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Euro Smarter

Euro Smarter Expert Adviser is based on a crab pattern and a grid strategy. It uses a time analyses based Stop Loss. Euro Smarter trades 24 hours with most trades opened during the London session where volatility is high enough and crab patterns have been well formed. It trades EURUSD, a currency with well established patterns. Since this is the most traded currency, patterns can be easily spotted.
The robot trader works with 5 digits brokers and with any account size. Moreover, it has an evident advantage: the Expert Adviser successfully passed tests from 1999 to 2011 and has proved its efficiency and profitability on Forex.
Euro Smarter is a bug free robot, it properly handles connection losses and spread changes.
If you want to earn on Forex, you need Euro Smarter. You do not have to spend hours in front of your computer or learn math and things like pivot points, harmonic patterns, Fibonacci numbers, Japanese candlesticks, etc. All this knowledge has been already incorporated in Euro Smarter, one of the best Forex Expert Advisers.
Euro Smarter is a 100% hands free trading system. 

Euro Smarter 6/10 (votes 72)
Author of Euro Smarter: Haikal | Date 2021-12-14
Euro Smarter has been working for me for several months already. I bought this for $150 and I must say that the money I spent on it was worth it because it really helped me to boost my account and earn desirable profits.
Author of Euro Smarter: Henry | Date 2021-12-07
Euro Smarter was supposed to be a smart trader. I expected it to help me boost my account or at least help me make wiser trading decisions. But all it did was show inaccurate signals which led to losses.
Author of Euro Smarter: Vanje | Date 2021-11-29
After three weeks of using Euro Smarter, I can already see significant changes in my account. It has increased my profit rate to 15% which is far greater than my usual 3%. Buying this EA is definitely a great decision.
Author of Euro Smarter: Aline | Date 2021-11-23
I decided to use Euro Smarter in my trading activities because I was losing my trades consecutively. However, this bot did not help me. It only worsened my situation because it produced more losing trades.
Author of Euro Smarter: Nora | Date 2021-11-16
Euro Smarter has been a huge help for me. My usual profit rate is 5% but ever since I started using the EA, it has gone up to 15%. This is a huge improvement! I also noticed that the profit rate increases along the way so I am really looking forward to more amazing results.
Author of Euro Smarter: Blake | Date 2021-11-10
Sadly, my experience with Euro Smarter was not desirable at all. It only made huge losses in my account. I was only using it for a week and it already lost more than a hundred dollars. It traded automatically and it ended negatively.
Author of Euro Smarter: Susovan | Date 2021-11-02
I have been using Euro Smarter EA for a few months now. So far, the performance of the EA is really great. It is able to bring in impressive trading results. It has already increased my profit rate and it lessened the risks.
Author of Euro Smarter: Preet | Date 2021-10-26
Upon using Euro Smarter EA, I really observed its performance. It does make some profitable trades at times but it also make losing trades just the same. In the long run, it does not really change anything in my profit rate. So I think, I only wasted $200 on an EA that does not do contribute anything.
Author of Euro Smarter: Lance | Date 2021-10-18
Euro Smarter actively makes trades in my account. The problem is that most of its trading activities result to losses. I will give it a few more weeks but if it still does not improve its performance, then I will have to disable it.
Author of Euro Smarter: Veelo | Date 2021-10-11
I think it has been three months already since I started using Euro Smarter in my trading activities. So far, it does provide impressive trading results and it always gives me updated market analysis to fill me in about what's happening in the market.
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