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How FXNobel tricks clients out of their money

There is a great variety of brokers in the FX market. Some of them are fairly reliable, whereas others just wait for the moment to trick gullible traders out of their money. FXNobel belongs to the latter category. Judging by the languages provided on its website, the broker is mainly focused on clients from Russia and from the countries of the EU. What is more, FXNobel claims to be a young and ambitious broker. It makes quite a good first impression. It is no wonder that so many traders have easily walked into its trap. The official website is well-designed and full of all sorts of catchy phrases and big promises on how to get rich on trading. However, after having searched a bit more information about this broker on the Internet, it becomes apparent who you are dealing with…

How does FXNobel work?

FXNobel is an offshore broker headquartered in Malta. It has been operating since 2017. The broker is relatively young. The alleged main aim of the broker is to provide traders with the opportunity to trade on Forex. It offers a standard set of trading instruments such as currency pairs, shares, CDF contracts, and cryptocurrencies. FXNobel clients can work via computer or mobile apps. The broker also provides several account types. It goes without saying that the more expensive the account is, the more advantages a trader has. In addition, FXNobel has a bonus program. At first glance, this broker seems quite common unless you start digging deeper.

FXNobel is regulated by the Financial Commission. There was even an article about it.

However, later, the broker’s membership was revoked. Apparently, it was due to FXNobel’s fraudulent schemes. Curiously enough, the broker lost its membership almost immediately after obtaining it.

After losing its membership, the broker did not stop to provide financial services. FXNobel changed its domain and contact information. All of a sudden, the Bulgarian broker has now a head office in Malta. Even its office in Bulgaria never existed. A specified address on the website belongs to the transportation company. There is no need to continue. This information should be enough to draw the conclusion about this broker.

Clients’ feedback on FXNobel

Naturally, when it comes to the Internet and, especially, to the feedback section, we need to be careful as some reviews may be trustworthy while others are far-fetched. Online comments are the most popular communication tool used by everyone without exception. With a rational approach and a bit of deduction, an Internet user can get an overall picture of any subject. It works the same way when you need to learn more about some broker.

What do people write about FXNobel?

Anton, December 21, 2018
FXNobel is a fraudulent broker. I managed to make good money. So, when I tried to withdraw some, the broker started making up different obstacles such as taxes and etc. Do not even think to work with this scammer!

Vyacheslav, January 12, 2019
I fell victim to the dishonest schemes of this broker too. I had been closely working with Vladyslav Turovskiy for about 3 months. Not only did he pool the wool over my ears all this time but he also convinced me to find money and made a deposit. He called me 4-5 times a day. Even when I refused to cooperate, he continued to call. Once I lost control and in quite a rude form told one of the staff member to back off. Do you think it helped? They still call me.

Vera, May 5, 2019
I would also like to say a couple of words about FXNobel staff members. They just deceive people telling them fairy tales about the broker’s reliability. All they want is to squeeze as much money as possible from you. Their rascal scheme is quite simple: the broker is headquartered outside Russia and hides its identity behind fake names. So, if they take your money, you will never get it back as there is no address or contacts to find them. Stay away from these scammers and do not even think to trust this broker!!

Origamaur, May 9, 2019
Imagine my astonishment when I have worked with the broker for some time and then it just blocked my account. I have lost all my money. I have been collecting it for a long period of time. Now I do not have a penny. They convinced me to trade cryptocurrency with them. As a result, I have lost everything. I worked with Valery who called me from the number +7499*** and 79*****972. Then, I got calls from Mark who always told me about depositing more money to my trading account. I also talked to Rustam (rustam.ma****v@fxnobel.com), skype rustam***m*****v@fxnobel.com, (a) senior analyst, who also told me to deposit funds.

Velym, May 9, 2019
I have lost a big amount of money due to this scammer! I will show you a copy of an insurance policy that seemed quite legit to me. I was such a fool and deposited more and more money: https://prnt.sc/nmbrl7. Instead of getting my honestly earned $10,000, I saw that in my account I had - $10, 628. I just want you to know that all this time I have worked with Maria Evgenievna Herman via Viber +35795***8. She sent me different documents via email marina.***@fxnobel.com
Ira, May 11, 2019
Thank you for your feedback, Velym. This scam company tried to play the same trick with me.

These are just a small number of negative reviews about this broker. On the Internet, there is an ocean of them. There are positive ones but you need to try hard if you want to find them.

How does the broker deceive traders?

FXNobel has a lot of ways to fool clients out of money. The company is very resourceful when it comes to crooked schemes. Its staff members persuade traders to deposit a great amount of money. Then, they empty clients’ accounts, using the popular scenario of cheating with loans, commission payments, and taxes. What is more, the broker operates under the motto "Together we are a force!" FXNobel closely cooperates with other similar scammers. While its clients cannot withdraw money, the broker’s employees have been many times accused of withdrawing money from their clients' cards. Again, it seems to be enough to create a coherent impression of this enterprise.


