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On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Also regulated by the official regulators in UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and France
Payment options: On-line checks, bank wire, paper checks and credit cards
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100 and 1:200
Spreads: 2-3 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

FXCM Company is one of the leading online Forex brokers. Company’s clients are residents of more than 150 countries. International representation offices and branches of FXCM Company are located in all major financial centers of the world and it allows its clients to get high quality and efficient service. 

FXCM is under the control of regulatory bodies which have authority worldwide. Thus, activity of regional office FXCM in London (Holding LLC) is regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) in the UK.

FXCM 8/10 (votes 3893)
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Author of FXCM : AhmadYosuf | Date 2017-12-21
FXCM broker gives me a trading life as a hell. Because when i want to set a position on Zulutrade terminal, that time the order executed 20 to 40 sec delay. So always I fall 1o to 20 pips requotes. Also most of the time the platform are busy or disconnects from the server. A few months ago I had customized an own EA on the platform But they blocked it. While their terms to charged 1.8 pips spread on a standard account but the maximum time they have charged 3-8 pips. That's why I have lost my huge invests of amount $2K and tries to Stoped trading with them but they hanged my withdrawal, which I had invested with them. I know that they have many negative reviews on US financial authority and they have not any activity in the US for their bad service. Therefore I advise you be safe from FXCM broker if you don't want to become looser.
Author of FXCM : Mr.Fx101 | Date 2017-11-16
I have been trading with this broker and I really had difficulties during the withdrawal. I had $3000 and then $1000 and then various $500 all money gone because they'll chest me over spikes. Customer support is very poor and not of good standard based on how they respond on the issue. They are one of the brokers who doesn't know how to run their business well.
Author of FXCM : Jumanji | Date 2017-10-17
i have tried this on demo for 2 months. I think it takes a while before one can be profitable in this business because even practicing on demo I lost half of my profits. The new platform is very awkward to use. It has also lots of bugs needed to be fixed. I contacted the broker and so far the tell me that it is a problem that many have recently been experiencing and that I just have to wait (ridiculous!). It has been 2 weeks and counting and I am still waiting. Also, I tried to asked questions about opening live account with them, emailed them thrice on their given email page but gotten no response. That does not fill me with confidence. I am now looking for reliable broker now, but it seems a really difficult task.
Author of FXCM : Susan | Date 2017-09-22
Working with FXCM broker for 5 months, it was a horrible. FXCM refused all my withdrawal requests and the customer support refused to help. When I wanted to close my account, FXCM also refused to close it. In the end, FXCM hold an inactive account in my name, but they do not let me withdraw my previous earnings from it. I recommend everyone to consider other brokers because FXCM changes their withdrawal rules all the time in order to prevent their existing customers from withdrawing money.
Author of FXCM : Gipta | Date 2017-08-02
FXCM is no more an ideal broker likes before! seem the service performance dropped if compare to previous year. In fact, I involved in the platform nearly to 2 year and problem keep on arise especially on platform. Last week, I lost 30 pips in a trade EUR/USD which I expected I could be my profitable trade during that time. I was supposedly to close the position but system has error and blocked all trading activities. It was disaster! Customer support was not doing the right job with very bad response and ruthless answer. Are they trying to steal my money? Please be careful guys!!
Author of FXCM : Kita | Date 2017-07-28
Before trading with the giants decided to work with ForexGrand. I'm learning from the pros. Yesterday withdrawal the first profit
Author of FXCM : Tope | Date 2017-06-30
This broker is a SCAM.I have been waiting for 2 weeks for my withdrawal.Every 2-3 days another customer representative asks me for my banking details and I give them over. And every week I am left waiting for my money, I regret trading with FXCM.
Author of FXCM : pipsyankee | Date 2017-06-05
I have my own reason why I choose FXCM and stay with them over than a year. I think, FXCM have better services compared to my previous broker in term of trading condition and withdrawal transaction. I still remember when I made my first deposit transaction it took only for 2-3 hours only for them to credit into my trading account. So far, my trading activity is good and I don’t have much issues on platform and trading tools also features worked very well for me! Normally, I used Take Profit and Stop Loss setting in order for me to manage risk and rewards in trading. Don’t worry guys about the spread is consistent as low as 2-3 pips. My orders usually are well executed and I’m not facing any re quotes so far. To be honest, profit generated in account currently is nearly to 1000 USD within a month. It is highly recommend to try out this broker and they will never let you down guys! Thanks FXCM!!
Author of FXCM : Fanny | Date 2017-05-18
Not possible to trade with this broker. Their server has many requotes during the trading time and all my orders are always delayed. Spread are extremely high and change during news and it had me lost 40% of my funds in my first trading. I've tried to contact customer service, but they do not know how to solve problems and let me wait for several weeks without an appropriate solution. I'm closing my account.
Author of FXCM : Melinda | Date 2017-03-28
I don’t recommend this broker as I had several bad experiences with it, especially related to positions on trading platform. I remember that after depositing $200, I opened a buying position on EURUSD and placed my stop loss. I was checking my trades for a while and suddenly, I realized that my stop loss had been closed although the price hadn’t been hit. I contact to support department and they told me that my account would be checked but I was waiting for results for long, around 3 weeks. Finally, one of their managers sent an email telling me that there was not any problem in my account and maybe it was a mistake of my Internet connection. What a disaster of broker!
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