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Centaur Financial Services Ltd closed

Centaur Financial Services

Centaur Financial Services Ltd (license number CIF 018/03) has waived its CIF permits on its own will, therefore it has not been providing any investment services since November 30, 2018. Clients should address all their questions to Fiduserve Asset Management Ltd that manages the company’s activities.

Company. Safety of funds

Centaur Financial Services Limited provided discretionary portfolio management services for wealthy individuals, institutions, and mutual funds. Centaur was licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The company offered its clients to administer their funds through managed accounts. Client assets were held by JP Morgan, not the broker itself.

Trading terms

Centaur used analytical methods and tools to do its own market research. Mainly, the company’s investment portfolio included shares of major developed markets.

The broker used to establish portfolios that provided access to specific markets. Portfolios comprised of shares or derivatives, while trading strategies varied from conservative to aggressive. The minimum deposit was 100,000 EUR. Institutional and private wealthy investors were among the broker’s clients.

Customer service

Centaur was headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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Author of Centaur Financial Services: Enora | Date 2019-08-22
I am one of those clients who was not given enough attention. I heard that many of my fellow clients were given their rightful funds and were transferred without a problem. However, that is not the case with me. I had around $1500 in my account left and I wasn't able to access my account for months. I thought it was being processed for transfer but then since I find it too long, I asked the support. I was told that my account was not transferred due to a reason I could not understand. She told me that they will just give me back the remaining balance. It took another month before the transfer of the money was made and it was less than $1000 already.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Vexx | Date 2019-08-13
Centaur is a trusted broker among entrepreneurs. I believe most of its investors are those of big companies and individuals. I really wanted to open an account here because I often hear it from the financial-related documentaries that I watch. However, I cannot afford the minimum deposit. I feel a little sad that they already closed down before I could even save up for the initial capital but seeing that they transferred their clients to another good brokers, then I might go with that company when the time comes.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Bach | Date 2019-08-07
The transfer went smoothly. There were no extreme complications. It is sad that Centaur itself had to close down because I have been well-accustomed to their system of operations already but the good news is that Fiduserve is a reliable company as well. It may have a few differences in terms of interface, but they provide great service nonetheless.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Sagui | Date 2019-08-02
If Centaur did not close down, I probably would remain as their client. Throughout the three years that I have been with them, I had no issues. The platform is superb, the spread and fees are reasonable, the support team are dependable, and the payment system is excellent. I know they have their reasons and I they proved until the end that they are an honest broker because they properly transferred our accounts to another firm.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Heramin | Date 2019-07-22
I was also one of their former clients but I didn't receive the same professional treatment as the other traders in here did. I did not receive a notice that there would be a transfer to another company. I just suddenly lost access to my account and the company does not answer my emails. I wonder why that is. The other traders seem to not have any problem but why can't I access my account and why wasn't I informed? I even got to know it through this article.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Aechen | Date 2019-07-19
I have a business that has been running for almost six years now. I used to only keep all the profit in a bank account but then after hearing about Forex trading, I decided to study about it and put a portion of the profits into this investment. I chose Centaur as per the recommendations of my business associates. The broker was great. I didn't have much of a problem doing my trades. However, for some reason, they had to close down. Well, at least they are legally processing the transfer of our accounts so there is no problem. But trading activities were temporarily halted until the transfer is completed.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Hiann | Date 2019-07-12
I still wonder what made this broker close down. I am a former client of Centaur and I honestly had a fruitful trading experience. The withdrawal system is efficient, platform is stable, and the spread is competitive. I just had a bit of a problem upon the request to close my account. It took quite some time before they allowed me to withdraw my funds. This is quite understandable because they didn't want to lose a client.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Prafian | Date 2019-07-03
It is a shame that this broker stopped operating. I'm pretty sure they have a valid reason and I admire them for transitioning their clients to another broker in a proper manner. I also haven't heard any grave issue on this broker aside from the usual troubles in the platforms such as frequent lags or delays. But at least, the clients are assured that their funds will remain the same.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Rezaul | Date 2019-06-24
What is good about this broker is the fact that they did not leave their clients hanging when they left the market. They made sure that the clients will be transferred to a new yet trustworthy brokerage firm. Other brokers just leave the market suddenly and even takes away the funds of their clients. Given that this broker is professional and decent, it's a shame that it had to close.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Jusa | Date 2019-06-20
Centaur is a broker for wealthy individuals or institutions so I never had an account here. But my friend who is an entrepreneur was a client of this broker. Based off his stories, this broker seemed to be a pretty decent one. It provided what the clients need from financial reviews, to Forex education and quality customer care. It is unfortunate that it had to close (I don't really know the specific reason) but it settled everything with their clients before they stop their operations. Until the end, Centaur prioritized the interests of their clients.

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