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On-line since: 2015
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC) – Russia
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, wire transfer in rubles
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:50-1:200
Spreads: floating

About the company:

VerumFX is a Russian brokerage company founded in 2015. It defines itself as a company that functions according to the Western model, and offers its customers open and transparent cooperation. The broker is regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center.
The main advantage of VerumFX is the fact that all transactions are conducted on the interbank market level, so the company does not assume any risks. That way, you get access to the best market liquidity and can earn profit without intermediaries. Verum FX does not offer any bonuses to attract more customers nor does it provide refund services for deposit and withdrawal commissions. Therefore, the company follows the US and European Forex systems.
VerumFX offers its customers the most popular and convenient online platform used for currency trading - MetaTrader 4. Trading instruments include 57 currency pairs, 13 CFD futures, spot WTI, spot gold and silver.
All processes within the company – from registration to depositing and withdrawing funds – are automated and performed as quickly as possible. Moreover, professional 24/5 support is available to solve any issues that might occur.
Please leave your comments on VerumFX on this page. Real reviews will help other traders to choose their brokerage company.

VerumFX 8/10 (votes 4046)
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Author of VerumFX: pipkasaket | Date 2018-02-02
I am a beginner and have been trading with VerumFX for a month. Their support is good, but I could see that their spreads can get quite high depending on the market, it's floating all the time. Besides the platform they use several times experienced freezing and error without notice. I complained through mails and chat support but they always replies that they apologized for the poor services and they were fixing the error and lag problems. Because of this matter it took longer to my account make a withdrawing order. . I hope they can fix the platform and fixed the spread, even in the mews release.
Author of VerumFX: peter | Date 2017-10-18
Let me tell you something about them. On Monday, I decided to claim my trading commission. Surprisingly, my commission has been cancelled. They told me that I used different persons to take advantage their VerumFX Partner program! What?! Are they stupid? I work hard for my referrals, and all the clients I referred are from the different part of the world. For example, I have two clients from Indonesia, 5 from UK and etc... and all of them are active traders. This company kept fabricating stories to hinder me to get my rewards amounting to 308 USD. I am very disappointed, because they didn't want to hear my side. Already sent numerous emails, but never heard any response from them. What a waste of time! I didn't expect this would happen to my account. I already warned my referrals about this and they're planning to withdraw their money and close their accounts!
Author of VerumFX: John | Date 2017-08-05
VerumFX is one of the worst broker I have ever traded with, firstly I lost money due to the constant slippage and slow execution, I lost about about $800, I started to trade with this broker last year, and everything was good for me in the beginning. But after, I could see that VerumFX just wants you to put money, their system often does not trigger SL and TP orders so I lose money.
Author of VerumFX: khalid | Date 2017-07-13
Yesterday, I tried to fund my standard trading account worth 75 Pound Sterling through Wire transfer. The reason why I am still trading with them is that this company has a good reputation here in Scotland. Most of my friends prefer to invest their own funds with them than to risk their money on the offshore brokers. Back to my deposits, yesterday was the 3rd time I funded my account since I opened it on May 31, 2017. I am not scared to invest my money because I personally experience how this broker is. I will cite an example, on Monday, 13.07.2017, I tried an Intraday up as an option value of $50 for USDJPY and set for 45 minutes. Guess what? I earned a profit from it. My total earning was 31.27 USD. I couldn't believe it since I am just a beginner.
Author of VerumFX: fxgirek | Date 2017-05-18
Since the beginning of knowing this broker, I see there are traders who provide positive comments and there are traders who provide negative comments. Now I know the truth. The promo given by VerumFX made me interested to join this broker. But after I joined it was a complicated registration process. Especially when doing verification. There are many documents that I have to submit and there are still less. That way the process makes it all a very long time even though I managed to join this broker. disappointed with this broker because now the service does not match what I want. Looks like I would think to look for a better broker.
Author of VerumFX: YonanFx | Date 2017-03-28
I have disgusting experience with VerumFX MT4 trading platform. Yesterday when I was open a buy position 1.0819 on EUR/USD, three hours later the trade going at a profitable position, in that time I want to close this order, but I can not close the trade for the frozen terminal. Today I got the same problem to open a trade. Now i realize that why last month I only make 50$ profit with them. I stopped trading here. while trading resulting small profit but I give a withdrawal request 200USD with my invest money via Yandex.Money. I faced a problem with this withdrawal then I contacted VerumFX support but the first time they didn't give any response to my replies. Ten minute later they said it was happening for the offshore payment gateway. I think it isn't my fault but they didn't give my money.
Author of VerumFX: Jack | Date 2017-03-16
Verum was a good surprise to me. It's a small and new broker, but it's very competent and trustworthy. I have never had a problem placing orders and having them filled immediately. No requotes and no slippages. All services offered by the company – are automated and fast, specially withdrawals. So far so good, no reasons to complaint about it.
Author of VerumFX: everydayforexgrind | Date 2017-02-22
I decided to open an account when I saw some positive reviews about this broker. This broker was referred to me by my friends and they are just new in the forex industry. I am still in their demo account and trying to understand every single detail on how to earn money from trading. I am earning a little using their demo account and I can say that I am happy that just using their demo account I can earn so I have a thoght that if ever I will switch into their live account I can make more money and yes I need to be very cafeful of my trading because I am sure I am gonna loose more money If i don't trade well. But I'm sure their support will always be here to answer my questions so I will update you here on whatever situation that will happen with me here in VerumFX. :D
Author of VerumFX: TraderNugroho | Date 2017-01-16
I faced a lot of problem with VerumFX, while trading resulting huge loss. I had a live account with $ 2000USD balance. And I had opened some positions, when the trade at the profitable position then I want to close my profitable order, but I am unable to close these trade for the frozen terminal. Next day I open my account and I saw that all trade of mine was closed with 500$ left in my account. So I contacted VerumFX support manager due to the problem, they said it was happening for the slippage problem of them. I think it wasn’t our fault I couldn’t believe how come such huge slippage can exist resulting in the loss . It was unfair to me such slippage has been created by them all fake slippage.
Author of VerumFX: Nerved | Date 2016-09-28
I had an investment in gbp/usd in the amount for $3300 and when it plummeted down today, I couldn't close the deal for more than a minute. It caused me to lose my whole deposit. From tech support said that there was no issue with the servers or anything. Well, of course, that I expected.
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