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FapTurbo combines two trading strategies: short-term scalping and long-term advanced FAP strategy. A trader may select a desired strategy by adjusting parameters.

FapTurbo Expert Adviser chooses the most promising trend, examines it with internal indicators and opens trades to fix at maximum profits.

FapTurbo is one of the most popular Expert Advisers using night scalping.
FapTurbo is based on iRSI indicators with different periods and the МА indicator. In addition to Forex indicators, FapTurbo Expert Adviser uses opening time filters, volatility filters, and trend and noise filters.
FapTurbo principally trades with 4 and 5 digits. EURUSD currency pair and the M15 timeframe are recommended. FabTurbo developers also recommend trading with GBPUSD, EURCHF, USDCAD, USDCHF and GBPCHF.
FapTurbo scalping is a unique strategy which executes 1–5 trades a day with profits of 6–10 points. The Expert Adviser trades at Greenwich night time, when the market is stable and predictable. Scalping is a reliable strategy as it uses an advanced Stop Loss technique monitoring and closing trades before they have reached the Stop Loss level. FapTurbo scalping trades with EURGPB, EURCHF, GBPCHF and USDCAD currency pairs on the М15 timeframe.
FapTurbo (FAP is for ForexAutoPilot) was developed by a team of professional programmers and Forex traders with a great experience in Forex trading. 

FapTurbo 4/10 (votes 55)
Author of FapTurbo: Charles | Date 2019-01-18
The year has only started and I can already feel that I'm going to have a blessed year. I bought FapTurbo on January 3 and have been using it since then. It has only been more than two weeks so far but I can already see the effect of using it. My weekly profit increased by $40 and that's amazing for me. I can feel that this increase will continue to grow as I continue to use it. Looking forward for more positive results from this bot.
Author of FapTurbo: Perla | Date 2019-01-08
I bought FapTurbo for a hundred bucks with the hope that it would help me make money in trading. But it was the biggest mistake I ever did because not only did it not help me at all, it even caused inconvenience in my email. For one, it doesn't contribute at all in trading, the signals are wrong, and it trades so poorly that I just acquire more losses. And the other problem, after buying this bot, I started receiving phishing mails in my personal email and a certain retailer floods me with advertisements. This bot is definitely a no.
Author of FapTurbo: Olivia | Date 2019-01-03
I have been for some time now, but I have been losing money. I got introduced to Fapturbo by my cousin, took the risk of purchasing this EA, initially I was scared of using this EA because I have tried 2 different EA which result was negative. Thanks to fapturbo one week of trading with this EA and my profit making has increased. I hope this good service will not stop.
Author of FapTurbo: Jizheda | Date 2018-12-28
I think I will be using FapTurbo in the next few years of my trading if it continues its excellent performance. For the past months, it brought me nothing but fortune. It earns steady profit at a rate of 20% every month. It is very reliable especially on its signals. I recommended this to my friend and she is also loving it.
Author of FapTurbo: Korene | Date 2018-12-26
FapTurbo is not a perfect bot. There are times when it trades excellently that I become so amazed with the results. However, it is inevitable that although it's a programmed software, there could still be some malfunctions. Sometimes, this bot trades aggressively that it ends up losing a big percentage. But still, I appreciate that it still earns more than it loses.
Author of FapTurbo: Adun | Date 2018-12-21
Getting this EA has been worth it, I noticed recently that in all 56 trades I have made, I won 48 trades and lost only trades. Although, I, have since been trading on short term trades and it had been profitable with the help of fapturbo strong signals.
Author of FapTurbo: Marcus | Date 2018-12-19
I wasted my money and time using Fapturbo as my advisor. I should have used it on the demo account first so as to test how effective this EA is. I have lost all the $400 I invested in trading, first, it started by opening a large lots size of positions which I noticed was not advisable, thereby making me lose a large amount of my investment.
Author of FapTurbo: Ponche | Date 2018-12-17
FapTurbo is the best bot I have ever tried. I bought it for $150 and it was worth it. It provides accurate entry and closing signals so I usually win my trades. And when it trades on its own, it wins at least 8 pips per trade. So far, based on my trading history, it has increased my profit rate by 10%. That was only after a month of using it.
Author of FapTurbo: Equaim | Date 2018-12-13
I bought FapTurbo because I've been seeing it on my feed for a few times already and since it seemed to have promising claims, I went for it. But since I was still a little doubtful, I used it only on a demo account. And boy was I happy that I did. This trading bot lost almost 1/4 of the initial balance in just a week. I didn't do anything to it, I used it with the default settings and it was losing continuously. There were a few winning trades but they were useless as the losses were still greater. I was right not to use it on my live account. I could have lost a lot of real money.
Author of FapTurbo: Elmer | Date 2018-12-06
FapTurbo works for me. It trades by itself and earns profit. Although, based on my experience, this bot did not give me enormous profit. It did earn little by little but their claims of boosting a trader's account is not true. It didn't even double my account balance. But putting that aside, I am thankful for this because it still gave me an additional 10% monthly profit. Maybe they should just stop exaggerating their advertisements.
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