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Hedge Total

On-line since: 2009
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Regulation: -
Payment options: cash paymants, wire transfer, payment cards, WebMoney, RBK Money, QIWI Payment Terminals, mobile payments, Yandex.Money, EasyPay, MoneyMail RUR, Wallet One, Z-Payment, WebCreds
Minimum account size: $1
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:500
Spreads: from 0 pips

About the company:

Hedge Total is a brokerage company established in 2009. The broker offers its clients over 200 instruments for Forex trading as well as CFDs on stocks and precious metals.

The company’s clients can open one of four types of live accounts: Cent, Total, Classic, and ECN. Traders can choose either USD or EUR or RUR as a currency of their accounts. The minimum deposit is $1. Besides, the company adds 40% per annum on free funds of its clients.

Trading can be performed via such trading platforms as MetaTrader5 and Power Trader. For mobile trading the broker’s clients can use MetaTrader5 Mobile.

Traders can benefit from free educational course and round-the-clock customer support. Moreover, Hedge Total holds various contests for traders and offers them different bonuses such as Bonus +100% for every replenishment of a trading account.

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Author of Hedge Total: fxgundulgood | Date 2017-09-07
I trade with Hedge Total for a couple of months and I like their trading conditions, their trading server and best trading platform they provided. I trade via MetaTrader5 and MetaTrader5 Mobile that very user friendly and works with fast execution of trades and real time prices. The most important thing I like is, while trading it less frozen and order execution are mostly executed smoothly. I can earned $68 - $100 in every trading, its really make me happy. You guys should try trading in Hedge.
Author of Hedge Total: Valdez | Date 2017-07-03
Trading with Hedge Total in 1 year, I’m pleased with this broker because they have excellent conditions in trading. I have better trades at this broker than my previous broker. This broker always supports me whenever I have some difficulties in trading. Last week, I earned huge profit – 1000$, when I deposited 800$ in my account for trading. Immediately, I decided to withdraw 600$, and I spent 3 hours to receive money. It’s awesome, because I have no problem or no delay in that process. In addition, Hedge Total has nice spreads, fast execution, and no requote. This broker also has easy setup and deposit is quick to start trading. Thus, you are completely to get profit when you trade with Hedge Total. Hedge Total is the best broker for all traders to trade. Generally, they are my ideal broker, and I will keep up with this broker
Author of Hedge Total: Leo | Date 2017-06-14
Hedge Total only make promises, but no executions to keep them. Last month I did not get a bonus as it should be, I sent an email but no reply. Then I called the operator and they said it would carry out checks and repairs. But it takes a very long time by more than 3 weeks. The process of withdrawal of profit I did also experience connection problems and disorders. I call operator but they still promises the same as before but until now I have not received the results of both problems I reported it. They do not give satisfaction to the client's trading. Hedge Total is very bad.
Author of Hedge Total: kheze | Date 2017-05-12
Had to close my account because there's price discrepancies. I noticed it when I tried to compare the quotes t another broker. The price for GBP/JPY is 5 pips difference from their quote window compared to another broker. When I contacted the Live Chat, I was told that the pricing discrepancies are due to low Internet connection. What?! I have a stable Internet connection. What was your basis? Shame on you Hedge Total. The response of your staff only proves that you are nothing but a crook! Please train your staff again because it represents your entire company.
Author of Hedge Total: Crane | Date 2017-04-24
Trading forex with 5 years, the worst thing that I have ever done becomes client with Hedge Total. Thus, I really hate my time when I traded with Hedge Total. Although, I just traded with this broker in last year, I got many losses in trading with this broker. In addition, their spreads are one of the most expensive in among brokers that exist out in forex market. Their customer support is really awful, and their chat support is incompetent by nature. Actually, this broker usually trades against with their clients. Whenever I set a pending order (either a buy stop order or a sell stop order), the market quote always seems to reach the predefined quote. For example: I earned profit with 500$ in last month when I deposited 400$ for trading. However, they blocked my account until my being positive turned to negative. Hedge Total is really a bad broker, so let’s run away. At the moment, I don’t want to trade with this broker anymore, after I had many bad things at here. All in all, please don’t waste your time with Hedge Total, because they are just a cheater!!
Author of Hedge Total: Sarah | Date 2017-02-14
I was looking for a broker where I could fund my account with minimum deposit, so I could invest in different instruments, considering the spread of course. So I came accross Hedge total, that fit to my needs, my orders are executed very fast, they work with MT5 for pc and mobile and it´s great. I trade with EUR/USD and GPY/USD and never got disapointed with their spreads.
Author of Hedge Total: Aliyu | Date 2017-02-03
Hedge Total was my broker a year ago, fortunately for short time because I demo traded for 5 months before going into the Live trading, but there is a huge difference between the Demo account and Live account. It happens that I was in a very good winning long position and when I decided to close it with a sell, the platform decided to open a new short position instead. I thought I mistook something and tried it again but the platform opens a second short position. I couldn't hedge because when I opened my account, they told me that is possible to hedge with this platform and due to the name of this broker I believed them but when I detected that hedging is not possible, I immediately closed my account
Author of Hedge Total: TingChiu | Date 2017-01-23
I like a reputable broker who still supports hedging and makes funds available by debit card. So I opened an account to use hedging with forex Hedge Total broker. If I go Long 1000 Units, and instead of a stop I open a hedge, same size,20 pips away, just like a stop( if the pair doesn´t go my way of course). There can be no margin call cause, whatever happens, one loss is compensated by one win, minus 20 pips right? And I think having the trade on the same Chart, both ways makes my life real simple...cause I used to open the hedge on a subaccount.
Author of Hedge Total: Skylar | Date 2016-10-13
They are the worst of the worst. 2 weeks ago I did a transfer to my bank account and I specified all the details in the withdrawal form. Instead of transferring me the money to my account they divided the amount and transferred to 3 different credits card which I closed last year. I try contacting the customer service for over 20 times and till now they did nt resolve the issue and they said according to their policy they cant transfer the money to my account they have to transfer it to my credit cards??
Author of Hedge Total: pipgibahsemua | Date 2016-09-01
I'm looking for a broker who just set the value of the minimum deposit is $ 1, and it seems I am interested in Hedge Total. Despite the many negative comments about the quality of the trading process and also the process of withdrawal in this broker that often had problems and delays of up to several days. I was confused because of the information on their website, many advantages are very tempting me. But is it a lie? I am not sure whether to open an account or looking for another broker.
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