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Atom8 review

On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Regulation: FCA
Payment options: bank wire, FASTER Payments, SEPA, SWIFT
Minimum account size: GBP 5,000
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: -
Spreads: from 0.25 pips

About the company:

Atom8 is a spread-betting forex broker from the United Kingdom established in 2013 by traders and aimed at improving trading experience of the currency market participants. The company functions as an electronic communications network (ECN), authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Atom8 enables access to one of the largest ECN trading floors through such trading platforms as Atom8 Trader and MetaTrader 4. The company’s clients are offered to choose one of these platforms to start making deals on Forex. MetaTrader 4, which is available in both PC and mobile configurations, is considered to be the most popular trading platform among traders.

Opening a trading account with Atom8 allows traders to conduct trading operations on various currency pairs and CFDs for precious metals such as gold and silver. For those looking to invest their money rather than trade, Atom8 offers the special PAMM system enabling professional traders to employ and manage funds from several sources while investors benefit from can passive income.

The company’s liquidity suppliers include over 20 major financial institutions and banks across the globe.

The broker also provides its clients with up-to-date news feed from the leading news agencies as well as analytical reviews, online charts, and economic calendar.

Still unsure whether to start trading with Atom8? Browse traders’ reviews listed below on this page.

Atom8 6/10 (votes 2675)
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Author of Atom8: Vianisti | Date 2017-11-30
If you want an appropriate broker with intent try to avoid this broker. First is I am not satisfied with the Metatrader platform services especially chart look so complicated and not clear. Secondly, was about the customer services. Last month, I have called them to ask about free trading tools offers including coding and news research. I have to sit and wait for more than 30 minutes to get connected to the staff. I just cannot imagine if I am into trouble about money process! For how long I have to wait. At this moment, I am not confident to deposit with Atom8 and still on my trading activities with the same and previous broker! Be careful guys!
Author of Atom8: ester | Date 2017-10-26
atom8 is no longer reliable broker after they freeze my account because I made a hedging position for USDJPY pairs but their excuse is not acceptable when they said my position is arbitrage due to I open the position too early for the second but the pip step is already 1.7 pip step away from the first entry but they not trust me. I have send a proof showing that the entry that u have made but they still not respond my email. I have lost 5 000 GBP because of their rules that I considered nonsense to me.
Author of Atom8: Richard | Date 2017-09-29
Atom8 was my primary ECN broker. The spread ie very tight from 0.25 pips. I could see that their trading platform improved form the past that used to be bot so good, and now can be used on all kinds of devices, I used in my tab and really enjoyed trading from my android phone in few clicks, I can access and check analysis and can be used to help make decisions. I particularly think that Atom8 is mostly for manual trading. P.S. But offers no benefits for scalpers and HFT traders.
Author of Atom8: Birdfx | Date 2017-09-05
I was a client of Atom8 for 6 months. I traded really nice on their MT4 platform for 4 months after that the platform started to have delays in execution and my calls or emails to their support team never got an answer. I deposited 5000GBP as required and I was expecting top quality services. Instead I had a lost of 1200GBP, and another 150GBP as commission when I requested to withdraw my money. Then I closed my account. Now they are calling me each day to open again an account because they fixed the platform. This broker is not honest and has hidden commissions also, I would stay away.
Author of Atom8: Lucypip | Date 2017-08-10
I recently closed my trading account with Atom8 because of their constant crashing of the platform, which should be the best technology as they were describing it. I called their support during 2 months of being their client for 2-3 times a day, and they were answering like 1 time per week. The client support team is unprofessional and they are rude. I tried to trade and lost from my 5000GBP deposit around 1500GBP during this 2 months. I requested to withdraw my funds and waited another 3 weeks to get the approval to withdraw my own money. Well I was luck I read about others clients which never get the approval and you get to trade until you lose all your funds. I closed my account, stay away from this scam broker!
Author of Atom8: Gyan | Date 2017-06-29
I had an account for 8 months with Atom8. It was great at first and everything was smooth but suddenly problems happened and this broker had disappointed me. I stopped trading for 3 months because I was busy with other things. I did not checked my account for a while. When I tried to open my account just recently, I checked my balance and I knew something was wrong because I left it with $580 balance last 3 month ago but after checking it was only $80 left. I contacted the support and they said they adjusted my balance because of inactivity. I complained and they promised to solve this problem. But after several weeks of waiting and updating they still don't fixed my problem.
Author of Atom8: Casey | Date 2017-06-29
Atom8 is a bad broker, please stay away this broker. Although I quit trading with Atom8 in last year, I will share my bad experience when I trade with this broker. In last year, I knew Atom8 when I look for a broker to trade on the internet. At that time, I’m so confused when I choose a reliable broker to trade because I’m a newbie. Finally, I was convinced by their strategies on their site, so I decided to join Atom8. However, I was wrong, and I loss lots of money by their cheating. Thus, I was a victim of this broker’s lies and scams. I could not stand with their behavior in solving my problems. Indeed, I loss 850$ because all their signals which is given to me are false. When I contacted to their support, they had no response for me. They are just silent and hang up my phones. Therefore, Atom8 stole all my money, and they are really a scammer. Atom8 is the worst broker I have ever traded, so I don’t recommend Atom8 to traders!!!! Please be aware this broker!!!
Author of Atom8: mnoneyfxmaker | Date 2017-06-09
I've been reading some of the reviews that can be found online and i have found a 50% negative review and a 50% positive review. I can't say anything yet before because I am not trading with them and I was thinking that time that this was a new company and they are probably new to the industry and many traders will try to make negative comments about them and I can understand their opinion. But for me, it's too early to judge them so I decided to open and account and give it a try. First, i inquire to the customer support and they give me the details that I need to submit. When I submitted the documents they need, they process it quickly and finally i have an account with them. I am using their demo account and I have no problem with it. It runs smoothly and doesn't freeze at all. For months I've been trading using the demo account and to say it again, I got no problem at all. Now, I am into their live account. Just been trading for weeks now and honestly it's just the same with the demo account. No problem, runs smoothly, no freezing, no bugs, and I have never expected this from any brokerage. I have finally found a place where I can really trust and allow me to explore my knowledge in Forex. I feel very lucky to have a trading account with them.
Author of Atom8: pipdara | Date 2017-03-21
I like this broker, Atom8. Before I deposited my money, I subscribed to their Free Trading Strategies and helps me a lot. I learned a lot from it. Three months I have learned, I tried to deposit my money and trading with real account. They have low minimum deposit needed! They have a good execution, and offer a good customer support and their spreads are competitive. I will keep up with this broker.
Author of Atom8: Arthur56 | Date 2017-03-09
It's an average broker, nothing special. They offer only basic services and their servers are very week, platform crashes very often. I did not like their spreads because they are too high and variable. I know a lot of people that not satisfied about the spreads variation. Also their customer support should be improved when it comes to knowledge, because I had some technical questions and they never know how to answer me.
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