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On-line since: 1999
Country of origin: Denmark
Regulation: Saxo Bank is an officially registered European bank
Payment options: Wire transfer
Minimum account size: $2,000
Minimum lot size: 1 lot
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: 2 pips on EUR/USD

About the company:

SaxoBank was founded in 1992 by the Danish businessman. Originally the Company was called Midas, but it was changed to SaxoBank at the time the bank obtained its European license for banking in 2001.

SaxoBank specializes in online investments at the international capital markets and provides its clients with opportunity to trade with the wide range of financial tools, such as currencies, contracts for difference, futures, options and other derivatives, the Bank renders services on trust management also.

The trading is carried out online with the help of SaxoTrader program, which is the proprietary of the Bank. The thousands of investors and traders from more than 100 countries of the world are clients of the Bank. The client servicing is conducted from the Headquarters of the Bank in Copenhagen, and also from 12 offices, situated in the largest cities of the world.

SaxoBank 9/10 (votes 5485)

Web-site: SaxoBank

Author of SaxoBank: Aria | Date 2013-03-25
I must say that this broker makes my withdrawal very easy and quick and they do not take your money and put it in their own account! Hhahaha.. This broker is really honest, your money is secured.
Author of SaxoBank: Organiefx | Date 2013-03-23
1. online deposits go missing and endless calls to their base are needed to sort out the issue. 2. despite them stating that there is 24hour/7days a week telephone support. i found this to be absolute B.S 3. Their platform freezes often.. 4. When you do speak to them, they are helpful, but unfortunately, their software and technical issues let them down too often to be a useful forex trading site..
Author of SaxoBank: Henry.Fx | Date 2013-03-21
Opening an account and depositing funds is extremely easy with SaxoBank. I am really satisfied with their service and Their customer service helped me a lot.
Author of SaxoBank: Nidal.FX | Date 2013-03-20
I don't blame this broker for my bad trades and loosing my money but I can't recommend them either. Customer support could be much better as well as a trading platform.
Author of SaxoBank: Rajah | Date 2013-03-16
This company seems to be very professional because they teach patiently and guided me all through out when I ask for assistance.
Author of SaxoBank: DagmarFx | Date 2013-03-10
I would suggest to stay away with this broker because trading platform often hangs up and server always disconnect.
Author of SaxoBank: Coco | Date 2013-03-06
This broker has a stable platform and got a high execution speed with quick deposits and good withdrawal. Also, their support are very nice and friendly.
Author of SaxoBank: Chichila | Date 2013-03-05
Earlier this year, I began trading again with our money in Saxo that had been inactive for some time, and in that time, we've been clipped quite a bit. Usually it was for 3-4 pips more (which they would blame on light trading in Asia), but sometimes it would go as high as 8 or 10 pips for no reason, and they killed lots of our positions by taking out our stops even though the market wasn't moving that way. We were still making decent money so I let most of it pass. But now, we're not doing as well, so I'm holding them to the fire and they don't like it one bit. My account manager said he'd get back with me tomorrow on this current brouhaha. I've resolved that if they make good on these last few ripoff trades that they pulled on me, I am closing the account for good, this is the final straw. And I will scour the earth to find the right broker to replace them.
Author of SaxoBank: fx basher | Date 2013-03-04
Great broker, very tight spreads, and i mean tight sometimes zero spreads just like a models body, size zero, the only thing is that it is difficult to read the platform again just like women, but with practice it is a super platform and very stable.
Author of SaxoBank: Minnie Forex | Date 2013-03-03
Saxobank is the best broker and I have no problem with them in their deposit and withdrawal. For me, they are the best :)
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