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HMS Markets review
HMS Markets

On-line since: 2001
Country of origin: Luxembourg
Regulation: Registered in Luxembourg (registration number: B-10.559)
Payment options: Wire transfer
Minimum account size: €10,000
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lot
Leverage: 1:50
Spreads: Variable; 3 pips on average on EUR/USD

About the company:

HMS Markets Company was found in 1972. HMS LUX S.A. is one of the leading inter-dealer brokerage companies in Luxembourg, which service banks, hedge funds, traders and investors around the world.

HMS LUX S.A. is an independent firm licensed as Commissionaire et Courtier en Instruments Financiers. HMS LUX S.A. is a member of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Scheme in Luxembourg.

HMS Markets 9/10 (votes 3408)

Web-site: HMS Markets

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Author of HMS Markets: Danubefx | Date 2017-04-14
I started to trade with HMS Markets after a friend recommended to me and after 5 months I am very pleased to be their client. I have an individual account with a first deposit of 10000 euro. I made the deposit with bank transfer. I trade Gold, Crude Oil and exotic pairs USD/DKK, USD/NOK. Even though it has the spread higher then other brokers, at least the broker is not manipulating the platform in his advantage. It has transparency for every commission of fee. I have now available to trade a little over 15.000euro, with one withdraw of 1500euro. The withdraw process is easy and it takes from 3 hours up to 2 days. The support team is really polite and helpful. I had one position opened during the night and in the morning was closed which was a - 350$ for me, and I talked with them and they solve the problem, because was from their servers. I recommend the broker!
Author of HMS Markets: fxpero | Date 2017-03-15
I'm a novice trader HMS Markets. Before finding HMS Markets, I have been disappointed by many brokers are simply giving false promises. Now I feel comfortable joining HMS Markets I'm pleased to join with this broker. Customer support service is very satisfactory. Many traders who already have experience with this broker. This broker has high security. I'm still confused to traders who say that they find it difficult to withdraw even though I always find it easy at the time of withdrawal. All processes running perfectly. No process is complicated. if you want to join with this broker will definitely be a lot of advantages that we can get.
Author of HMS Markets: Poppy | Date 2017-02-21
I had a good trading experience with this broker. Its platform is very stable and doesn’t freeze even in the release of economic news. I was very surprised the first time I traded with them because I had bad experience from other brokers, especially with its trading platform; at the end, I used to lose my money, but with this broker it was very different since the beginning. I make my trades with binary options and for me, it’s very profitable. Also, I was using an EA for almost 6 months and it has a good performance during that time. Just 3 weeks ago, I had earnings of $300, which I withdrew without any problem.
Author of HMS Markets: fxmaniku | Date 2017-02-06
HMS forex broker is already widely known by traders. but it all does not match what is on the HMS website. After joining the execution turned out slow, slow withdrawal and deposit process is also very slow. They reply to all my emails and always said it was done quicker process. but until now I still difficult to withdraw. Deposit process is also quite long. They should provide fast service so I don't feel let down by this broker. Now I am disappointed with this broker. I want to find a broker that is better. Because of all the slow process will affect the profits I get.
Author of HMS Markets: Ayumi | Date 2017-01-13
I have been using this broker since 1 year ago. I am really dissatisfied with services especially about withdrawal because they always delay my request. Earlier, using their platform was really good and I used it almost 7 months. However, I found that platform freezing especially during major event and spike always occurred. I lost my fund in my trading account and decided to change to other broker.
Author of HMS Markets: Lee | Date 2017-01-04
Last week, I was having problem on my trading account. I can't get into my account, then I tried to report to part of the support and ask for help in order to recover my account. Their support is very friendly when answering the question from me, they explain in great detail and they really know their field will. I am pleased with that. Finally, my trading account can be used as before. Thanks to HMS Market.
Author of HMS Markets: First | Date 2016-12-30
Last week, I was having problems on my trading account, I can't get into my account, then I try to report to part of the support and ask for help in order to recover my account. Their support is very friendly when answering the question from me, they explain in great detail and they really know their field will, I am pleased. Finally, my trading account can be used as before. Thanks to HMS Market.
Author of HMS Markets: CappelliFX | Date 2016-09-26
Please Help, From HMS markets all of my deposits had been taken away from for no reason. I didn't got a mail too. I wasn't able to get a chance to talk with their support because they never answered my calls. HMS markets service is worst.
Author of HMS Markets: felix Mao | Date 2016-09-20
It was 2010 when I started to invest with them. The first account that I opened was a demo account. I practice a lot using the said account, and after 2 months, I decided to open a real account. Since they require 10000 Euros as a starting capital, I borrowed some money to my friends to starts trading with them. My first one year was very profitable. I earned a lot and paid my debts. However, when one of the processors were shut down, the money left in my account was also gone. I tried to contact them to get my money, but this company did not reconsider their decision. The total Euros that I lost was 15090 Euros. That time, I was very shocked and no idea what to do. Imagine, all my hard-earned money was gone in just a blink of an eye. Since then, I never trust any online investments.
Author of HMS Markets: George | Date 2016-08-02
The trading platform of this broker was too buggy, and no accurate live price feed.
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