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Penulis ECN24  WestleyTanggal 2019-11-12

One of the major weakness in ECN 24 broker is a crush on MT4 platform. It is mostly happen while major news release in fact I have experienced it before for more than 6 times. At first trade, all process seem very smooth but after 9 months trading, service starting to become slow and slower. It really effect the progress and increase the level of risky trading especially for the order execution. It is delay and lead to losses. I have losses nearly to $965 within one day because of a bad execution. I don’t recommend ECN 24 if any newer decided to try, just be aware and careful when choosing the right platform to trade forex.

Penulis Lucror  FlorensiaTanggal 2019-11-12

I traded with Lucror for only 11 months and I recently closed my account. I had a real account with USD currency. My deposit was made with Wire transfer and credited after 2 working days. Their platform MT 4 works very difficult, with delays in execution and during volatility times the spread for EUR/USD is up to 8 pips from 0.7 pips. I called many times the support team but they put me on hold for ever. My trading involved currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD. I lost all my funds, $750 and I closed my account

Penulis My 60 Seconds  DarlieTanggal 2019-11-12

I have a standard account with a first deposit $1500. I trade with short term positions and mainly after-noon, when the market is stable. The platform MetaTrader 4 has real time prices and good stable spread. My profit is close to $500 a month, trading currency pairs EUR/USD and USD/CAD, sometimes also I trade gold. 60 seconds has a nice spread of EUR/USD. I never had re-quotes and to withdraw was easy, with approval within 24 hour. I recommend this broker.

Penulis xDirect  KasedeeTanggal 2019-11-12

xDirext has a very low minimum initial deposit requirement and I think this is one of the factors that attracts new clients. However, I did not like the performance of their platform. It is very shaky and the price movement is sometimes delayed. Or orders are also not often executed even when the price already reached my desired amount. The other features are quite average but I must say that profit rate in this broker is a little low.

Penulis 4XP  UbicelTanggal 2019-11-12

I did not see anything strange about 4XP when I opened an account and even as I was trading with them. I lasted eleven months without withdrawing anything and in those months, I had a pleasant experience. But when I made my first withdrawal request, everything started to change. The support was no longer responsive and my requests were rejected multiple times. Until it reached the time when my account was suspended and I no longer had access to my account nor my fund.

Penulis ACM Forex  PrestinoTanggal 2019-11-12

ACM Forex just disappeared and I am left for loss. I am sure other traders were also confused about what happened. It was sudden and I don't think anyone would expect the broker they're dealing with that it is a fraud. It is just really frustrating that they did so well in deceiving us. I had more than $5000 in my account and it was all gone. All of my efforts and hard work were put to waste. The owners must be punished.

Penulis MFX Broker  OscaarTanggal 2019-11-12

I am so mad about what happened to my fund at MFX Broker but what maddens me even more is that I can't do anything about it. I met someone who was also a fellow trader at this broker and she also lost quite a huge amount of money. The owners are really good at fooling people. They sound and appear trustworthy that is why I also invested a huge amount. Now I learned not to trust so easily because even the companies that look promising could just turn out to be a fraud.

Penulis St Binary  MarliouTanggal 2019-11-12

These people are madmen! How can they find joy in the misery of other people? If they are so good at sales, then why don't they use this skill on something legitimate and earn from it? I just really don't understand how other people can dare to deceive other people without feeling guilty at all because that is how the employees of Binary St. seem to be. They target those who are vulnerable and those who can only afford something small. This is all so wrong and I feel bad about the victims.

Penulis MMCIS  SheritolTanggal 2019-11-12

I am truly sorry for your son. I almost fell for a kind of cheating. Thank God I only opened a demo account and no longer traded. After I read more than one such article, I am glad that I chose a different path.

Penulis TeleTRADE D.J  OliverTanggal 2019-11-11

I’m wondering how it was possible to take again to work in TT Cyprus, this scammer, who didn’t understand in what way saved some copies of the certificate, despite the fact that he was taken from him, while he announced that it was Sergey Shamraev who was the scammer ! Teletrade also received a criminal case because of him!

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