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On-line since: 2011
Country of origin: Malta
Regulation: MiFID
Payment options: bank cards, wire transfer
Minimum account size: 10000 euros
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: 1:50
Spreads: from 0 pips on major pairs

About company:

EXANTE, an investment broker, was founded in 2011 by two professional traders. It positions itself in the market as the next generation company. Their aim is to design and implement the most cutting-edge infrastructure for better trading and high profit of the clients. EXANTE offers its clients the best access to the market, pricing transparency and financial market accessibility.

EXANTE headquarters are located in Malta. The company has representative offices in Singapore, Amsterdam, Riga, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

Important! The client’s funds are kept outside Russia and are not under the domestic jurisdiction. It is worth noting that the company is focused on professional investors.

EXANTE also cooperates with private traders, investment service companies, asset management companies, and other monetary financial institutions.

The EXANTE major feature is a single account in their own platform ATP EXANTE that renders access to the largest exchanges all over the world. Clients can trade currencies, metals, options, futures, bonds, shares, ETFs and funds.

ATP EXANTE allows using both auto mode and manual configuration. The trading platform is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Its major advantages are reliability, security, and comfort.

ATP EXANTE is designed on the modules principle. Each module guarantees the maximum functionality in its segment, which is important for experienced players.

The platform is constantly updated, by adding new important things, including those based on the clients’ needs.

ATP EXANTE stresses that the company developed ATP from scratch, without using third-party solutions.

Clients can count on the effective technical support that works 24/7.

You can find the latest reviews on EXANTE on our website. If you know this broker or have ever worked with EXANTE, share your experiences and comments.

Exante 4/10 (votes 1893)
Author of Exante: fxkadiwo | Date 2018-04-19
EXANTE really disappointing me because my withdrawal got denied more than three times in this month. I am a client of this brokers for over 3 months, I invested 10000 euros as their minimum account size, and after 2 weeks, I got my first earnings. The profit good enough I think for the first trading, its about 7%. Then I invested them again to get more. But after making my second deposit, I can't withdraw the profit until this month. I called the technical support and was asking what happened but they only pass the phone. They don't gives me any information and I got no clues what is going on there! I think with the value of such a large deposit sum it should not manipulate the client's money. Do they are scam ? Anybody know about whats going on to my account and money ?
Author of Exante: Cosminpip | Date 2018-03-01
I had an account with Exante till January this year, and traded with them for the past 7 months. My first deposit was 10000 euros and credited to my account after 2 working days because they needed to verify my account form which the money came. The platform for desktop works fast in execution, but the application for iOS and Android aren't working as they should, and you need to be with the laptop all day ( when you trade of course) . It was easier for the clients to could trade from all their devices but the platform is crashing and taking the opening positions with it. I lost from the applications around 300 euros. The broker is reliable, only that the support team is not helpful with the right client orientated policy. They should be more polite. I trade with them gold, silver, Google and Apple shares, two exotic currency pairs EUR/DKK AND EUR/NOK. My profit is not that much for such a big amount requested to deposit, but I don't trade daily and not bigger volumes.
Author of Exante: Amalliafx | Date 2017-12-12
One of the worst brokers in the market. If you deposit this amount of money you want top notch services. The platform for Android and Desktop has huge delays. I lost 1000 euros during two months of trading because their platform has delays in execution of orders and the spread is changing very rapidly. I called their support team for some closed positions during the night on EUR/USD and a loss of 150euro, because of the crashing of their server. Never got back to me. Neither my money. Scam broker, Exante, just taking the money by manipulating the prices on the soft.
Author of Exante: fxkagura | Date 2017-11-02
2 weeks ago, my sister ask me to join her trading in EXANTE and I feel interest because this broker allows traders to using both auto mode and manual configuration. The trading platform is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Its major advantages are reliability, security, and comfort. I success in my first trading, but yesterday in my second trading, their spreads get higher. I only got 15% profit, from 10000 euros deposit. I think I can't work with them any more. So I had decided to withdrawal my rest money from them and close the trading account maybe.
Author of Exante: Konstafx | Date 2017-09-13
I trade with Exante just for a couple of months but I will close soon my account because their platform ATP EXANTE have delays during news feed and also the broker is manipulating the prices during volatility times. I have a trading account with them with a first deposit of 10000 euros, the transfer was made with bank wire. I expected top quality services because the deposit is very high and not to many traders have this amount. Actually their trading conditions lack quality. I called their support team because the prices on EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/EUR had major slippage around 17 pips with per pair which is a lot. Their support team not only didn't confirm that but they said is just a bug from the platform and that is that, I will have luck with other trades. After my first month when I traded shares from Amazon, Google, Apple and metals my investment was at 9000 euro. The spread is changing a lot during news feed when the European market is opening. I requested to withdraw my money and currently had passed 2 weeks and still waiting, I don;t recommend the broker.
Author of Exante: Fhag | Date 2017-08-14
I had a sell position at the pair EURUSD with entry price 0.9222 and my trade was closed by itself without the price touches in my Stop loss price. My entry was 0.9212 selling with the stop loss 0.9222 and last Friday with the pair open price was 0.9210 and my trade closes immediately. I called the support asking why it happened but I was disappointed on how they talked to me which is very arrogant and rude. How they handled their clients was worst. Please use extreme cautions. If you see tricks such as order-hunting, enormous spread-widening, slippage always against you, or lagging execution then you should stay away from this broker.
Author of Exante: Larve | Date 2017-07-05
If you wish to trade with Exante my advice is just to stay away from them. They are scammer and have stolen a lot of client’s fund. In fact, I have used the service just for 6 months while they always promised good thing and benefit all the time but never realized it. I have lost my money $500 within few weeks with Exante and will not use this broker anymore. My money has been freeze in account and I have to wait for more than a month just to start trading activities. I called finance department but no solution. Once they enabled the system, money has been reduced only $400 left on account. I thought that they will refunded back my money. I again followed up with the related department, but they said money have been deduced due to few fees has incurred. I never been notified about the deduction and they are such a liar and scammer. I was upset and angry, no more Exante! Please carefu guys!
Author of Exante: Merry | Date 2017-05-16
I think Exante is one of the most reliable broker that I can rely on. It has been a year using the services and still satisfied. During my early journey with Exante, I used to work on demo platform to get used with trading features and graphical tools. I think it is worth to have it at first as I can sharpen my skills. In fact, I am so thank to Exante group for the forex classes provided before and it was very useful for traders like me. Until now, I am still working on standard live account and have earned nearly $2000. Before this, I did a withdrawal through bank card and wire transfer, while both worked well and efficient. They always approved my request on time and I still remember I don’t have to wait for so long. Normally, for less than 72 hours they processed and money done credited into account. Thanks so much Exante!
Author of Exante: Rodrigo | Date 2017-05-16
I am very happy working with this company. I am a professional trader and I was looking for a really good broker to invest my saved money…and I found this one. I was trying a demo account in this company and I liked what I found there: good trading platform, very stable and I can use any EA there and they work perfectly. After 2 months trading in a demo account, I opened a real account and I didn’t see any difference. I started with a deposit of $3,000 and after a month, I got $1,500 more trading all weeks. My SL orders were respected and although I was checking market all the time, I also put TP orders and they were respected too when they reached the level I had fixed. I make my withdrawals monthly by my bank card Visa and commission is very low.
Author of Exante: Pico | Date 2017-03-02
I am very happy to come across a site like this. After losing thousands of dollars to scammers, I am afraid of losing money but it seems that Exante broker is profitable and I'm going to participate. I just funded my account with 400$. Then you can choose to take those settings in a demo account before trading in your real account if you want to.
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