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On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: Cyprus
Regulation: CySEC
Payment options: wire transfer
Minimum account size: $250
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:400
Spreads: fixed

About the company:

24FX is a brokerage company which provides its clients with advanced technologies to trade online. It creates favorable conditions to trade commodities, indices, and shares.

The broker offers to trade via MetaTrader 4. Clients can choose from three types of accounts depending on their needs and trading experience. The Silver account requires the minimum deposit of $250. The Gold account has to be deposited with at least $5,000. The Platinum account needs a deposit of $20,000.

Besides, 24FX promises fast execution of orders and enables trading in the automatic mode. Owing to regular mailout and daily market updates, clients are fully aware of the latest developments and trends in financial markets.

On the official website, traders can find educational and instructive materials, receive online tutorials, and apply for a webinar.

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Author of 24FX: Derajat | Date 2020-07-27
My withdrawals also took a lot of time and sometimes I could not make request. I emailed them but until now they won't respond to my mail. When I wanted to close my account, they also refused to close it. In the end, they hold an inactive account in my name.
Author of 24FX: Charles | Date 2020-04-22
It’s so bad. In conclusion, 24 Fx is just a thief, because they will take away your money when you want to withdraw. Please be careful with this broker, or you will lose your money like me. I lost my money $790 after deposit $800. I contacted them again and their support always gave me the same reply my request was done. I was really angry with their lie
Author of 24FX: Ozan | Date 2020-01-16
I deposited $800 with the system Wire Transfer and I opened my live trading account. The funds were credited in my account after 5 working days, because of some technical issues from the servers of the broker. Therefore, I called their support to ask about my request. Their support told me that my money had been already transferred to my account. Then, I checked my account again, but there was nothing. I contacted them again and their support always gave me the same reply my request was done. I was really angry with their lie, and then I loss $780.
Author of 24FX: Olle | Date 2019-11-20
I have been trying to withdraw $250 from my account at 24FX for two months now. They kept asking me for documents which I duly submit but nothing seems to satisfy the. They still won't process my request even after giving them whatever they ask for. I don't think this broker has any intention of releasing my fund. Whenever I complain, they simply brush it off with excuses. I am starting to look for a new broker now.
Author of 24FX: PsiniaLav | Date 2019-10-14
It is a scam, I feel system changes if you don't lose. Always close in favor of your opposite, some points before getting your stop or limit, So you cannot use the stop and limit on the web platform. The sad part was when I made $500 deposit then i make a profit $1000; debited my account due to off market trading adjustment I faced, twice this issue i still can't get my money, all is a fraud.
Author of 24FX: Bagi | Date 2019-04-10
I have only traded with 24FX for three months and I don't think I could deal with them any longer. The broker was great at the beginning. The representative was very welcoming and accommodating. But it did not last long. And as time went by, I noticed an increase in the trading costs. But the worst experience is that I burnt half of my trading balance simply because I could not close the deal due to the faulty platform. It would either display an error or just crash entirely. And the broker doesn't want to take responsibility over it.
Author of 24FX: fxnyakwa | Date 2018-11-13
I think 24FX is a nice broker but not too good for trading in. I trade here since 2 months ago and now I don't think wanna make deposit anymore. Because I have experienced huge slippage, freeze platform and cheating activity on the MT4 platform during trading. They present information that very helpful my trading, timely and up to date aslo gives me profit and bonus, but its only about 10% to 15% from the total amount that I deposited. Isn't it to small ? I wanna find another broker who give good commition.
Author of 24FX: Aurelpip | Date 2018-02-28
I closed my silver account last week, after I had argued with support manager regarding the delays on the platform MT4 and the fact that since two months the broker started to manipulate the prices. I first deposited 250$ and made a profit after the first month 200$ trading currency pairs USD/CAD, USD/NZD. After the 3rd month of trading with them the problems started, suddenly crashes of the platform, or positions closed by the broker during the night, which they never opened back. I had 3 times negative slippage total amount of 120$ from 20 trades. I don't recommend this broker.
Author of 24FX: TraderJamil | Date 2017-12-06
I had no problem with 24FX broker before, Over the last 2 weeks there are a few occurrence where. Last week their server crashed while I was in the middle of a trade, I saw the price is moving down after half an hour then I manage to closed the order but it's already late and I already lost $130. I find out that unreasonable spread hit among my trading order's positions! I trade many different styles, when it comes to trading news events, they are the worst. What they suck at is about 30 seconds before a news trade, they hike the spread to 22 pips. Thinking to trading forex elsewhere.
Author of 24FX: Marcus | Date 2017-11-01
Their MT4 platform is not that bad, and I had a bad experience with them when they closed my position without any clear explanation, also my S/l order simply did not work, and I ended up losing almost 50% of the investment I made. When it comes to market analysis, theirs is not that good. So, now I am trading with another broker.
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