD ;GBP/RUB; EUR/CHF and sometimes Gold. From 20 trades I have a winning rate of 85% and a profit of 400$ a month. To withdraw is easy and it takes 24h, without commissions from the broker.
Author of AprioriFX: Denis | Date 2017-11-01
I trade with this broker since 2016 and no problems so far. It's very easy to have an account here as the minimum deposit is not established, you decide what is the initial amount. In my case, I participate first in some of its contests, especially for the demo accounts, and as I won, I started trading with that money. 6 months later, I have earned around $800 without investing my own money. Recently I have made a deposit with my own money. I definitely advise you to trade with this broker. You won't regret it.
Author of AprioriFX: Behzan | Date 2017-10-04
I opened Apriorifx since year 2015 with minimum deposit $100. To be real, I had losses on my account within 1 month of trading process and lost almost 25% on initial funds. However, I found that Apriorifx is providing a good services in term of withdrawal and deposit matter. Normally I will choose wire transfer method for deposit and it will process my request in less than 3 days. I think this is efficient enough if compare to other forex broker. I think the spread is okay and consistent enough for most major currency pair as low as 0 pips. I am very glad that recently just closed $100 in EUR/USD position and already got it in bank account. I wish to keep it as saving for future and most important keep up trading and generate more profit in near future. Thanks Apriorifx!!
Author of AprioriFX: evan | Date 2017-07-21
apriorifx is no more reliable broker and I think it is better to be careful if you are still trading with them. I experienced chart have been manipulated by them which my take profit are not trigger at all and the price just pass through those take profit and I just manual close. At that time, I also contacted to support team to ensure what was happening to charts platform and they just informed it was about the technical problem. Just like that? I was so curious why it took time for so long and it was really disaster because I might loss if I’m not notice take profit doesn’t trigger. I ask my friend that use apriorifx and they said they also face the same problem I made a decision to leave this broker because it might happened again in future and at that time I might not able to close the position that supposedly close in profit.
Author of AprioriFX: fajar_Valb | Date 2017-06-14
I am an irregular trader with AprioriFX broker. Although I am a BBA student and I am doing forex trading beside my education. Yesterday I have opened an buy order with 0.02 lots on GBPUSD at 1.2733 positions, In this trade, I was set to SL 200 pips. Today I am shocked when I saw that the trade was closed 150 pips lower from my set position! Now I understood that most of the time It happened on the platform that's why I had lost almost $50 dollar within the last weeks. So today I have requested for a withdrawal of $80 USD via skrill account but it has been cancelled without any reason. I am really fed up and disappointed with AprioriFX now.
Author of AprioriFX: GervaisAlfred ‏ | Date 2017-04-24
I tested Apriori-FX this a pure scam broker. For the first week on the Demo every things was great, was very happy. So I open an live account and invested $600. The first day of my trading on their platform, I made $93 and early morning of the next day, I lost of $285 because of 64 pips slippage. I can't believe that any sucessful trader would keep trading with this broker. My advice is to stay away.
Author of AprioriFX: pipfuhaifeng | Date 2017-02-02
Many people say that AprioriFX is not a good broker, but a bad broker. Most traders regret having joined AprioriFX. They very rarely make a profit, more often deficits. When I visited the website of AprioriFX, very uninformative. There is no complete information about the broker or the advantages and benefits when trader join with AprioriFX. But I was already curious, I wanted to try to join with AprioriFX for a few months, hopefully I can get a profit always.
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