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On-line since: 2013
Country of origin: the UK
Regulation: the CySEC (licensing in progress)
Payment options: wire transfer, payment cards, electronic wallets (QIWI, WebMoney, Perfect Money, OKPay, CashU), QIWI payment service, ZAR FX debit card.
Minimum account size: $500
Minimum lot size: 0.01 lot
Leverage: 1:200
Spreads: not fixed, raw market spreads

About the company:

ZAR FX is a brokerage company that was launched in 2013 and initially dealt only with institutional clients, hedge funds, and investment companies. In 2014, the firm’s management made a strategic decision to provide a wide range of services to retail customers as well, with favorable trading conditions and direct market access (DMA).
By using the most efficient methods of quoting and order execution in NDD (No Dealing Desk) mode, the broker transfers all trading orders directly to liquidity providers. Orders are opened at the best ask and bid prices, i.e. with one of the providers listing the most profitable quote.
The main liquidity providers of ZAR FX are the world’s leading banks such as Barclays, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and CitiBank.

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Author of ZAR FX: Lisa Kumala | Date 2019-09-11
ZAR Fx is defiantly market maker broker. I started to trade from $600 using my own customize EA and earn 55% of deposit in just in one month. When they notice that my EA working good then they started creating problem. I tried to enable with other pair it showing error messages. At the same time, I tried to enable on demo surprisingly its working on demo. These people are out liars. I also notice that they are not regulated by any institution.
Author of ZAR FX: Jowen | Date 2019-06-17
I am unable to withdraw my fund from ZAR FX. I have been requesting for months now yet I kept being rejected. They kept asking for more documents to verify my identity but I already gave them everything. Passport, national ID, utility bills, etc. They kept looking for loopholes in my documents even just like a light scratch. I am planning to close my account but I think it still won't be processed.
Author of ZAR FX: IcaerFx | Date 2018-12-17
ZARFX is a very problematic broker. Connection very slow, always reqoute and trade out even in calm situation. On 3rd December I send a withdrawal request of $360 through ZAR FX debit card they charged me fee $82 and yesterday they transferred me money back on ZAR FX debit card! I shall keep looking for better broker.
Author of ZAR FX: Yulian | Date 2018-10-05
I am a trader in ZAR FX for a year now. I started small with a deposit of $500 and traded on my own during the first few months. During those months, I've earned profit by 20% every month. Then later on they proposed to manage my account. I considered it as I have become quite busy with my work as well. So I gave them the power to manage my account. After handing it over to them, I saw that my account was still earning steady profits. So all was well, right? Then I decided to withdraw $500 from the approximately $700 profits I have. That's when the problem started. When I sent a request, it wasn't acknowledged until after a week. And during that week's time, my account has started to drastically decrease in balance. So when they responded to me, my profit was already below $400. That was truly bothersome and so I asked to take back my account and evoked their power to manage it. But ever since then, they haven't responded again to my emails and even on Skype. And the management of my account is still not given back to me.
Author of ZAR FX: fxhyunso | Date 2018-08-02
ZAR FX's trading system was very bad quality. I have joined this broker for almost 3 months but their trading systems have not been updated. I got many problem because that trouble system, in my first month everything gone well until their system become crazy and turn off automatically when the trade-in process. Once I collect the profits and bonuses in the contest, the results are even harder to be withdrawn because of the state of the server always fell ahead of time trading, and even more depressing is their customer support very difficult to contact. Moreover, the profit is given only a little, so very long profit increases. Better not to join them.
Author of ZAR FX: Lokiinna | Date 2018-04-03
I had been using ZAR FXfor 4 months. From last month their platform does not working properly. On 27 march 2018 my 7 trades closed in loss because I was unable to close. When I was trying to login their platform and it goes hangs and it worth’s 270$ . Even they did not execute my Stop Loss. cannot say here anymore. They are lair.
Author of ZAR FX: pipsoktau | Date 2018-02-12
At the first I am pleased to trade in ZAR FX because I liked their platform and this broker provide the world’s leading banks such as Barclays, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, and CitiBank. But after trading for about 3 months I recently closed my account. Every trading I make deposit more then $500, but their spreads are not fixed, its raw market spreads. In my last trading I lost $300 to closing my position at a critical lows, then by the time I logged back on the rebound was over and my I couldn't buy back in. In the day after I couldn't withdraw my money and I can't contact their support. I sent many emails but they are not responding to me. They are totally unprofessional broker, so let's find another good one.
Author of ZAR FX: fxpupajoh | Date 2017-11-23
Very disapointed join ZAR FX. They served very bad service, that often get trouble trading while trading process. I join them 3 weeks ago because my sister invite me, but now both of us disappointed and lose our money. ZAR FX said in the campaign they gives bonus about $1000, but all bonuses are given to be earned by various provisions, for example certain minimum deposit or with a certain number of points in an account. I think it is trap. Besides their minimum account size of $500 is too high and the profit just 5%. Better for me and my sister leave this broker.
Author of ZAR FX: Tessiaa@4x | Date 2017-11-23
My experience with ZARFX is not good. After trading with demo account for one month l started live trading with $250. My first month experience was good and I made $315 during that month using my EA. From last two weeks every time I found EA button was turned off automatically. Due to those problems, my EA missed securing stop-loss and my net loss this month around $185. But same EA working on other traders platform perfectly. I think they are not happy when a trader making profit constantly. I will stay one week more if they do not resolved it then I will remove my all money from here.
Author of ZAR FX: Michelle | Date 2017-10-23
My trading experience has been bad with this broker. Frankly speaking, I don't recommend it to trade seriously. Its trading platform needs to have more servers because it only has 2-3 and all of them doesn't work properly. They freeze most of the time, especially when you are setting SL and TP orders. Last week I set my SL order for USDCAD and it was altered without notifying me in advance. I lost $300 for it. Client support service is a disaster. They don't know basic things about trading, so they don't know how to solve your problems.
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