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Gerchik & Co review
Gerchik & Co

On-line since: 2015
Country of origin: Belize
Regulation: IFSC
Payment options: VISA, MasterCard, wire transfer, OKPay, QIWI, LavaPay, Wallet One, Bitcoin
Minimum account size: $1000
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: from 0 pips

About the company:

Gerchik & Co is a brokerage company founded by popular Russian trader Alexander Gerchik. Alexander started his career in 2000 giving the Active Trading Course seminars.

Gerchik & Co established in 2015 is targeted at the CIS market. The company provides access to online trading of currencies and other financial instruments. Besides, the broker offers its clients to invest to the TIMA accounts and get a passive income. The TIMA account is a trusted investment account, which is based on principles of PAMM investments. Moreover, traders can choose from 58 currency pairs and 14 CFDs. Trading is performed via the MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Gerchik & Co offers the following trading conditions: the minimum deposit from $1,000, the minimum lot size of 0.1, and the leverage of 1:200. Moreover, opening an account traders get access to the company’s free services, including Trader’s Data Diary, LevelForecast Indicator, and the Risk Management program designed to save traders’ deposits.

Besides, the broker’s clients can benefit from analytical reviews, market news, and market analysis videos created by Alexander Gerchik. Moreover, traders can make use of video courses and other educational materials on Forex trading in Alexander Gerchik’s blog.

