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Dukascopy review

On-line since: 2004
Country of origin: Switzerland
Regulation: Dukascopy Bank - FINMА, Dukascopy Europe - FCMC
Payment options: Bank transfer, bank card, bank guarantee, depository services
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.1
Leverage:1:30, 1:200
Spreads: from o.1 pips

About the company:

Dukascopy Swiss Forex Group Company has two main priorities: SWFX and Dukascopy. Dukascopy broker ensures the direct access to Swiss Forex. This trading platform is popular with banks, hedge funds and professional traders owing to its high liquidity. SWFX – Swiss Forex Marketplace - is a technical decision and Dukascopy registered trademark.

Dukascopy 8/10 (votes 4025)
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Author of Dukascopy: Kiri | Date 2017-12-21
I had a bad experience with this broker.It has rules which don’t have sense. minimum deposit is too high and I used a wire transfer but the commission was very high and my profits weren't high neither. I reported this to the support but its was never resolved. I will surely replace them with the other brokers.
Author of Dukascopy: sharif | Date 2017-11-15
trading with this broker not give so much advantage in trading. Dukascopy is always late in processing my deposit and withdrawal transaction that took 5 hours to wait money credited into trading account and also 3-5 working days for them to credited into bank account. Leverage is not good because it can be set for 1:200 only and I have to be more careful in using the lot size in order to keep my margin to hold floating negative position. Even though their spread is low but sometimes it will widen that make my take profit point not triggered and it will easily hit my stop loss. My pending order also sometimes not triggered because of this matter. Trading platform can be used to trade but if market is volatile that will make the movement so fast, the execution speed will become slow and it took 3-5 second to execute the orders. Dukascopy is not recommended broker to newbie that don’t have any skill to counter this problem if it happened to them.
Author of Dukascopy: Dukascopy Support | Date 2017-10-09
Dear maazi wike, Dukascopy’s system doesn’t allow to adjust client’s earnings in any way. We also don’t have any prohibited strategies. Please provide time and date of your contact with our support team and we will investigate this case.
Author of Dukascopy: maazi wike | Date 2017-09-20
I decided to close my trading account & transfer to another Forex company because they always reduced my profits without proper explanation. For instance, when I hold my 3 positions (EUR/SGD, EUR/NOK and EUR/RUB) for 3 days, this company allowed me to exit, but the next day, my profits had been reduced from 215.15$ to 89.64$! They adjusted my earnings! When I asked them an explanation, the staff accused me that I employed a prohibited trading strategy. I didn't use any method that could endanger my account and ruin my trading plan. The trading history clearly shows that I didn't cheat. Obviously, they do not want me to gain profits from them. So, I decided to leave and withdraw the funds left in my account.
Author of Dukascopy: Dukascopy Support | Date 2017-08-30
gerry, please note that we do not offer training on forex trading; there are however many external resources available online. Should you have any questions on our trading platform or the execution of trades, feel free to contact us directly and we will be glad to help you.
Author of Dukascopy: Mike | Date 2017-08-24
I enjoyed trading with Dukascopy, I used and liked the automated trading. But, I wish they could offer more payment sustem options, since the onme I use is PayPal, and due to the frequencey of deposits I usually make it can be, bank transfer can end up being kind of expensives with charges of extra taxes I made a deposito f $1000 and paid round about 2% to 3%. Spreads are competitive, but depending on Market conditions it can get up to 3.5 on majors. So watch out. Once I tried to request their Equity Bonus, but the rules are quite difficult to understand and volumes informed tor each and get profits is kind of confusing, I wish they could give more details.
Author of Dukascopy: gerry | Date 2017-08-01
Their website is hard to navigate because of the huge amount of information in their site. So many buttons to click and I am confised what to click. Their platform is also difficult to understand. I am only a newbie here and I am very confused what should be the priority if i am going to study using their website. Their customer service is also not helpful, they are not willing to help me whenver i need help. :(
Author of Dukascopy: piphomhay | Date 2017-07-11
Dukascopy has very professional and adequate technical trading system that make me feel really comfortable trading with them since 2015 until now. The most things that I like at this broker is their low minimum account size and fast withdrawal process. I can only have minimum account size $100 and I then I got almost 100% profit and always receive money whenever I need just in 7 hours. In a week I can earned profit about $500 to $1000. Meta Trader is the platform I use with this broker that very functional and easy to operated. I highly recommend Dukascopy for you all. So let's get success trading in this broker.
Author of Dukascopy: Dukascopy Support | Date 2017-07-05
Sundblad, please report this issue to support@dukascopy.com and provide the ID of the 4 trades that you are referring to, as well as the dates of unsuccessful contacts with our support team. We will be happy to investigate what happened in these cases.
Author of Dukascopy: Sundblad | Date 2017-06-22
Dukascopy is not a reliable broker to invest because their system was not good as they said. I started to trade with them 7 months ago, and I have to say that Dukascopy is the worst broker I have ever traded in forex. Last week, this broker cancelled 4 of my profitable trades, with amount of 800$ and they could not give me the reason. Thus, they are always silent whenever I contacted to them. In addition, their spread was high; execution was slow and difficult for me to withdrawal. There were many re-quotes during trading time and placing orders that led my trades to be failed. At the moment, I trade another, and I have good results with my current broker. Therefore, I advise traders should be aware of Dukascopy, and you will find another broker which is better than this broker.
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