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Dealing City review
Dealing City

Year established: 2002
Country: Russia
Regulation: Not regulated
Payment options: WebMoney
Minimum initial deposit: $50
Smallest lot size: 0.1
Leverage: up to 1:500
Spreads: 0 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

The dealing centre Forex Dealing City was formed with the purpose of providing the professional services to private investors – traders on Forex market who are exploiting the marginal trade. For conducting the operations on Forex market the company offers a trading platform DCTrader2, their own development with application of unique options.

Since 2009 the Company has launched a new server managed by a popular recently trading platform MetaTrader4. Depending on the requirements and preferences the clients are able to choose the best suiting technical option and conditions for their comfortable work.

Dealing City 8/10 (votes 4097)
Author of Dealing City: Youecx | Date 2018-12-04
I signed up at Dealing City with deposit of $650 and I have a very bad experience with them. I have tested their EA but had huge losses and unable made profits. After about 2 months am at below break-even. Beside this they take very long time for funding. Last months I put withdrawal request of $320 on bank from which I made deposit. They charged me fee $55 and after couple of weeks they transferred me money back on my trading account! Never work with this.
Author of Dealing City: Jintho | Date 2018-09-24
I am already losing hope with this broker. I tried trading with Dealing City by opening a demo account. Everything went well then. But when I opened a live account, that's when things just started to be messed up. Their web platform which I personally prefer is so unstable. Worse, it often disconnects when I have a winning trade. When I relog-in, the direction has already changed and my trade is already losing. Because of that, I decided to use their mt4 platform instead but to my surprise, it has wider spreads than that of the web platform. The web usually has 3 pips while the mt4 has 5. I don't understand because it's just from the same broker!
Author of Dealing City: Jhahin | Date 2018-07-23
My experience with Dealing City was horrible . Last week getting a 67 pips positive on USD/CHF with the pair still signaling to go up further, and they just delete the position. And when I try to target profit on another profitable pair, the take profit window is not highlighted. Not to mention they are slow on execution. So i can not recommend this broker.
Author of Dealing City: JohnAstrab | Date 2018-07-23
I have been trading with dealing city broker in a mini account couple of months . my trade didn't execute on time by the DCTrader5 platform f. So I say Dealing City broker didn't suit me on EA trading. As their platform is too slow, my position almost paused for 50 seconds. Also, my pending order's T/P and S/P weren't generated in time, these all-time slippage 10 pips to 30 pips. Last month I was deposited $500 and applied 30% deposit bonus. while they didn't give the bonus to me. Right now I have $400 invested with them, Continuously I have been losing my money for their bad service. Yesterday I requested $250 dollar withdrawal through WebMoney, But till now it didn't proceed. So I am weird about this issue.
Author of Dealing City: pipmahal | Date 2018-01-31
I have a trading account in Dealing City, I opened it 2 months ago but I just do trading for 2 times. The website is neat and I enjoyed their daily analysis and learning tips. But the platform suddenly disabled, I even not being able to make the process of trading. I had deposited about $200 and after trade 20 lots, I have profited $90. The execution of deals is slow and their services are poor. In every trader I still got requotes until now when i am closing my positions and the platform freezes a lot. So I think I will not deposit anymore. I am so boring now with this broker.
Author of Dealing City: Kemi | Date 2017-12-22
Don't believe dealing city, if you are lucky you will get your money back. Otherwise, you will lose your money. The trader’s loss is their earnings and vice versa, they put a huge pressure on the new traders to deposit more money, promising them of continuous profit; This has happened to me twice on dealing city platform, whenever I want to close a position the platform freezes until I am at loss, I have lost $800 so far, and they keep calling me to deposit more. I don't recommend this broker at all!
Author of Dealing City: pipnebengajee | Date 2017-12-22
I had an unpleasant experience when I use Dealing City new spreads size after trading for 2 month. Since the time I joined them in October, I really enjoy the trading system and platform. They set nice minimum account size of $50 and fast trading process until the withdraw that very fast. But when they set new spreads, I have experience 5 pips spreads on news time, its really not favorable for me. I lost more then 50% my deposit. I call the technical support but they are unable to tell me the reason, or there is no reason at all? I may not go far with this broker anymore.
Author of Dealing City: husko | Date 2017-11-17
I decided to close my trading account on May 21, 2017 due to their unresponsive trading platform. I was not able to close my orders on time. For example, when I tried to close my order for GBPCHF, my trading platform got frozen until I lost my connection to the trading server. Imagine, I was not able to manage my trading account for a day because of the error. The worst part was the staff didn't help me. They just told me to re-install the platform again and again but nothing happened. Thanks to my IB, he escalated my concern to the management of this company and fixed my concern after 18 hours. As I expected, I already missed the opportunity to close my deal at a higher price, because the price of the GBPCHF suddenly dropped. I left no choice but to accept my fate again! I wasted hundreds of my money and this company never compensate any part/portion of my losses. All my claims were denied!
Author of Dealing City: pipkarukah | Date 2017-10-19
Trading with Dealing City at the first week was amazing, because as a new be I got 30% bonus and profit almost 30% from the deposit amount. Besides they also have the server that managed by a popular recently trading platform MetaTrader4. They provide very low minimum initial deposit, only $50. But now, after almost a month I think the trading has been a waste of time. The trading system very low process, my deposit of $80 via WebMoney took around 1 week to be done. And then whenever I click on the favorable trend like +10%, it will immediately jump to -10% to make it in their favor, and this has made me lose almost all of my deposit. I sent an email to support department but no one replied my petition. I hope can get my money back and then I want leave this broker.
Author of Dealing City: fazura_fx | Date 2017-08-25
Hi, is there anyone have any idea on how to fix the frozen platform with Dealing City broker .This was always happened few times already especially during major news release. Recently, I faced the same problem and tried to load my indicator files unfortunately it failed to load and I cannot access any of the backup files. I am quite disappointed with this and it was not the first time I am facing this. In fact, I have gambled first a $50 and $300. At first, I was not to worry but during the second time deposit was bigger definitely as a client I wish to see at least some earning but worst case I just got a frozen platform with unexpected bugs on it. It was really annoying and when the time I contacted the support they just keep on advice it was a server problem while I don’t think that is the issue. I wish nothing but hope problem will resolve!!
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