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On-line since: 2012
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Click and Pay, wire transfer, WebMoney, Skrill, Alertpay
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.0001 lot
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: from 2 pips

About the company:

Boston Merchant Financial Ltd. (BMFN) belongs to Boston Merchant Financial Group and offers its clients a wide range of tools and services. The company’s offices are located all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, China, and others.

Broker’s clients can enjoy such benefits as automated trading, PAMM accounts, affiliate program, and Forex managed accounts (FXMA), which helps users to diversify risks of investments on the forex market.

The company offers traders a large variety of financial instruments such as stocks, indices, commodities, and precious metals. There are the following trading platforms available to the clients: MetaTrader 4, BMF PRO, BMF Currenex, and UniTrader.

BMFN 5/10 (votes 1714)
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Author of BMFN: Mikkifx | Date 2018-04-11
I trade with BMFN for some time now, and their services are great. I use MetaTrader 4 platform with instant execution. My first deposit was 200$ and I made a profit of 150$ after the first month of trading. I managed to withdraw my profit easy withing 24h without hidden commission from the broker. I trade long term positions on USD/DKK and USD/NOK. I had a problem with stop loss limit where I couldn't place the limit and the support team fixed the bug. Over all a good broker with professional support.
Author of BMFN: Hammed | Date 2018-02-22
I have been trading with bmfn from since 2 years now with $100, it's working properly, I have not yet got any problem with the payment of the credit card. And the spread is lower in case if you have a standard account or lesser than that and there are account managers who are in touch with me since I have been trading with them and the fact is the new vps trading signal and the economic calendar is also working well.
Author of BMFN: Laylafx | Date 2018-01-09
I joined BMFN last year because I like their platform and they have many offers that can optimize my monthly earnings. I usually trade top currency pairs like USD/JPY, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP on their Metatrader 4 platform. I'm impressed that the execution is fast and the prices are real and not manipulated. The account funding was instant. I remembered, the money was credited to my account in less than 24 hours. Overall this broker honest and very reliable.
Author of BMFN: Henry Allan | Date 2017-12-04
trading with bmfn broker give me good trading experience and I have trade with them for 2 years already. So far trading platform never give me problem like slow in execute the orders, spread become widen or freeze during trading hour. Basically I will trade during open session only and if there is a setup for that time I will make an entry. My target profit monthly is 500 USD and so far I will make sure I can achieve the target and sometimes I got more than 500 USD. Withdrawal process always on time and I’m using wire transfer as method of payment that need 3 days to complete the transaction. Support team always good in answering my question regarding to their service and sometimes I will ask them terms that I’m not understand especially when I read news at their websites and they explain well and easy to understand. All in all bmfn is a reliable broker and I recommend this broker for those not found the right one.
Author of BMFN: Luiza | Date 2017-10-30
I think it is worth to share about good with BNFM broker while I have been involved with them for more than a year. I got some trade peers who’s also into this broker and they are mostly a successful forex trader. I myself would like to recommend other especially newbie to have account with it but please make sure you got a demo and trial version account first before move into the real one. I think minimum deposit is affordable where it allowed me to deposit as low as $100 and start trading. To be real, it was hard to turn it into profit within first 2-3 months. I only earned my first profit after 5 months trade and was happy to take out profit $500 from my bank account. I rather choose bank transfer since it fast and took less than 2 days to process and approve. One thing, support team is very responsive which make me feel more comfortable. Besides, MT4 and MT5 platform also working properly and most of the time order are executed as I wish. Thanks BNFM!!Keep up the good job!
Author of BMFN: piprelungku | Date 2017-10-03
I would like to say that BMFN is an excellent broker who provided very good trading service quality. The broker's website also provides the necessary details for the newbies and they will help you to understand the basic principle of trading. I started out with $500 on my first month and I won almost 50% profit from it. The performance and service at the highest level. I do respect this broker since the day they have me a 30% deposit bonus which helps me in my trading. I really like and always recommend this broker to my friends.
Author of BMFN: Pepito | Date 2017-09-06
What I like the most about this broker is all the educational material they offered while you are practicing in a demo account. It’s very useful, at least it was for me. When I joined this company, I didn’t have enough money to invest but I really wanted to do it as I’ve read positive comments about it. I sent an email requesting more information about its services and the next day, I received a call from a representative who was very nice and helpful with me. He explained me every detail of this market and when I told him that I didn’t have money, he offered me an initial bonus for free of $90. It was a great help for me! After practicing for 7 months, I used my bonus in my first trades and they were very profitable. I got $70 more. I kept on accumulating money during the next weeks and after 2 years of trading, I got $3,000. That’s why I recommend you this broker.
Author of BMFN: fxlonlebote | Date 2017-07-20
Yesterday I close my withdraw process and I lose my profit because for the first time in a year I got serious problem in this broker. Last year I join BMFN because they provide good trading system and they provided me with a customization solution for my trading style and has been quite lucrative. I withdraw weekly and typically the profit almost 100% from my deposit amount. But last week when I doing trading the platform suddenly buffer and froze! In the next day I contact the support center but they did not disclose the reason, they just told me company has right take an action in accordance with the trading agreement to their traders. Until yesterday I'm still pretty much disappointed for BMFN, so I think I want to go from them, maybe until they gives my profit back or improve their system.
Author of BMFN: Bianca | Date 2017-07-03
In my point of view, BNFM is great broker where I experienced trading via the platform worked well for me. In fact, there were certain time floating spread did happened and increased especially during major news. But I think it is still considerable since it not repeat like other broker which simply implement it. In fact, BNFM is a well regulated broker and I have been using the service for almost 7 months. I am so thanks to them to allow me trade well and at least making some earning through it. I have made a withdrawal of $100 via Wire transfer and less than 3 days money already credited into bank account.
Author of BMFN: Jonas | Date 2017-05-26
Trading with BMFN is a big advantage, I could see that we can trade with currencies and commoditties and many other instruments. Nowadays, I am trading with some majors like USD/CHF, EUR/USD.Spreads are tight and we can take advantage of it, last month I made a deposit or $250 and Skrill and everything was in line. Soon I could start trading, and since then I haven´t faced any major problem. Reliable broker
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