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On-line since: 1998
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Regulated by the SEC, NASD, NYSE, SFA and other regulatory agencies around the world
Payment options: Bank wire, checks and on-line check
Minimum account size: $5,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: from 1:20 to 1:50
Spreads: ECN broker - 1 pip (or lower) on EUR/USD

About the company:

The Interactive Brokers Group, Inc was established by Thomas Peterffy. Within the last 32 years, the Company was developing actively and became one of the leading companies in the segment of providing services for financial markets. 
Interactive Brokers is working at more than 80 world financial markets, offering the professional traders the services of on-line trade, including trading at Forex, stock market, futures market and bonds trading across the world. 
Interactive Brokers’ clients amount to around million traders from different countries.

Interactive Brokers 8/10 (votes 4985)
Author of Interactive Brokers: pipwana | Date 2017-10-16
Interactive Brokers is great broker, because they are very honest broker, who really cares about their clients. I have been dealing with this broker since 2 years ago, and I've made almost 3 withdrawals and every week and I got my money very soon. I liked the fast execution of trades and fixed spreads, their spreads don't widen while trading. So I got profit more then 30% from my deposit, and every time I need any help, they are able to help me even in the night. . I recommend Interactive Brokers to every trader.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Pandelela | Date 2017-08-23
I am one of the client of Interactive Broker and have been using the service platform for few months. If anyone did planning to search for the best broker my advice is try Interactive broker and start first with demo account like I was did before. To be real, platform worked very well and nice. Fast execution and less delay. My favorite instrument also included EUR/USD, Gold and commodities which I experienced that they are having slightly good and strong signal, it is reliable to trade. Last week, server was down and the position suddenly closed, I lost money nearly $200. I called up finance and they said money will be back in my trading account in less than 24 hours. When I checked the account fund has stated back as normal, proved that finance team are doing the right job and I am so comfortable with this broker. Thanks!!
Author of Interactive Brokers: Yayafx | Date 2017-08-02
I trade with Interactive Brokers or 4 months and till now I am very please with their services. The support team is really prompt and helpful. I had some positions closed during the night and a loss of 185$, after I called them they reopened my positions and credited the money onto my account. I have a standard account and I trade with them using Gold, Silver, Shares and currency pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, GBP/EUR. The platform is stable and the spread is not crazy during volatility times, also is fast in execution. To withdraw money I takes 1-2 working days and is commission free. I recommend the broker.
Author of Interactive Brokers: dante | Date 2017-06-22
trading with interactive broker really make you feel good during trading activity which is you can trade very calm without worrying your platform will give you problem like freeze when running the platform in a long period of time, execution slow to take your order instantly, and the spread that too big for to trade. But when trading with interacting broker, I am not facing any of those problems and I can trade normally. So far their transaction for deposit and withdrawal is fast that only need 1-3 hours for deposit and 3-5 hours for withdrawal. Their support is always there for me when I need a guide from them and they are professional in answering my questions. Overall interactive broker can be trusted and one of the reliable broker to me.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Boom | Date 2017-04-27
I am quite happy with Interactive Brokers. I have opened an account with $5000 about months ago till now everything going smoothly. The best part of this broker is that I got lower than 1 pip spread, which is better than the most of the brokers I am with. Beside this I am able to withdraw my fund within 1 day through Bank wire. I agree Interactive Brokers is the best, honest and professional broker. Strongly recommended to every pro trader.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Klein | Date 2017-03-27
I have been with Interactive Brokers for 9 months and I think this broker be the best among other brokers I have tried from the past. Interactive Brokers is my second broker. The staff has been prompt, professional and patient with all my questions. They take me a short time to explain exactly how I can make profits. For example, last week, I traded on pair USD/JPY with 350$ when the Asian session is so volatile. However, I also earned some profit with 300$, because their customer supported me by giving me right trend in trading. In addition, I have no issues with withdrawal that I made, because my money always appears in my bank in a couple of hours – 5 hours. Therefore, I feel secured with my money in this company, and I will give full marks to this broker for providing such a good service. Indeed, this broker is a good place both for small and big investors. They are not expensive to trade because the spreads are low and the slippage is minimal. All in all, I highly recommend Interactive Brokers to all traders.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Watson | Date 2017-03-27
I'm trade in the Forex market since 2009. During this time I replaced the 5 major brokers. Today I trade with Interactive Brokers only, because they have the most favorable conditions and the most honest transaction. Even at a time of high volatility market, Interactive Brokers try to help clients and often reimburse losing trades if the client's account has any defects. In addition, they have low spreads. For me, as an experienced trader it is very convenient.
Author of Interactive Brokers: UmarNoor | Date 2017-03-06
I came to Forex Club broker since six month. Within this time my first experience with them are excellent and exceptional from others brokers. I like their conditions, zero spread and many tools on their platform. I observed that everything in the cabinet is organized in tabs. So I can monitor all my ins and outs of my account with the updated charts so i can see everything in one place. The platform hasn't any spillage or hang ups even the order execution is fast. I started with minimum deposit 50$ only.I use StartFX platform and traded smell lots on EURUSD pair with Zero spread. In six monts I make 250$ and withdrew $200 via Skrill. I regularly gain this profit. Now I believed forex club is very decent and profitable broker for me.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Thomas Jr. | Date 2017-03-03
interactive broker is my current favorite broker since 2 years ago and they still my favorite one. Their services really meet with my trading activity and their spread also using ECN broker as low from 1 pips on EURUSD. Interactive broker have provide much more information about forex at their website and it’s like they have a library for newbie to study about forex trading. I’m kind of person that learn through video and they also provide webinar for study purpose. They also have Traders University that gather all information about trading forex for their client. Their TWS platform also stable to use and the execution also fast enough for me. Deposit and withdrawal transaction also fast and I’m using bank wire for method of payment. So far I can gain profit consistently 10-20 percent (100-200 USD) per month and they approve my withdraw fast within 1 day I can have my money in bank account.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Xenon | Date 2017-02-15
The system is quite slow and unreliable, and very often there are slippages and requotes, plus the spreads are also really high for me around important publications. It often takes a lot of time to open a deal around news. I hate to lose money because of faulty broker’s systems.
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