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Forex Growth Bot review
Forex Growth Bot

Forex Growth Bot

Trading platform: MetaTrader
Currency pair: EURUSD
Timeframe: М15
Trading time: 24 hours (VPS server is recommended)
Digits: 4 and 5
Growth Bot is a Forex Expert Adviser designed for trading with EURUSD. Growth Bot may also trade with other currency pairs; however, no tests with other financial instruments were carried out.
Please note that Forex Growth Bot has to constantly monitor open positions. In case of any disruption of connection with a trading server, the Forex Adviser may lose control on open positions. Therefore, the developers strongly recommend using VPS server to ensure continuous work.
Although the Expert Adviser trades 24 hours, in executes an average of 3–10 orders a week.
Recommended parameters:
Deposit 250$ – 0.01 lot
Deposit 500$ – 0.03 lot
Deposit 1000$ and above – 0.05 lot
Deposit 2000$ and above – 0.1 lot
Forex Growth Bot is based on a Wave Stop which means that a Stop level constantly changes. Given there is a movement towards an open position, the Expert Adviser opens additional positions following a trend and raising potential profits.
Recommendations to open a lot:
  • Until the Forex Adviser closes open positions, do not change either a timeframe or parameters, or restart the terminal.
  • There are 3 versions of Growth Bot:
  1. Basic

  2. Advanced (with extra parameters)
  3. Power (maximum parameters and a robot’s MQL code)


Forex Growth Bot uses the same algorithm in all versions.

Forex Growth Bot 7/10 (votes 87)
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Carol | Date 2019-03-14
Forex Growth bot is a terrible trading bot. I'm not sure if I just received a defected one (though they only use the same program so I doubt it) but the bot is way too far from what they claim it to be. This bot is not profitable. What happened to me is that I let it trade on its own using the default setting. It performed poorly on the first week but I still gave it a chance. I got busy at work and wasn't able to check on it for almost a month and I was so surprised when I got back that it lost almost a third of my account in that span of time. I immediately disabled it and I won't ever use it again.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Jemara | Date 2019-03-07
Forex Growth Bot is definitely a dependable forex bot. I commend its developers for successfully programming this product to be an effective trading bot. Most of the signals it provides are accurate and helpful. And it can also trade on its own whenever I am busy. I just set the parameters to my liking and I can leave the rest to the bot. By now, after using it for two months, it has already earned me $139.21.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Tirafx | Date 2019-03-01
Forex Growth Bot worked well on its first few weeks. It regularly trades with small lot size and steadily profits little by little. Although it wasn't that impressive, I am still contented with that. So I just let it continue. However, recently, I've noticed that my platform frequently crashed and a few glitches occurred. I asked my broker about it and said that they didn't detect any issue in their system. They advised me to check on additional tools I use like this bot. So I stopped using the bot for a week and the platform went back to its smooth performance. I reported it to the bot company but they haven't answered yet.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Segont | Date 2019-02-22
Forex Growth Bot is no doubt one of the best trading bots that ever existed. This bot doesn't tire and just grabs the most profitable opportunities to open deals. Out of 7 trades, this bot guarantees me 5 wins. That is a high winning rate. I only barely profit before I started to use this bot because I also barely trade as I try to avoid making mistakes and losing everything. But because I found this bot, I am more confident now.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Kabo | Date 2019-02-11
I have been running Forex Growth Bot for the past two years and I am very happy with the results. It provides accurate signals and it trades well.During my first few months of using it, the bot simply opened positions with small lot size and earned a little but constant amount. On the sixth month, it boosted my profit rate by 10%. I continued using it and I saw that the profit increases as months pass by. As of now, my profit rate has reached 63%.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Kiffer | Date 2019-01-29
It has already been a month since I started using Forex Growth Bot. To be honest, for that whole month, I kind of neglected my trading account. I just let the bot do the trading because I got too busy for the preparation of my best friend's wedding. That was somehow also the reason I decided to get a bot. It was only yesterday that I found time to actually check on my account and to my surprise, the bot has earned a lot! I remember leaving it with only less than a thousand dollars. But when I checked it yesterday, my balance is already at $1378. This bot definitely surpassed my monthly profit rate. You can't go wrong with this bot.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Yendai | Date 2019-01-23
I am not very satisfied with the performance of Forex Growth Bot. Well it's not like this is the worst bot but it is definitely not a good one. I mean, it won't drain out my account. But it also won't boost it. What it does is it trades on a daily basis. In each day, it has equal amount of losses and profit. So in the end, it's like nothing happened with my account. I just threw out $100 for buying a bot that does nothing to help me.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Lutfir | Date 2019-01-16
The developers of Forex Growth Bot deserve some recognition. What they created is simply amazing. I was on the verge of losing all my capital due to lack of skills and this bot saved me. I spent $100 on this but it was all worth it. Because not only did it recover my losses, it also earned back the $100 I spent on it. Now it's been 8 months and the bot keeps earning steady profit.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Gella | Date 2019-01-09
After a few months of using Forex Growth Bot, I am now seeing the fruit of this bot. From a monthly profit rate of 10%, using this bot made it grow to almost 20%. Of course, it is not instant. It earned little by little but evidently steady. Until now that it has almost doubled my profit rate. I must also mention that it works perfectly with any trading style and compatible with any level of trading experience.
Author of Forex Growth Bot: Yeher | Date 2019-01-07
I had a good start with Forex Growth Bot. It was the first month and it really performed well. I was actually amazed by how it was able to earn 10% on the first month and I was excited to see more from it. However, on the second week of the following month, I received a margin call from my broker. Apparently, this bot has been ignoring the limit I set and going beyond it. Which resulted to massive losses.
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