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Wall Street Forex Robot review
Wall Street Forex Robot


Wall Street Forex Robot

According to its developers, Wall Street Forex Robot is the smartest and most experienced Expert Adviser on Forex. Wall Street Forex Robot has automatic update and self-adapts to sensible Forex environment.

Wall Street Forex Robot trades and analyses market dynamics 24/5 with no time limits. The Expert Adviser opens positions at the lowest spread and the highest market liquidity.

Wall Street Forex Robot has been specifically developed by a team of professional traders for Forex trading.

Three reasons to use Wall Street Forex Robot:

  • Wall Street Forex Robot was developed by a team of professional traders with more than 30 years of complex experience in trading.

  • Wall Street Forex Robot is one of few time-proved Expert Advisers. The robot is based on low-risk scalping following short and medium-term trends.

  • Wall Street Forex Robot has proven its profitability over the years of Forex trading.

WallStreet Forex Robot is a software product which is 100% unbiased. It trades with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD and AUDUSD. WallStreet Forex Robot has 15 minutes timeframes. The Expert Adviser requires MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 installed.


Wall Street Forex Robot 9/10 (votes 367)
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Yofi | Date 2019-01-15
When I bought Wall Street Forex Robot, I was expecting my trading experience to be more convenient, easier, and lighter. But I guess it got even more stressful now that I started using this bot. Not only does it send false signals, it also makes a lot of losses when trading on its own. If I must say, in every 10 trades, it would lose 7 or 8 trades. That's how terrible it is.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Tafa | Date 2019-01-08
I followed the good reviews I read about this EA not knowing they are not real. This EA is full of errors and bugs, I only used it on the demo account and all I got was negative results. I won't recommend this EA to anyone always opening and closing trades at the wrong time.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Walex | Date 2019-01-04
I bought Wall street forex robot two months ago and it has traded 39 times in total and 25 were profits trades, most often it wins whenever I open large lot size of positions, which has been great for me. Very easy to comprehend with the usage even the setting is very easy to update. I am so grateful to this EA, at least this is not a waste of fund.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Rosee | Date 2019-01-02
I have been using Wall Street Forex Robot for more than three months now. To be honest, it is a decent trading bot. I mean, if we talk about winning rate, it could win around 3 out of 5 trades. However what I don't like is that it doesn't care about the parameters I set. If only it follows those parameters, it could have a higher winning rate. I don't know why it does that and the company hasn't responded to me yet (it has already been a month). I don't think it's worth your $120 because it would take a long time before it recovers that amount. It's been three months and I still haven't recovered mine.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Moses | Date 2018-12-24
3 months now of using this EA, and I have had no issues with using the wall street forex robot. It really works on my long time tradings. My profits increased within the short time of using this EA. The support team has been so helpful to me, I recommend this EA.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Minhyuk | Date 2018-12-20
I think it would take me a long time before having the courage to try out a trading bot again. Because as of now, I am hating all the bots. I tried Wall Street Forex Robot and it costed me almost a quarter of my capital even though I only used it for less than a month. It kept ignoring the parameters I set and it opens and closes positions on the worst price.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Mantha | Date 2018-12-18
For the past 6 months, I have been using and testing Wall Street Forex Robot. Before using it, my resolve was that I would take the risk and use it on a live account. I'd stop if it didn't work for the first few weeks, and if it did actually work, then good for me. And since it has already been 6 months, this bot definitely works. I say this in behalf of my personal experience. Based on my records, in a week, it only loses 6 trades at most. All the rest were winning and it could trade more than 30 times a week. So it's a really great help in boosting my account.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Lami | Date 2018-12-13
One of the worst provider I ever used. I used wall street forex robot for about 3 weeks, it is very unreliable with wrong signals, I contacted support thrice and they were very unresponsive to reply, majority of signals are unprofitable.
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Funmi | Date 2018-12-11
This is actually a good EA, initially I had a bit of a slow start with my account setup, but with the help of the customer support team it was resolved. The quality of the signal is pretty good, signals are mostly on target. So far it has brought a good profit, I am satisfied with it .
Author of Wall Street Forex Robot: Stephie | Date 2018-12-10
I only wasted $150 to a useless bot like this Wall Street Forex Bot. It causes glitches in my platform whenever I use it. The first time I used it, it was a calm market. But then the chart moved up and down aggressively and doesn't stay still on one price. I know something is wrong because this kind of movement doesn't usually happen on a calm market. So I stopped using it first. And guess what, the movement was back to normal. I wanted to take a refund but I can't reach the seller anymore.
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