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On-line since: 2012
Country of origin: Russia
Regulation: -
Payment options: credit cards (Visa/MasterCard), payment systems such as WebMoney, OKPAY, LiqPay, PBR Money, PayPal, Sberbank, and Yandex.Money
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.00 lots
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: Forex — from 3 pips, CFDs — from 5 pips

About company:

FxFinance renders services for working in the world financial markets, teaches how to trade, provides analytical materials and reviews as well as advises on investments and financial capital management.

The broker offers one account type which enables trading currencies, gold, silver, and binary options on the MetaTrader 4 and UTIP platforms.

The company's offices are located in many cities of Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, as well as in the European and the CIS countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.

Some special conditions are offered to VIP-clients. Currently, there are 2 VIP statuses, GOLD (for deposits from $50,000 to $100,000) and PLATINUM (from $100,000). VIP clients can join a professional club, attend private functions, master classes, training courses and seminars and also have access to the analytical centre.

For beginning traders, FxFinance has prepared various promotions, including bonus of $100 into a no deposit account.  In order to gain it, a trader needs to join the official FxFinance's group in Vkontakte, open a trading account and fill in a simple request form for receiving the bonus. When the company's managers have the information verified, the bonus will be credited to the trader's account.

The broker belongs to FxFinance PLC (GC FxFINANCE) and is regulated neither in Russia nor in any other country.

Please leave your FxFinance-reviews which will help others to assess the broker's work.

FxFinance 3/10 (votes 1992)
Author of FxFinance: Delilah | Date 2019-01-23
I had a demo account at FxFinance and I actually almost opened a real one with them. I honestly enjoyed my experience while trading demo but while deciding if I should continue with a live account, I found out that they were not under any regulatory authorities. At first, I didn't care about the regulation but when I searched for what I should look out for in a broker, regulation always came up. Then I realized how important it is that a broker is regulated. So I opted not to open a live account anymore because I didn't want to risk my money. If anything goes wrong, I wouldn't have any hold on the broker.
Author of FxFinance: pipmabek | Date 2018-11-12
I think its better not start trading with FxFinance because their slow trading platform and floating and diverse spreads size Forex — from 3 pips, CFDs — from 5 pips, its really hard for trader especially beginners like me who just join forex for less than 6 months. Two weeks ago I opened trading in CFDs its floating from 5 to almost 10 pips and while trading I am getting very terrible by their froze paltform and floating spread that make me almost lost more then 50% my profit. I need to think again to continue trading at FxFinance broker or not.
Author of FxFinance: piptalakelom | Date 2018-04-26
I traded with FxFinance for only 2 months, first in demo account and the next at live account. I played around with demo account and my first impression with this broker very positive. The platform is very user-friendly and there are no technical issues and every process run smoothly. But everything started to look different and there are many irregularities when I do trading in live account. I think they manipulate the prices on the market, specially during volatility times so the traders don't suspect to much. Besides, their spreads are floating from 3 pips and for CFDs — from 5 pips. In my first and second trading last month, I had profit about 10% to 15% but after that the profit was lower and lower. And the most trouble process are in my last trading, when I deposit $150 but I can't be closed my trades easily, I called support team but they just don't provide a definite solution, just ask me to wait or maybe they are enjoying the benefits from manipulating my money. I closed my account last week and advice my friend to never try join this not reliable broker.
Author of FxFinance: Anaissfx | Date 2018-03-07
Started to trade with FXfinanace around 4 months ago, I will soon close my account just waiting for the approval to withdraw my last funds. I have a standard account with a first deposit of 100$, which I lost after 2 weeks of trading. Deposited again 100$, managed to make a profit of 200$ with currency pairs USD/CAD, USD/NZD. The platform is not stable during volatility times, and the spread are crazy high. I had a profit of 300$ which I now wait to have the approval to withdraw and I will close the account because the trading conditions aren't the best.
Author of FxFinance: pipkamulailom | Date 2018-01-17
I had a bad impression while trading in FxFinance for 3 weeks. I lost about $175 from my profit and I don't get the no deposit bonus they promise before. The trading platform is really bad, I was unable to set stop loss and limits because the trading platform that error and just kept saying "busy server". They also disable the execution during those high volatility. Whereas before, in a demo account the trading platform run fast and no error at all. I call the support, but they said that just a temporary repayment, and will give my profit within 24 hours. After 30 hours I didn't get any things. I suggest everyone not to open an account here. They are not professional.
Author of FxFinance: Pauloo | Date 2017-12-12
This is a total scam, I am talking from experience, I made losses few months ago. After few months stop trading at real account, they just cancel my account without any notice, all my balance in my account had gone. Be ware of this broker!
Author of FxFinance: Mc Laura | Date 2017-11-06
I am still waiting for my profit withdrawal of a $500 from Liqpay system and it has been 2 week of waiting already. Previously, process was quite fast but recently they are having down time approval and I have to wait for so long. I just cannot wait and already contacted to support team but answer totally not helpful. On June 17, I have lost $200 when they cancelled my profit without any appropriate reason. I did received an e-mail from their manager about profit has been cancelled due to invalid trading method also I have violated their term at the same time. It is not make sense, in fact I know I never break any of the rules stated in the trading contract. Due to that, I will close my account no point to wait anymore. Wish more profitable trades with new broker platform soon.
Author of FxFinance: wandik | Date 2017-10-24
https://fxfinance-pro.com/ scam brokers withdrawal not processed for 3 weeks and finally make accused fraud account to client, stay away from this broker, not regulated broker, looking for reason to not pay withdrawal.
Author of FxFinance: fxhanameuho | Date 2017-10-12
I'm new be, and I joined FxFinance 3 weeks ago and I made good earnings with this broker in the first week, about 25% from the deposit, so I decided to make a trading again without withdraw my profit. But my account was blocked and I was rejected to make a withdraw request. Beside that I noticed there are slippages and sometimes my account freezes. I ask to their customer support about the trouble I get, and they told me that my problem is being processed and I hope it is solved soon. I wait until a weeks without their confirmations and what happened is my account has been shut down without any notification from them. If they wish to maintain services like this without making any improvement I think many traders have left them.
Author of FxFinance: buangao chOi! | Date 2017-09-13
It's been two weeks already, but haven't received my money yet! All I got from the is a generic response. They told me to wait and wait and wait...But how long should I really wait? Anyway, the money that I requested to withdraw was not my profit, but own funds. I don't want to continue my trading activities with them after they cancelled my profits worth $96.74 on August 27, 2017 without valid a explanation. They just told me that I extremely violate the rules, and they could not point out which rules I heavily violated! It's totally unfair, because I never used any methods that would endanger my account. I am not an idiot! Yeah, I want money, but it doesn't mean that I would use a prohibited method/strategy just to get what I want! My conscience is clear and again I DID NOT VIOLATE ANY OF THEIR RULES. I plead, but nothing happens. So, I decided to withdraw the money left in my account worth $345.60. That was August 29, 2017 when I told them that I would close my account and withdraw my funds. They told to send my documents for verification purposes, I did, but still they kept holding my money.
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