Gerchik & Co 5/10 (votes 1709)
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Author of Gerchik & Co: fxajussi | Date 2017-10-30
I started trading with Gerchik & Co in last August because my friend invite me. During that time I feel satisfaction with their trading conditions and platform system. I opened a real account and deposited $1000. After deposit I got 30% bonus and 15% profit. It's also make me happy because they only set 0.1 lot as a minimum lot size and 0 spreads until one day I had a problem with the funds in the account and wasn't able to withdraw all my profit and neither to trade whit that money. I send an email to their support, but the support did not reply my e-mails and after a long time I got my account was empty. I call the technical support but they are unable to tell me the reason. To be honest, they are the first broker that I trust to trade my money. But now I will close my account and left my money for this scam broker. You are better looking for the other broker, which totally good at first and then, not only in the first time.
Author of Gerchik & Co: pipatanyan | Date 2017-10-20
I joined Gerchik & Co last year because I like their platform and there are many contests they held. I currently play monthly contest and I hope some day I win it. I trade mainly currency USD/JPY, EUR/USD and EUR/GBP on the MetraTrader 4 platform, the execution is fast and the prices are real. The account funding was instant. I remembered, the money was credited to my account in less than 24 hours. Overall this broker honest and very reliable.
Author of Gerchik & Co: NaingoakaFx | Date 2017-10-03
I have trade with Gerchik & Co in a Platinum account. Recently their MT4-ECN trading platform has created some issue in my deals, as they provide slow orders execution on the platform beside their spread is fixed 0 pips but I have found they were charged 1pips some of my orders. So I am worried because I have invested $104,370 so far with them. In the platform has many analytical tools, indicators and auto-trading system such as (Risk-manager, TIMA-account), while all are useless and unfamiliar in the market. I also trade by the MT4 Mobile (XOGEE) platform, which is so simple. So I say, Now their services are unknown to me. That's why yesterday I had made a withdrawal request of $4000 via wire transfer. Their support already called me from +442033184201 number, they said to cancel my withdrawal. If I will face any kind of issue then I give an update to you in the nearest time.
Author of Gerchik & Co: YashMehta | Date 2017-09-25
Gerchik & Co is my trading platform since last years and I am really happy with them in a Gold account, where the fee is 0 Pips spreads on EUR/USD, which is the best for me. I have traded by the MT4-ECN platform where I have always found a perfect execution in all major currency pair. In the platform has many analytical tools, indicators too. Sometimes I also trade by the MT4 Mobile (XOGEE) platform if I stay outside. So I say, their low spreads and services are adjustable with me, even their tools are working well in the auto-trading system. I have many withdrawals issues with them and all withdrawal request are proceed instant via Bitcoin. Till now I deposited 26,497,507 Satoshi and earn 17,855,345 Satoshi. If I faced any kind of issue then support instantly helped me. Definitely, I recommend Gerchick brokers for trading to forex traders.
Author of Gerchik & Co: Brinoco | Date 2017-08-29
Hi all, I am agree if you are decided to join Gerchick Co as I have been using them for almost 7 months. First, I would like to thank to my trade peer who has encouraged me to be patient once I stepped in this forex trading platform. Along my journey on the platform I experienced that execution was smoothly executed without so much delay. The spread is extremely low started from 0 pips and I must definitely choose which pair to trade to and mostly I choose EUR/USD and so far rate was okay and not much fluctuated. I have requested a withdrawal of $250 through LavaPay and system is well-managed and it is smooth. It took only 48 hours to process when I checked in the bank account money has been successfully credited. Please maintain and keep up the good job. Thanks
Author of Gerchik & Co: Opakonika4x | Date 2017-08-10
Traded with Gerchik & Co broker a while back and witnessed several problems with this broker. I opened a live account deposited Bank wire with $500 through and they credited only $460. When I tried to chat online support they told me that $40 is a transfer fee but they did not mention it their web site. I also fund terrible trading conditions. Last week I saw the USD/JPY go to 35 pips spike. Apart from successful trade cancellation, they tweak their platform, their fixed spread is not fixed as they appear. They increase it without you knowing. I never made any withdrawals, so I don't have any info on that.
Author of Gerchik & Co: Donna | Date 2017-08-04
Very profitable broker. I started with $50 and after 2 years of trading, I got to accumulate $4,000 and every month I withdraw around $250 with QIWI, which charges low commissions for deposits and withdrawals. This broker has a good system of working. Its reps are always pending of the clients. Every time I get in contact with support team, one of the managers replies me fast and give me accurate replies and solves my problems very well, too. The trading conditions are suitable even for professionals. The servers they manage for the trading platform work well, so there isn't delay in the execution of trades and they even allow all type of strategies and the use of EAs.
Author of Gerchik & Co: Aloj | Date 2017-07-14
Last week I opened a live account with them and deposited $5 via Neteller just to test them out. After I deposited it, I am shocked. Normally we pay very less commission or some brokers have free commission for deposit and withdrawal, but I saw in my account that it was less 3.70$ and they have deducted a deposit commission. Also, I had to use MT4 platform from other broker for its much easier to watch several chart simultaneously which Gerchik&Co; platform can't.The server always hang when I want to execute an order, even without news hour. I found it when you trade during London and NY hours.The margin call at times will clear everything including your used margin probably to pay for commission which they don't charge. I have contacted the support about this concern but none of them can give me a reliable answer.
Author of Gerchik & Co: fxzenzu | Date 2017-07-03
Gerchik & Co is a broker that I choose from last month because I feel helped by their analytical reviews, market news, and market analysis videos they provide. Moreover, I use the video courses and other educational materials on Forex to improve my trading strategy. I always got my profit in time, besides I use automatic withdrawals so I no need to wait. But my sister recommend me the other broker because she think Gerchik & Co set minimum account size that still higher than others brokers about $1000. Sometime I feel so, but when I got profit I think it's worth it. But If there are another broker who set lowest minimum account size and gives the same profit, why I not choose that one. Because I think everyone need affordable minimum deposit, especially for newbies. I not close my trading account in this broker, but I may stop trading for a  while.
Author of Gerchik & Co: Verna | Date 2017-06-06
Recently I tried to open a new account with this broker but it seems that they have messed up on verifying my documents. I have spoke to the support for over 8 times which I think they have already verified my account but they just told me that it was still under process. I emailed them now but I only read the same excuse again. I have had to send the same documents over and over to the case that it really bothers me too much. I like this broker but they won't allow me to trade with them. . The amount of mistakes Gerchik&Co; has made is appalling and their petty apologies are meaningless. I will just find another broker.
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