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Renesource Capital review
Renesource Capital

On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: Latvia
Regulation: Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia (FCMC), European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
Payment options: wire transfer
Minimum account size: $10
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lots
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: floating

About the company:

Renesource Capital is a Latvia-based brokerage company established in 1998 in the capital of Latvia, Riga.

Renesource Capital grants its clients access to an impressive variety of trading instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, contracts for difference, bonds, futures, options, and stocks.

The broker provides a wide choice of trading platforms and services such as MT4, Integral, QUIK, CQG, Currenex, J-Trader as well as Equities DMA (Direct Market Access) and voice trading.

The trading conditions offered by the company may vary considerably depending on the instruments, platforms and type of account you use. For example, the FX Micro account on MT4, which is the best option for beginners, requires $10 as a minimum deposit and features floating spreads starting from 0.3 pips.

Renesource Capital 6/10 (votes 2599)
Author of Renesource Capital: henory | Date 2018-08-14
Renesource Capital is the worst broker available today. I open account with $100 as a test purpose , then their account manager called several times to encourage me increase funds and raise my account balance for higher profits. So I deposited $300 more. With profit my total balance stood up $570. When I put a withdraw request of $150 dollar they disabled my account without any notification. Even the account manager do't reply to my emails. I'm afraid my money is lost or worse stolen.
Author of Renesource Capital: Mxoduma | Date 2018-02-20
I was tried to trade with Renesource Capital broker in an FX Classic account on 2017. But my trading experience is disappointed due to the MT4 platform. suddenly it was freezed to open or close any trades, even the server system is poor and an order executed in 40 sec to 1.30 minute. Here I was deposited $500 and gradually I had lost due to these problems. So At the end, I have withdrawn my rest amount $467.50 via Skrill. But they trying to convince me to stay with them by the phone call. I say Renesource Capital is unprofessional broker and I can’t do any trading.
Author of Renesource Capital: Ruiton22 | Date 2018-01-04
I have recently opened an account with renesource, I would strongly suggest that you don’t use this broker. This is the most ridiculous platform out there. Last night open position 1lot EUR/JPY at 135.43,few minutes later it close auto at 134.26 and my balance zero. 100+ spike within few minutes, even that time there was no important news. This is unbelievable. I'm closing my account.
Author of Renesource Capital: Alfarizi | Date 2017-11-30
Hye trader, if you want to join renesource capital, better be careful. I have been using the service for more than 5 months and have couple of losses from the beginning. My order execution especially on TP and SL never executed properly so they don’t ever guarantee this! As such, last week I hope to secure 80 pips in profit but it went to opposite way. The fee structure is complicated with so many hidden fees. Quickly, getting all funds from the trading account and move to other Forex broker now. Hope to see more profitable trades with better and great services guys!
Author of Renesource Capital: macklemore | Date 2017-09-05
at first trading with renesource capital is okay everything was okay until last week my account has been freeze because they said they need to investigate my account because they suspect I’m using arbitrage on this account. As I know I just using scalping strategy which is will scalp below 10 minute or 5 minutes. Maybe they don’t like me always made a withdrawal request for every week. They feel insecure with my profit that’s why they made this excuse freeze my account. it has been a week I can’t trade using that account but it’s okay because my style I will withdraw all profit that I got every week so that I can reduce risk in trading. So far I will use 50 USD as capital only and I can gain up to 200 USD per week. I will trade on GBPJPY pair because this pair movement is fast but high risk. I don’t mind if they want freeze my account because I have another account with another broker. If they freeze because such excuse I can say that they are not reliable broker that want trader margin call and made deposit only. Please stay away with this broker if you don’t want they freeze your account.
Author of Renesource Capital: PALM | Date 2017-08-09
I have been complaining in Resource Capital after I was not able to withdraw my bonus including the profit I made for 4 weeks. The broker didn not confirm the reason why i cannot withdraw it and seems that they don't care at all. They only told me that they will process it but they never did. What they did made me disappointed so i made up my mind and close my account with them. I hate their way on how they treat their clients and i regret joining here!
Author of Renesource Capital: fxjustin | Date 2017-07-19
Renesource Capital is an excellent broker with a very flexible leverage. I have been trading with them for about 2 years and 5 months, I always got almost 100% profit and more then 50% bonus in every trading. They provide good trading platform with prices showed in the trading platform are in real time and not altered and every trading I have a personal manager who always helping me in all my doubts, he has showed me all the features of platform and peculiarities of forex trading. I'll invite all my family to do trading in this broker. Very good.
Author of Renesource Capital: mansur | Date 2017-06-12
Renesource Capital can be consider as one of the reliable broker and my recommendation is if anyone especially newbies who seek for reliable broker I recommend to use Renesource Capital service since it allowed minimum deposit of a 10 USD via wire transfer. Transaction services was good and normally it fast without any delay. Within less than 3 hours I can see my money already credited into trading account. In fact, I have been using the services for 2 years and I have made so many times deposit without any error occurred. During my early journey with Renesource Capital, my trading performance was not consistent because of my poor technical analysis and I keep improve trading skills by learn from the expert group. Now, my trading performance become well and I can generate additional income average 400 USD per month. Thanks Renesource Capital!!
Author of Renesource Capital: Meya | Date 2017-05-12
Renesource Capital's system gives you flexibility to trade anywhere in the internet access and if you are a casual trader, their minimum account is just $10 and it is perfect for me who was still newbie in forex trading so I shouldn't have to deposit too big and will not worry for big loss too. And I like them too because I got a bonus from them for my trading modal. Withdrawal process is stable and I get funds is reasonably quick. I recommended Renesource Capital.
Author of Renesource Capital: Rozzie | Date 2017-05-11
Renesource Capital is a reliable and trustworthy broker that I can rely on. In fact, I have been using the services over a year. Until now, they still maintain it especially on MT4 trading platform also very well-managed and organized. Sometimes, yes there is are-quote did happen but it was not too often and still considerable and okay. Normally, I will set stop loss and take profit and I am so thanks since it able to execute properly. I think trading wise on the platform was good and no issue. Last time, I did request a withdrawal $200 via wire transfer and I don’t have to wait for so long. As usual, process done less than 3-4 days, I can see money credited into account. Thanks Renesource Capital.
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