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Bloombex Options

On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: the United Kingdom
Regulation: -
Payment options: Visa and MasterCard credit cards, wire transfers
Minimum account size: $300
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: -
Spreads: -

About company:

The minimum deposit at Bloombex is $300. The maximum size of deposit depends on the chosen payment option: credit cards (up to $20,000), bank wire transfers (unlimited), CashU ($1,000 in one transaction), Paypal/Moneybookers ($20,000). Traders can register accounts with various currencies: EUR, USD, GBP and AUD.

Trading at Bloombex is conducted through the SpotOption platform which is also available as mobile apps for Android and iPhone. These apps enable traders to place deals whenever and wherever they are. A mobile platform has the same functions as a PC platform. Clients of Bloombex can enjoy a wide range of trading instruments and use various strategies.

The broker offers different option types: Sixty Seconds, High/Low, Pair Options, and One Touch, as well as Long Term and Ladder. The expiration period can be short: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Alternatively, it can be longer: the end of a day, a week or a month; 30 days or 150 days.

110 underlying assets are at traders’ disposal. The assets break down into the following categories:

19 shares: SBERBANK (RUSSIA), TESCO, LUKOIL (RUSSIA), NIKE (US), MICROSOFT (US), APPLE (US), GAZPROM (RUSSIA) and shares of other famous companies.

23 currency pairs: USD/ZAR, USD/TRY, USD/TRY, USD/SGD, USD/SGD, USD/RUB, and others.

Commodities: gold, silver, crude oil, wheat, coffee, and sugar.

20 stock indices: DOW (US), DUBAI (DUBAI FINANCIAL MARKET GENERAL INDEX), S&P 500 (US), and others.

Payout is specified on every deal separately. The amount of payout depends on the option type. On average, the profit is 70-85% for binary options and up to 550% for One Touch options. In case of a losing deal, the broker offers its clients to get a compensation amounting to 10% of the sum which was spent for buying an option. Thus, traders can offset part of their losses.

Moreover, Bloombex provides educational services. Beginners can pick up useful information from the glossary that will help them get an insight into the world of Forex. Besides, the website contains a calendar of key economic events that can influence the dynamics of quotes.

The clients of Bloombex can contact the support team by email or phone numbers which are different for every region. Besides, a clients can ask their questions in a live chat. The website is available in English, German, French, or Italian, as well as Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Turkish.

The minimum withdrawal is 100 euros or US dollars. As long as withdrawal request is being processed, a client is free to cancel this it.

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Author of Bloombex Options: Aries | Date 2020-05-15
I always have problems with log-in and connection. It's either you are disconnected from the server or can't receive SMS. They suspend my account saying that I trade illegally. I opened trade at the price I want and closed the trade at the price I want. I made loss. Also very difficult to withdraw the profits because they're going to reject all the documents.
Author of Bloombex Options: Senira | Date 2020-02-10
I got trapped with this broker 3 months ago when I opened an account with them. Funded my account same day with $500, first everything was going well until I tried withdrawing from my account, I must say these guys are really terrible.I have been waiting 4 weeks for my money up till now I have not received my money. As for me, trading forex consider one of my side income and it is really important to look seriously into this matter to avoid loss later and hope they will improve soon.
Author of Bloombex Options: Cebanico | Date 2019-12-13
Bloombex Options broker took more than $500 from me. Before this broker completely stopped their operation, I was already having trouble withdrawing my fund. I requested a withdrawal of $100 that time which they did not approve. After that request, they also became unresponsive so it became even harder to keep communication with them. Until later on, the broker just closed down.
Author of Bloombex Options: Delia | Date 2019-11-06
I was opened a demo account with their min size $300. A week after i opened my accoount, I got profit $120. I think I could get more profit If I open a real account, so that's why, I opened a real account with $1000 deposit. But, during my trading, the internet connection suddenly down. I call their customer support for several times, but they just said that I have to increase my deposit again. After their customer support said like that, I ask my friend, then my friend suggest me to stop my trading with this broker.
Author of Bloombex Options: Remzon | Date 2019-05-03
I had an account manager at Bloombex who seemed reliable during my first few weeks. He guided me throughout my trading activities and provided me with advice every now and then. However, after profiting for a while, I noticed that my account balance has been gradually dropping. I found unfamiliar trades in my trading history which turned out to be the doing of my account manager. All of those trades were losing trades so I lost so much. When I learned about this, he didn't answer to my emails anymore.
Author of Bloombex Options: NitinKhurde | Date 2018-11-18
I have lost almost $500 after forex trade with Bloombex broker. As the Bloombex trading platform is a bullshit. Basically, it is a binary options trading platform but recently they develop and included forex trading instruments. FALL and RISE instead of BUY and SELL are very confusing, also I found the platform always freeze and One click, Double click tools didn't works, Really I am amazed that sometimes it has been cancelled my pending orders too. So I am unable to open or close an order on the platform in my desired positions and getting lost my invest every day. Now I have make a withdraw request via PayPal but the request is rejected. So I am awful with them, As they are blacklisted by many national and international regulators.
Author of Bloombex Options: Sakhile Mkhize | Date 2018-03-13
I didn't like to do binary options trading with Bloombex broker, Because has been blacklisted by many national and international regulators. While I have a little awful with the Bloombex Trading Platform, which is a cross platform of binary options and Forex. The platform freeze in the trading time and all trading tools didn't works, also sometimes it allows early cancellation of trades on tiny Currencies and Commodities, also I am unable to withdraw my $100 deposit funds and with earned $40. I say is impossible for withdraw because overall all of my withdrawal is rejected via Neteller. So It is so difficult to trade with them.
Author of Bloombex Options: fxagnez | Date 2018-01-19
I have been trading with Bloombex for 2 months until now and I think the trading I made was not worth with the profit I got. At the first time, I join this broker because there are many traders comment in forum that said Bloombex provide convenient platforms compatible for lots of different devices and types of trading accounts! I start trading by deposit $500 but heir MT4 is not have that good process, it have delays 2-3 seconds and during a trading time it is very unstable and changes the spreads and the trading conditions constantly without notifying. I called their support to ask about this issue, and they promised that they will fix it in soon. More then a week I got nothing, so I call they again and after 3 days I got my money back. And the bonus just nonsense, so now I stop my trading process here and for me is not the best broker in the forex market.
Author of Bloombex Options: Aminat | Date 2018-01-19
A real scam! Bloombex options cancelled all my profitable transactions for Thursday, 18 January 2018 and left the ones where I lost money. As usual, they ignored my queries through their support service, and they even stopped picking my calls. I am full of regrets for, trading on this platform!
Author of Bloombex Options: davide G | Date 2017-11-07
My affiliate trading account had been taken down. That was 6 months ago when I received an email from them and they're claiming that I cannot withdraw the profits from my trading commissions worth 264.85 Euros from my referrals. According to them, some of my referrals are bogus. They accused me that I was using people to take advantage of their affiliate program! I was shocked upon reading the letter. How could they do that? I resigned as a bank manager to work as an affiliate of this company. In fact, I spent a hundred dollars for promoting their services to any social media platforms. My strategy is effective because I convinced 18 clients from all over the world to invest using my affiliate link. Some of my referrals are actively trading with them... And now they just simply dumped me!! The saddest part was they never hear me out. :) What I did was I warned my referrals and convinced them to withdraw all their funds and I am happy because they follow my instructions because the last time I checked reviews about them, was they no longer accept new clients. I think this company stop operating their business anytime soon.
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