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There is no need to speak English to understand what FOREXCOPY means. This is the case when the name corresponds to its literal meaning. FOREXCOPY is a service that allows you to duplicate orders of other traders. Probably, you have always dreamed about trading "like that cool guy". The main purpose of this service is to make this dream come true. Many brokers have introduced this service and have been offering their clients to use it for a long time.

FOREXCOPY allows you to copy trades of other traders in real time. If you want to try, you just need to look through offers and subscribe to the trader you are interested in. It is up to you how to use this service. For beginners, this is a great chance to get acquainted with the foreign exchange market and start working, minimizing the risks as much as possible. For professionals, this system offers unlimited opportunities to increase their own profit. A successful trader with a large number of subscribers becomes almost a broker and receives fee from each successful copied transaction. Thus, this is the first step to the affiliate program. Usually, brokers` FOREXCOPY is compatible with the affiliate program, and this means a double benefit if traders attract followers on their own. As a result, FOREXCOPY is a perfect example of symbiosis because cooperation is equally beneficial for each of the parties.

Let`s take a closer look at how FOREXCOPY works on the example of InstaForex. The ForexCopy system by InstaForex stands out from similar offers of other brokers thanks to a special approach. The main distinctive feature of this program is the effective protection of followers` funds. Your money always remains in your own account under full control. So, there is no need to to request your funds back from the accounts of managing traders. The commission is charged only on those transactions that have been closed with profit. The amount of profit must be larger than the amount of the commission for each specific transaction. If you are subscribed on terms of paying a daily commission, you only pay for the working days when the Forex market is active. Custom settings allow you to subscribe to several traders and set the copying ratio, choose certain currency pairs to be copied, and set the volume of copied trades. After all, it is possible for a subscriber to copy trades for free! For more details, go to InstaForex official website.

It`s easier with traders. They want to get regular commissions or fees for each day of subscription. InstaForex guarantees all payments. There are three types of commission to choose from:

  • Commission per profitable trade
  • Commission per lots traded
  • Commission per subscription day

The trader`s account is automatically placed in the ForexCopy monitoring list which is viewed daily by thousands of potential subscribers. There is no limit to the number of subscribers. This program is fully automated and does not require any extra efforts from traders, thus enabling them to focus solely on the forex trading. Besides, traders can copy trades of other traders on their own, serving as a link between a group of traders and a group of subscribers. This scheme enables them to reduce risks due to several different methods of trading in the Forex market with the use of technical or fundamental analysis. The traders receive commission daily or after termination of the subscription, depending on the type of commission. Commission payments are automatic without any interference. Both parties can see the commission to be paid in real time.

To sum up, many traders choose FOREXCOPY service for its effectiveness. Why don`t you try as well?

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Author: Merada | Date 2020-07-02
ForexCopy was really what made me successful in my trading journey. I started with enough knowledge but insufficient skills. At first, losses were coming one after another; but after subscribing to the ForexCopy system, my account started to recover. My losses have been minimized and profits were magnified. I am most thankful for my amazing ForexCopy trader. She knows here trades really well.
Author: Adnean | Date 2020-06-24
I have been using the ForexCopy system of my broker and it has helped in the growth of my account. I am a new trader and I expected that I may be making a lot of trading mistakes. That is why I decided to copy another trader in trading the major pairs. On the side, I am manually trading some of the minor trades. Even if I lose a trade, I am sure that I will still have profit from the ForexCopy. This way also, my skills are being practiced.
Author: Axel | Date 2020-06-17
I am where I am right now in my trading journey because of the ForexCopy system. This program had a huge impact on my whole experience because this is what helped my grow my account. Since I was only a beginner back then, copying the trades of another trader gave me a steady profit while I practice my trading skills. Eventually, I was able to develop my own trading strategy and I can now trade on my own.
Author: Sahun | Date 2020-06-10
What I love the most about the ForexCopy system is that you still have control over whom to copy and which activities to copy. You don't need to copy everything from a trader. You can only pick a few pairs wherein you think the trader is doing well. Currently, I am copying the EUR/USD, USD/CAD. and USD/JPY pairs from my trader and I am earning quite well.
Author: Rabiu | Date 2020-06-05
My broker has the ForexCopy system. I am new and although I exhausted all resources possible just to study about the market, applying all my learning into to the real thing is still nerve-wrecking. My first few trades failed and I felt discouraged. That is when I tried the ForexCopy system. This program allowed me to copy another trader's trading activities. I also have the power to choose which pairs to copy. I did not need to copy everything. After a month, I saw great progress. Now I am using it for three months and the results are really impressive.
Author: Queng | Date 2020-05-27
The ForexCopy System was my saving grace. I started my trading account at the wrong foot. My first trading activities had undesirable results and I had huge losses. Thankfully, my broker had this program so I tried it out. I copied the another trader's trading activities on the major pair. Soon enough, my losses were recovered and I started to profit.
Author: Luke | Date 2020-05-21
Three months after I started my own trading account, things went downhill right away. I messed up and lost a huge part of my capital. That is when my account manager recommended using the ForexCopy system. As explained above, this is where I copy the trading activities of another trader. In my case, I did not follow all trading actions. I only picked the EUR/USD and USD/CAD pairs and these have brought me great results. It helped me recovered from my losses and later on profit as well.
Author: Cheenie | Date 2020-05-14
For almost a year now, I have been using the ForexCopy system offered by my broker. I will never be ashamed that I am copying another trader's trading activities because this is what helped me in my trading journey. I used to have consecutive losing trades which resulted to huge losses. If I did no subscribe to the ForexCopy system, then I would have wiped off my capital and I would have given up already. But no, this program kept my account alive. By copying my trader's trading actions, my losses were recovered. Hence, I was able to practice and develop my strategies while at the same time earning.
Author: Kyar | Date 2020-05-08
The ForexCopy system is what saved my account from almost dying. As a newbie, I kept losing my trades and gradually lost most of my capital. Thankfully, my broker recommended that I try to copy the trading actions of another trader so that I could revive my account. I did, and I followed a few pairs from another trader. After a month, it was evident that my account is starting to recover. A few more months later and I started to profit. This program is very suitable to new traders.
Author: Irishmae | Date 2020-04-29
The ForexCopy system is what helped me in my first year of trading. I was a newbie and I easily got confused and emotional with my trading activities. I ended up losing majority of my trades. Hence, my broker offered the ForexCopy program in which I would copy the trades of another trader. It was great and I indeed got my capital back. Soon, I was already profiting. Now, I've had my hand on Forex trading well already and stopped copying another trader.
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