Reviews about the broker are absolutely fair, and this is only a small part of the negative ones. Plus, we can add more unpleasant details and evidence about this broker e.g. the lack of a certificate of the regulator. FXNobel is the most common financial pyramid when you need to deposit money, invite friends, and wait for the wealth to fall upon you. A lot of traders have been tricked by this broker. Do not become one of them.

The opinion of the review`s author is private and not obligated to reflect the position of the resource. If you have any remarks and suggestions on new articles please contact us via this form.
Author: Eleni | Date 2020-05-26
Frauds are so great nowadays that they can even get a membership with regulatory authorities. Fortunately, it has already been a habit of mine to check the regulatory group's website itself to check if the broker is really listed. When I did, I found out that FXNobel has already been dismissed. That saved me from dealing with a fraud broker. But now everyone does this habit hence they fall victim to the lies of the company.
Author: Roman | Date 2020-05-19
One of my criteria in choosing a broker is their regulation status. When I found FX Nobel, the broker was a freshly approved member of the Financial Commission. Since I the broker also offered other promising services, I went ahead and started an account with them. It was a good start. The platform was running smoothly and my trading activities were not interrupted by any technical issues. However, complaints against the broker started to arise. I also did not know about the broker's license being revoked. The company probably had a great hand on publicity. It was too late already when I realized that the broker has never intended to release their clients' money.
Author: Parab | Date 2020-05-12
When the representative who called me briefed me about the company and the benefits that I would have if I deal with them, my attention was really caught. I got very interested but I did not give him my decision right away. I honestly really wanted to start an account with them already but I still had to make sure that I would be dealing with a safe broker that is why I checked their website and looked for client's feedback. Surprisingly, there was a fair number of negative reviews. I did not want to take that risk so I opted to steer away from the broker. Now, I am glad that I made the right decision.
Author: Kolev | Date 2020-05-04
It was a good strategy to register to a regulatory authority to earn the trust of their potential clients. Who would doubt them when they are regulated, right? Little do we know that they have been expelled by the authority because they are actually not doing an honest business. But of course, they would continue to claim that they are regulated. It really is scary now to make online investments.
Author: Leoman | Date 2020-04-27
FXNobel was able to attract clients because of their superb trading conditions. I traded with them and their platform was perfect. I never experienced any lag not slippages. The trading fee was reasonable and the overall website interface is great. It really was too good to be true. A client would only start suspecting when we make our first withdrawal. At first, the broker would be able to disapprove it naturally. But then they kept doing it and clients started to speak up. In the end, I was never able to withdraw my fund and I think the same went for the other traders.
Author: Dimas | Date 2020-04-21
Even if it is hard to believe, I can no longer deny it. FXNobel is a fraud and I was so foolish to fall for their tricks. I started out with the minimum capital. My account manager helped me with my trading activities which incurred positive trading results. Since my account was doing well, I easily obliged when my manager advised me to add more fund in my account. I traded for a few more months until I decided to withdraw some of the profit. When I did, this broker suspended my account. Until now, I still can't access it.
Author: Titavora | Date 2020-04-14
I had no idea that FXNobel was expelled from the Financial Commission. The reason I willingly opened an account with this broker is their license. The broker continued to tell clients that they are licensed when the truth is they are not anymore. This is probably the reason why they were expelled. Because FXNobel is a dishonest broker which does not release the fund of their traders.
Author: Amber | Date 2020-04-07
My experience at FXNobel is definitely horrible but it has taught me a lot about when it comes to investment and decision-making. I feel bad that I had to learn things the hard way, but I just wanna see the brighter side of this incident. I don't want to keep living in the dark and I know some of the victims of this broker are still horrified. This experience has taught me to become more critical of whatever decision I am about to make. I also realized that I trust too easily and I should stop doing that because other people might take advantage of me.
Author: Yvanna | Date 2020-03-23
I have lost my whole investment on this fraud broker. I saved up $500 just to be able to start an account at FX Nobel. After depositing my money, the representative started to constantly remind me to invite more friends to trade with them. She kept doing it everyday that it has started to be annoying. Then I had my suspicions when she told me that I would get a commission on every successful invite that I make. This is very similar to the pyramid schemes that I have heard before. And now, it turned out that this broker is really a scam.
Author of how_fxnobel_tricks_clients_out_of_their_money: Gabriel | Date 2020-03-30
I feel sorry for you. mate. I can't blame you because this broker seemed trustworthy after all and small loopholes would not be easily noticed by new traders. Honestly, I almost gave in to this broker as well. However. after finding out that bringing in new clients is the better way to profit in this broker rather than through trading itself, I stopped right away. This is not how it should be. That in itself gives away that this broker is a scam. That is why in the future, if you happen to encounter a broker like this again, please stay away.
Author: Nebek | Date 2020-03-20
FXNobel has no license and that should have been a red flag already. But I overlooked it and focused more on their claims and what the representatives told me. Now this is a consequence of my decision. I hastily decided to start an account with a broker with not much of a reputation and I did not gather enough information to see if this broker could really be trusted. I lost $800 on this broker and I now accepted that it is impossible to retrieve that. At least, i have learned my lesson.
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