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Interactive Brokers

On-line since: 1998
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: Regulated by the SEC, NASD, NYSE, SFA and other regulatory agencies around the world
Payment options: Bank wire, checks and on-line check
Minimum account size: $5,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: from 1:20 to 1:50
Spreads: ECN broker - 1 pip (or lower) on EUR/USD

About the company:

The Interactive Brokers Group, Inc was established by Thomas Peterffy. Within the last 32 years, the Company was developing actively and became one of the leading companies in the segment of providing services for financial markets. 
Interactive Brokers is working at more than 80 world financial markets, offering the professional traders the services of on-line trade, including trading at Forex, stock market, futures market and bonds trading across the world. 
Interactive Brokers’ clients amount to around million traders from different countries.

Interactive Brokers 8/10 (votes 4985)
Author of Interactive Brokers: Sarah | Date 2017-02-06
I never encountered any issues with this broker and have been introduced about them with one of my friend. Interactive broker is one of the forex broker that I can trust so far and been using their service for more than 1 year. I have made several withdrawal and process was very fast and I never wait for so long to get my money into my bank account. Only less than 2 hours process can be settle and done. Keep it up.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Robbie | Date 2017-01-13
Their TWS platform is excellent and very robust. The main reason IB is one of my favorite brokers is due to the cost of trading. For FX spreads are among the tightest I've ever seen! Not a deal breaker, but it can definitely cost you big time if you have huge blocks at play. . I don't think you will need more than this unless you are trying to get rich quick. :)
Author of Interactive Brokers: Parn | Date 2016-11-22
I have read all the reviews and I am surprised at the negative experiences here. After traded with this broker for 1 year, I have had excellent (not perfect) service with any inquiry made on trades, commissions, fees, etc. In general, I have had no major problems. Their platform takes some learning time but works fine; their margin rates are the lowest I can find; they need more documentation for their platform and the format is awful. The firm is rated best by Barron's. I can't believe the responses here.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Harold | Date 2016-09-20
This broker is dishonest. Interactive Broker has the absolute worst possible price executions!!! Couple of times I placed trail stop orders using a straddle strategy and I got 50 pips slippage every time!!! One time, it took these geniuses 8 seconds and 45 pips later to finally close my stop order. When I complained they simply said that they are not responsible for anything even if they caused the problem. This is total cheater. Stay away from these idiots. Their customer service is worst, and I hate this broker.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Eompi | Date 2016-08-31
I had no problems excellent service. Any time I request withdrawal it was in my bank account within 3 days. Well done guys.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Renick | Date 2016-08-14
I think Interactive Brokers is without risk. Its honesty is unmatched. Interactive Brokers has excellent and fast orders, good support. In addition, the executions are fast, stop losses work good. I am highly satisfied with Interactive Brokers, their services are right up there exceeding the best of others.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Scalper | Date 2016-07-25
Interactive brokers are good for stock trading, but when you start trading forex, you understand that you have a liitle chances to earn here. It seems that you deal with bucket shop then with ECN broker. If you don't know what broker to choose, add me in skype - vovkfx, i will help you to select the best broker for you!
Author of Interactive Brokers: Ashlam | Date 2016-07-11
This broker must be only for professionals. Its services are difficult to understand and minimum deposit is too high. Spreads needs to be fixed as they tend to increase all the time.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Toni | Date 2016-03-28
A serious and regulated broker, but offers limited payment options, which could be a setback for some traders. You can make profits here, but you should be aware, that it could take a while to process a withdrawal.
Author of Interactive Brokers: Marietta | Date 2016-03-27
I have used the services of Interactive Brokers for stock option trading. Once I bought 10 contracts of call option at cost of 900 USD. As the price went up I had found only 3 contracts and sold these 3 contracts for 3000 USD. 7 contracts in value of 7000 USD were lost. They simply took my money away. I don't know whom I can trust in this industry.
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