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HMS Markets review
HMS Markets

On-line since: 2001
Country of origin: Luxembourg
Regulation: Registered in Luxembourg (registration number: B-10.559)
Payment options: Wire transfer
Minimum account size: €10,000
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:50
Spreads: Variable; 3 pips on average on EUR/USD

About the company:

HMS Markets Company was found in 1972. HMS LUX S.A. is one of the leading inter-dealer brokerage companies in Luxembourg, which service banks, hedge funds, traders and investors around the world.

HMS LUX S.A. is an independent firm licensed as Commissionaire et Courtier en Instruments Financiers. HMS LUX S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Scheme in Luxembourg.

HMS Markets 8/10 (votes 3919)
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Author of HMS Markets: kelly_trader74 | Date 2017-11-16
I used to trade with them using the HMS Trader Go platform; my first month of trading was very fruitful. All my orders were honored, but as the days passed, the platform kept on freezing. To be honest, I don't know the reason behind it, because, my Internet connection is stable and I connected to the trading server nearest to my place. It came to point that I nearly lost all my funds when I tried to sell the EURJPY on Monday morning, around 9:00:45 AM GMT-7. I contacted their Support Team right away to request for a compensation, but to no avail. Imagine, the trading volume I set on Monday was $130 and because of their unresponsive platform, I earned nothing! Because of this, I decided stop my trading activities with them. Anyway, I already requested to withdraw all my funds worth $610.54 via local transfer, and hope to receive my money tomorrow.
Author of HMS Markets: Goodiepip | Date 2017-10-17
For the minimum requested deposit this broker HMS markets have very bad services. Starting with the transfer which is available only with wire transfer, I passed that but it took 2 working days to have my money in the account. The support team is there but they don't speak with you, they listen, and the classic we will contact you back with our answer. The platform MT4 works with delays during the morning news feed when the London market opens. I tried to trade shares from Amazon, Google, Apple and major currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD some exotic pairs USD/DKK , USD/NOK, and Crude Oil. I lost during 2 months of trading 1400$. I requested to withdraw the rest of my money and now is been 2 weeks since I keep waiting the approval. I don't recommend it at all!
Author of HMS Markets: kevin | Date 2017-09-20
my journey with HMS Markets is only for 3 month after I try their systems it is not suit with me at all. I join them because I still searching broker that are suit with my trading strategy but then they are not an ideal broker. Registration account takes 3 days to be able to run because of their verification that slow and complicated. Deposit amount is not acceptable which is using euro and it must be 10 000 euro. Method of payment is only have one which through wire transfer and trader don’t have any choice to use method of payment that suit with them. Leverage only 1:50 which for me it is not a good leverage since other broker can provide 1:1000 even more. Spread is variable but it start from 3 pips and this is not good spread because other broker can give me 2 pips fixed. For 3 month trading of course there is profit and loss that I have face but I manage to gain 30% profit a month and they slow in approving my withdrawal which takes a weeks. I left them after 3 month trading and close my account and withdraw all the money and it took 2 weeks for them to transfer into my bank account. To all trader out there if you want join them considered again because there is not much benefit when join them.
Author of HMS Markets: Albert | Date 2017-08-24
Trading with this broker has been very disappointing as every time I got some earnings and wanted to withdraw, I couldn't do it because my requests were not processed. Every time I requested a withdrawal, the support department gave all all type of excuses for not doing it. The first excuse was that I didn't have enough funds to make such a withdrawal, although I had more than $2,000 and I requested just $800. Then, it was that all my funds were part of the bonuses I had in my account, but that wasn't true neither! I don't like to trade with bonuses due to all the limits and rules they have. Finally, to make my first withdrawal, I had to wait 2 months to be processed. And to make the next one, I had to wait 3 months! That's why I don't recommend it.
Author of HMS Markets: PaoloG | Date 2017-08-02
I had a bad experience working with this broker. At the beginning I thought it was reliable and I could trust it, but nothing was as I expected. I made the initial deposit and started to trade as I had some experience trading in forex market. The trading platform works bad, it suffers from slippages and very slow execution of trades. My orders STP and TP were changed all the time, I fixed them at one price and when I realized, the price had changed, leading me to several losses. I tried to put a claim but any manager replied me. Definitely, this is a scam broker.
Author of HMS Markets: Victudn | Date 2017-07-12
So far, i have had a pretty Normal experience with HMS Markets for about 3 months now starting with $50 and they have good trading conditions. I've referred a number of friends and family members to them, and all are happy. I'm also an affiliate, I love it. My account manager Adhad Hdik offers is outstanding and he is a friendly professional person to do business with. He gives me regular phone calls if there is something he ca do to assist me in my trade. I can call me 24/7 and his knowledge of the services is quite good. After all, it is a good broker and i have not had any problem with freezing, or stop hunting what ever. Also, they have unique contests just to top it all.
Author of HMS Markets: EmeraanFx | Date 2017-06-05
I have been trading a VIP Accounts with HMS Markets last two years. I say they have actual quotes in real time and their MT4 trading platform is very stable from my long experience. I have been earned almost $3500 profits within this time. Their platform execution is perfect with a lot of useful tools and I can customize this platform with my own EA. As a professional trader nowadays I consider HMS Market is the profitable broker to me. Because I have been earned almost 150 pips per week. I did withdrawals so many times with them and no problem at all. So I will continue with HMS Markets broker and recommend to my friends.
Author of HMS Markets: Alexandro | Date 2017-05-18
HMS Forex became my broker in 2013. I decided to open a demo account to try this broker first. During 6 months, everything went well. Trading conditions in the platform were good, spreads fixed in EUR/USD and the broker allowed me to use EAs to improve my daily trading. After those months, I opened a real account with $3,000. But switching from demo to real account was a disaster. The platform used to freeze all the time and every order I opened, it closed from time to time without any reason, especially when that order was about to give me good earnings. I even ordered a VPS server to have more security in my trading and because managers suggested me to do it, but this didn’t work neither. At the end, I lost all my initial deposit.
Author of HMS Markets: razali | Date 2017-05-04
I’ve been joining HMS markets as investor for 3 years and I’m really satisfied with their team that manage to give me fixed income around 20-40%. So far I can enjoy those profit every 6 month because I choose medium term focus and I don’t have any problem in withdrawing my money from them. They invest my money for bond and Treasury bill that make me more confident in investing my money with them. Their support also good in giving me information about the company and keep in touch with me to know I’m satisfied with their service or not and if not they can improve their service in future. Besides I’m also join another investment like derivatives that will invest into futures, options and CFDs. This type of investment will let me enjoy the return every month around 20% with initial deposit for 1000 USD. They have professional team that always make sure their investment program are worth to apply. Thanks to HMS markets for introducing this investment to me.
Author of HMS Markets: Danubefx | Date 2017-04-14
I started to trade with HMS Markets after a friend recommended to me and after 5 months I am very pleased to be their client. I have an individual account with a first deposit of 10000 euro. I made the deposit with bank transfer. I trade Gold, Crude Oil and exotic pairs USD/DKK, USD/NOK. Even though it has the spread higher then other brokers, at least the broker is not manipulating the platform in his advantage. It has transparency for every commission of fee. I have now available to trade a little over 15.000euro, with one withdraw of 1500euro. The withdraw process is easy and it takes from 3 hours up to 2 days. The support team is really polite and helpful. I had one position opened during the night and in the morning was closed which was a - 350$ for me, and I talked with them and they solve the problem, because was from their servers. I recommend the broker!
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