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CMC Markets Ulasan

CMC Markets

On-line since: 1989
Country of origin: UK
Regulation: FCA
Payment options: wire transfer, WebMoney
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: 0.1 lots
Leverage: 1:100
Spreads: from 0.3 pips

About the company:

CMC Markets has been operating since 1989. The company provides a wide range of trading products for traders all over the globe. The broker is headquartered in London, UK and has offices in Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Spain, Germany, France etc.

The firm’s clients can trade currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities from one account through CFD Platform and Spread Betting Platform. Novices and traders willing to test a new strategy can open a free demo account.

The company’s customer support is available in several languages. Any client can contact the support center 24/5 via phone, email, or online chat.

CMC holds free webinars and offers online educational materials.

CMC Markets 4/10 (votes 1864)
Author dari CMC Markets: Elza | Tanggal 2020-01-21
I was deposited around $300 with CMC Markets and after a week I made a booming profit of $750. I submitted a request yesterday to send $ 350, but they gave a reason that made no sense. I have a suspicion that they will cheat and take advantage of my trading. They did not give me any return at all, and then I found out I am not the only user with such problem.
Author dari CMC Markets: Oscar Lamu | Tanggal 2019-10-17
CMC Markets is a company with good conditions for clients. I got to know their no deposit bonus of $300 and you can use it for trading after registration, and tested it. It was a worthy experience. I am a day traders, and I could see that their execution is fair, sllipage rarely happens. I still did not get that profit yet, so I just confused what if continue my trading here or lookig for another broker.
Author dari CMC Markets: FiReal | Tanggal 2019-09-11
On the CMS's VT trader 2 platform has a lot of issues, I have experienced slow order execution or hang issues. Also, I found requote and so my order often slipped 5 to 20 pips and I can't close my position on the actual position in several trading. now I am fed-up with CMS Forex broker 's VT trader 2 platform, while they hadn't mobile or web based platform.
Author dari CMC Markets: Alejandro | Tanggal 2019-04-15
I didn't appreciate CMS Forex brokers platform in the market. While it has many bugs and many tools didn't work on VT trader 2 platforms. I've tried to run two H4 charts but my browser hung on the running market. Also, order execution is delay more than two minutes due to the server issue. So VT trader 2 isn't reliable. So I have lost almost $47 and fed-up with the desktop platform and CMS Forex broker's worst trading service. Be careful with MS Forex brokers.
Author dari CMC Markets: Veenz | Tanggal 2019-01-14
I have been with CMC Markets for almost a year now and they provided me with the best services. They had a platform that runs smoothly, tight spread, and reliable mobile app. I honestly prefer trading with my mobile because I always travel and it is the most convenient for me to use. However, for the past month, the app has not been working well. It was always crashing and the balance reflected on it is sometimes incorrect. They said that they are fixing the issue but it has already been weeks and nothing still happened. If this goes on, I might have to switch to another broker.
Author dari CMC Markets: pipinguk | Tanggal 2018-11-27
I am still wondering and trying to trade so that I can prove that CMC Markets is decent and profitable broker for me. I regist around 2 months ago as trader in this broker and during that time my trading experience is really convenient using their Meta Platform and minimum account size only $100. In a month I earned about 25% from my capital and no bonus. But their spreads are floating from 0.3 pips and the higest I got almost 5 pips spreads. I can't imagine got nothing or lose my money in the next trading. I ask my friend who has trading here before me, he left CMC Markets. What should I do ? Should I leave or continue trading here ?
Author dari CMC Markets: AjayDeo | Tanggal 2018-04-19
Few days I was trading with CMS Forex broker and can't run it continue. as I am a job holder in a bank and I have few time to trade Desktop platform. So now I am preferring to trade mobile platform or web based platform. But they didn't have this kind of platform. While the CMSFX VT Trader tools are good in the VT trader 2 desktop platform. But I think VT trader 2 isn't so reliable too, because most of the times my order executed 50 sec delay. Even In the last NFP I can't close my position due to the market volatility. So I have lost almost $75 in several trading. Really I am fed-up with the desktop platform and CMS Forex broker's worst trading service. So be careful with them.
Author dari CMC Markets: Posudha12 | Tanggal 2017-12-07
My trading experience with CMC is a nightmare. Last Friday they push their price at 45 pips to hunt my stop loss where other market providers price are still lower than that by that same amount. They usually do this over the weekend opening price. Apart from this they took too much time to process my withdrawal request. My last withdrawal was $300 through wire transfer and they took 16 days to processed it. Definitely don't trust them with my money.
Author dari CMC Markets: piptt | Tanggal 2017-12-06
At the first time, there are many traders who have believed and comfortable with a broker who set only $100 minimum account size, very small. So do I, I'm comfortable with CMC Markets since I open my trading account because their minimum account size and spreads are small. But their trading performance wasting my time and also my money because the trading systems are weak. When I got trouble in my trading process, I call the customer support, but they did not provide satisfactory service and just give me a promise to fixed the trouble. After 3 working days, unfortunately there is no improvement of their systems. Its really disappointing, and I think to find another broker.
Author dari CMC Markets: Fang | Tanggal 2017-10-10
When I started to trade with CMC Markets, all seemed to be right. I used my own strategies and trading systems and I made good money during the first weeks and execution of trades was really quick, but then this was replaced with constant requotes, freezing of the platform or delay in the execution of orders (up to 40 seconds). Also, deposits I made didn’t appear in my trading account and when I asked for help to support department, they simply washed their hands. That’s why I agree to all negative reviews here.
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