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Centaur Financial Services Ltd closed

Centaur Financial Services

Centaur Financial Services Ltd (license number CIF 018/03) has waived its CIF permits on its own will, therefore it has not been providing any investment services since November 30, 2018. Clients should address all their questions to Fiduserve Asset Management Ltd that manages the company’s activities.

Company. Safety of funds

Centaur Financial Services Limited provided discretionary portfolio management services for wealthy individuals, institutions, and mutual funds. Centaur was licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The company offered its clients to administer their funds through managed accounts. Client assets were held by JP Morgan, not the broker itself.

Trading terms

Centaur used analytical methods and tools to do its own market research. Mainly, the company’s investment portfolio included shares of major developed markets.

The broker used to establish portfolios that provided access to specific markets. Portfolios comprised of shares or derivatives, while trading strategies varied from conservative to aggressive. The minimum deposit was 100,000 EUR. Institutional and private wealthy investors were among the broker’s clients.

Customer service

Centaur was headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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Author of Centaur Financial Services: Chara | Date 2020-09-16
Centaur was not perfect but it was a decent one. When I was still trading with this broker, I also encountered problems in the platform. Sometimes, it would be laggy and there were some delays. But I still managed to get desirable results and this broker never failed to keep constant communication with their clients. Whenever there is an issue, I can contact them right away and they will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It is also great that they transferred their clients to a new company without any problem.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Den Marc | Date 2020-09-08
Centaur Financial Services had been an honest and reliable broker. I traded with them for three years and I never had any problem. Their trading environment was always conducive for a profitable experience. And as you can see, until the very end, they did not let their clients down. They handled the transfer professionally and efficiently. I am currently with Fiduserve now and I am also having a great experience.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Ifarad | Date 2020-09-01
Centaur was not a perfect broker. There was also some time when their platform would crash. It sometimes can't handle high volatility just like any other regular broker. But what's great is that they try to fix it as soon as possible. I am also impressed that they were able to handle the transfer of their clients to another company pretty well. Honestly, I am thankful because I like the services of the new company now.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Hazel | Date 2020-08-27
Centaur was a great broker. I was with them for about two years and all of their services are fantastic. I was sad when they said that they will be closing down but I am impressed and I appreciate that they took the effort to not leave us hanging. So they transferred our accounts to another broker, which apparently is great as well. Kudos to this broker.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Moeun | Date 2020-08-20
For almost two years, I traded with Centaur Financial Services. It has been almost two years as well since my account was transferred to Fiduserve Asset Management Ltd. I am glad that I agreed to the transfer because the new company is just as great as Centaur was. As a matter of fact, I did not have much trouble adjusting because the system is almost the same. If anything, I would say that the new broker would require a little more advanced knowledge and skills from its clients. But I adapted well as I was trained well by Centaur.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Panya | Date 2020-08-12
My sister had been a client of Centaur Financial Services for a couple of years. I saw that her trading experience with this broker was really productive. She was also encouraging me to open an account but I am not very good with financial analysis. Now I heard that they were transferred to another account and it has been a few months since then. It seems like she is still doing well so I guess Centaur did a good job in passing over their clients.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Phyllis | Date 2020-08-03
Centaur was a decent Forex broker. I was with this company for two years but I needed to close my account due to personal reasons. I closed my account even before the transferring of clients occurred. It was a little regretful because a good broker was closing down. But based of my fellow traders, the new company is also amazing. I also saw how professional Centaur was for not leaving their clients suddenly.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Madina | Date 2020-07-27
I traded with Centaur for almost three years. In those years, my trades were not always on the bright side. There were times when the broker's platform would malfunction which would affect my trades. But there were more times when the trading activities would go smoothly. in short, Centaur was not perfect but it is enough to earn. It was a little disappointing that they had to close but the new company takes care of us well too. So I really have no complaints.
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Vina | Date 2020-07-21
Honestly, I feel disappointed about the shutting down of Centaur Financial Services but on the bright side, they made all the transfer to their parent company which surely is just as great as broker. Indeed, now that I have been trading with Fiduserve for quite a while, I can say that the transfer was not do bad after all. I still had the same experience as before (probably even better).
Author of Centaur Financial Services: Eli | Date 2020-07-13
When Centaur shut down, I did not agree to the transfer of my account anymore. I appreciate that they were responsible enough to transition their clients into another company and I believe this company could be trusted as well. But I just wanted to explore other brokers. Besides, my trading experience with Centaur was not flawless as well. There were many times when their platform had technical issues which affected my trading activities. Still, this was a decent one.
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